Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thought for the day – MP Cleared of wrong doing

I caught this wonderful news, in this weeks Thanet Times “Ladyman is in the clear” apparently Sir Thomas Legg has concluded that there were “no issues” with Ladyman’s expenses including his mortgage etc.

Stephen Ladyman is quoted in the Thanet Times “It has been a worrying time because even when you are confident you did nothing wrong there is always the worry some unintentional fault could be found. Now I can breathe a sigh of relief”

Phew! isn’t that a relief, who ever thought anything different? lets not forget how tough life can be for MP’s struggling to get by, thankfully the taxpayer is only too willing to help these, low income professionals, with subsidised canteens and monthly food expenses etc.

I’m thankful that we still live in time when a Labour parliament is able to look after the vulnerable in society even MPs, trousering nearly 65 grand a year…. pity they can’t also look out for working people whose incomes and prospects are bleaker than they’ve been for many a year.

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  1. Done nothing wrong as in breaking the Law but is it moral?