Monday, March 21, 2011

I'll try not to bite

imageI see elsewhere on the internet revelations have been made linking me to nobility, I'm disappointed Thanet's latest fantasist didn't expose my association with Lord Lucan and his pals Aspinal, Goldsmith etc. or my role in smuggling "Lucky" out of the country.

What next, I wonder, perhaps I'll find myself as Clive Hart's best mate, along with Thanet Labour's "old boy network", perhaps praising Senior Thanet Labour bods for honesty, integrity, and openness in dealing fairly with colleagues.

I get the impression that for some reason local editors have been warned off, reporting on Labours, goings on, still hopefully those who read this and other blogs will at every opportunity, talk frankly about Labour ditching a hard working councillor in preference for one, who is less active.

It seems, no news, is good news for local Labour boss Clive Hart, as surprise surprise no mention is made by Hart of Friday's meeting, on his twitter,  in which a hard working councillor was suspended. It begs the question can you trust Labour? well from my view I think not, surely you would think, if there was any justification Cllr Hart would be happy to clear the air.



may be not ER

Morning in Office blah blah blah


  1. Cant really expect the local rag to do anything other than what its told.

    If this reporter can, it makes you wonder who they really work for?

    herald meets max

  2. I expect Labours exalted Leader Cllr Hart is building the suspense for his 'glory moment' where he'll announce that he too has been 'exonerated' beside his colleague Cllr Dark. I personally wouldn't hold your breath for the truth though.

    Pretty quiet round here so either everyone is keeping quiet out of respect for you Tony or they've all been told to keep off the blogs after Fridays meeting in the hope it'll die down and be forgotten before the election.

  3. Could be busy reporting this;

    Son claims politician father’s abuse led to child porn ‘research’

    THE son of a former district councillor has claimed he was downloading obscene images of naked children and girls in school uniform as “research” into his own child sex abuse, a court heard.

    Ben Laws, 27, who changed his name from Eccott, worked as a DJ in the St James’s Bar in Ramsgate and as an accountant.

    The abuse accusation against his father, Terry Eccott, was made on Monday at Canterbury Crown Court where Laws was due to be sentenced after admitting eight charges of “making indecent images of children”.

    Mr Eccott, who stood for the UK Independence Party in the 2001 General Election for Thanet South and who also won a seat for Labour in the 1995 district elections in Margate West and has stood as a candidate for the Conservatives, has denied the abuse claims.

  4. Dont think anyone will be forgetting anything before the election

    Here is some of the politicians who are involved in Fabian Socialism

  5. Explain please Anon 1:45 but what exactly has an article, on a criminal case on downloading child porn images, got to do with Tony being exposed as a peer of the realm.

    I have said before, I find your obsession with child abuse seriously unhealthy and, whilst you may consider it a subject to be introduced into every debate thread, I suspect most of us do not.

  6. Looks to me as if someone is trying to silence Tony and others who rock the boat.

  7. Anon 11:28

    Tony runs a great blog as evidenced by the comments his postings attract. Can't think that anyone who enjoys the blog scene would want to silence him even if they might, from time to time, disagree.

    People who inject off thread conspiracy theories over and over again are another matter. They destroy decent debate in pursuit of their own warped agenda.

    Do not confuse them with Tony. He does provide a service but they are just annoyingly boring.

  8. 11.28 I agree, It's a (not so) subtle form of bullying passed off as being a bit of harmless humour and fun. Very nasty. Well done Tony, you have rattled the Reapers scythe.
    p.s Love your Blog - really informative which is more than can be said for the Reaper's. If he's apparently cutting through the Bull**** why doesn't he report on Ms Kay Dark's non performance in her Ward and the underhand tactics used in the selection process to get rid of a hard working councillor who had dared to raise the issue of her lack of work in Northwood with Cllr Hart

  9. Oops! Sorry 10.18 crossed posts as I went off to make a cup of tea in middle of typing and didn't see your comment!
    I would say those who want to silence belong in the Labour camp as Tony's revelations are causing them embarrassment.

  10. I really do not think the Grim Reaper is politically motivated so reporting on Ms Dark hardly comes into his frame. His is about poking fun and I reckon anyone could be a target.

    The Labour saga is dragging on, though one senses a certain boredom creeping in. No doubt this is what the Hart camp hope for and to expect explanations or a clearing of air would be naive.

    What would really serve them right would be if they missed out on overall control of Thanet by one seat and that was Northwood. Doubt it will happen though, for the blind faithful would vote for a sack of spuds if it had Labour on, but one can but hope.

  11. Anon, how would the blind faithful know the sack of potatoes had Labour written on it?

  12. Because it is written in braille alongside HART FOR KING!

  13. Anon 1.08 You 'Do not think the Thanet Reaper is politically motivated'? You must be having a laugh!

    So you think the Reaper 'is about poking fun'? and 'Anyone could be a target'? Really? Then why not Ms Dark as she is the biggest joke going in the Labour party at present.

  14. If the Thanet Reaper is anything like me he probably knows nothing about Ms. Dark. Before this saga I never even heard of her.

    On the other hand, folk like Clive Hart, Mark Nottingham and Tony Flaig are fairly high profile for one reason or another. More mileage in poking fun at them than an almost invisible woman.

    Believe me, 1:50' I am very much on your side and think it is quite disgraceful the way Clive Hart has shafted Mark Nottingham. I just think people are reading too much into the Thanet Reaper if they think he is on Hart's side, or anyone elses for that matter.

    Just think he is here to do some business with the big scythe on his hip - sorry, got carried away as a Marty Robbins fan.

  15. Perhaps the mention of the Canterbury Court case was intended to act as a yardstick of the Grim Reaper's editorial priorities ? IE have a pop at Tony and ignore bigger John Tory fishes to fry ?

    If that is the case it makes it about the only comment on thread and the criticisms of it the distraction ?

  16. Retired, as so often, I am afraid you have lost me. The Thanet Reaper stands accused of being a Clive Hart activist or, even, Clive Hart himself. In one of his posts he appears to support Hart over Nottingham and, in another, it is suggested that he attacks Tony because he has done more than anyone to expose Hart's bad handling of the Nottingham saga.

    Only you could bring the suggestion that it is a cover for Tories into the equation. Mainly the thread has been about a saga involving the local Labour party.
    Strangely enough it has nothing to do with Tories, illegal cadets, rifle ranges or even perjury.

    Sorry to disappoint you.

  17. So Retired defends the introduction of the Canterbury Court Case into this thread. Here some accused seeks to defend himself by blaming his poor old dad for him down loading child porn images and, by implication, the father is guilty in some eyes.

    Now comes the real nitty, gritty. Ignore the fact that said father was once a Labour District councillor or even a UKIP parliamentary candidate, for he was also once a Tory candidate. That is enogh for Retired to put him on the hit list of Tory Johns to be slandered for ever and a day.

    I suppose we also all now know who keeps making these child abuse comments everywhere. Afraid you have previous, Retired, for flogging an issue to death.

  18. We need people who think outside the box just keep going Tony

    THE WAYSEER MANIFESTO - [Official Video] (HQ)

  19. Reaper,
    who is Kay Dark?
    Best known as the Non performing Northwood councillor who cheated in the selection process to get re-selected.
    How did she do this?
    As Labour Whip, She produced a false report on Cllr Nottingham to smear him which was endorsed by Clive Hart.
    She also made false claims in the selection meeting regarding Ward work which she had not done.
    She was 'exonerated' by her Labour colleagues for this behaviour in a secret meeting where those who had expressed concerns about her behaviours were not allowed to attend

  20. 8.07 anon

    sounds just like the conservative selection committee only their pals allowed in

  21. 12:44 - How would you ever know if only their pals are let in? Nobody else could get in to find out.

    Funny business politics but, if my experience is anything to go by, most parties actually struggle to find candidates, especially for the less winnable wards.

    The reason there is all this squabbling in Labour ranks over Northwood is because there they have a very good chance of winning. Bet neither Nottingham or Dark would be interested in Kingsgate ward.

  22. 12.56
    You are right, Labour do (did?) have a good chance of winning Northwood (possibly even with the liability of Kay Dark as people in Northwood are not yet widely aware of what's happened).
    Of course candidates want seats in winnable Wards. Difference here is that one of them only wants the prestige (and allowances?) of being a councillor and hasn't actually done the work which goes with the title.
    I also happen to think its somewhat fraudulent to take the allowances and not do the work. And deceitful to lie and cover up about it. Well that's my personal opinion anyway.

  23. 01.13 you are absolutely correct, the whole saga in normal circumstances would be unbelievable , but with the labour Group being driven by Hart and Poole, well it is just a joke. I hope all the good people of Northwood realise what a sham it all is and don't vote for Dark, time for the local Politicians to realise that the public are not stupid, and that also goes for Hart and Poole,they have the power to teach them a lesson, Hart can then return to his Sports Club and swimming.

  24. Surprise surprise, the Thanet Reaper's site has gone inactive now that they have suspended Mark Nottingham.

    And Clive Hart denies any connection? Yeah right.

    Of course, this might prompt another post to maintain the 'I'm not one of the Labour councillors' cover-up...

    So the Reaper claims to be 'Cutting through Bulls**t'? Yeah right again. So where is his article on Kay Dark?

    And as for the 'Who is Kay Dark' comment on here a few days ago, its frankly pathetic. No way could the Blog posts on Nottingham have been written on his site without knowing the gender of Kay Dark, how she deceived the selection process or how poorly she attends to her duties as a Northwood councillor.