Thursday, May 26, 2016

Reasons to quit Europe - EU to force consumers to pay for euro TV

Just what sort of people inhabit the United Kingdom it seems to me that if the media are right and Cameron and Osborne are also correct then everything just comes down to a few pounds per annum or whether the economy grows by one or two or three or four or 5 percent.

The European remain campaign appear to believe that we are all totally without any principles, freedom, sovereignty, count for nothing. 

However forget money, forget migration (the other cliché), how about the petty but sinister intrusion into our lives by the European Union which now believes that suppliers of on demand media such as such as Netflix should have now have to have a quota of European content.

Imagine when the Eurocrats then focus on news media, presumably newspaper such as the Torygraph will have to accommodate qouta of left right and centre political opinion, imagine the socialist morning star newspaper wouldn't be able report on its miniscule revolutionary supporters.

Clearly deranged and powercrazed  Eurocrats feel they have to impose cultural quotas, ignoring the fact that currently individuals such as I can freely choose to pay for entertainment, I pay for Netflix because they produce and distribute quality programming which without loony euro bullies already provides content from both Europe and the rest of the world.

By what logic is it necessary for the Euro state, to try and manipulate even what we watch when we relax, it's this sort of intrusion that inclines individuals to question why we need there EU.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Ten Years on

It is 10 years since I started this web blog and to be honest something's have changed for the good and some things are just the same as ever.

My original postings were often concerned with the Turner contemporary gallery and the controversy that surrounded it's creation and completion , the gallery has been a roaring success even with cynical old gits such as myself, although perhaps the best for down market proles such as me has been the resurrection of dreamland.

Margate is better than it was 10 years ago although that said there have been down sides, not least the suggestion of misappropriation of EU funds, the loss of the royal school for the deaf and of course the Conservatives alleged  inability to get their sums right when accounting for election expenses

Still on the whole it seems that Thanet council is being run slightly better than in the past, which may well be due to the inexperience of UKIP in running the council.

I think councillor Chris Wells has done a good job given the naivety of some of the members of UKIP as for the Manston issue, some of those UKIP quitters also don't realise that Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will be the proposed new housing estate for Manston god willing never!

As you will appreciate I'm a little out of practice on blogging , but for my next blog I will be touching on brexit and the incredible campaign of Lies and interference from foreigners in what is a discussion of British sovereignty for now, I will just say this it is a measure of how corrupt this country has become that the best argument David Cameron and George Osborne can come up with is the cost to the economy, they clearly place no value on independence or our sovereign rights,  the generations who sacrificed themselves for this country, do they really think 3 to 6% shrinkage to the economy, matters a toss when freedom and principal are at stake.

And really if they Osborne and Cameron gave a flying er.....  for ordinary hard working people would they really be in the Tory party, I think not.

Till the next time.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Inspiration from Thanet's men in Westminster

I've been blogging for a long time admittedly recently I've not had the time or indeed the inclination and God knows  there has been little to inspire this grumpy old man to comment.

Still I am struck by just how much banality and mediocrity there is in public Life. I have to say that Rodger Gale fired my imagination last week with his recent communication regarding the European Union which unfortunately was very much sitting on the fence eventually tipping over toward prison Europe, such is his passion sir Rodger won't be involving himself in either campaign, has Gale ever stood out in a crowd?

In contrast Thanet South MP Craig Mackinlay seems to have been quite busy recently, in his view from Westminster in the Gazette he mentions that he has just visited Israel, having been invited by the conservative friends of , we of course can only imagine the tough questions that Craig asked in his meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu about Israel's merciless bombing of civilians in Gaza 2000+killed 100,000+ injured and more carnage with homes, schools and hospitals destroyed.

Still moving along Craig did stand up during last week's PM's question time and ask whether Dave would like to visit Ramsgate and then mentioned a Ramsgate PR group,in other business Craig revealed that he's been involved in a keep Britain tidy Project clean for the Queen , which requires politicians and presumably celebs to briefly to don a hi viz jacket, while gullible citizens get on and clean the streets, a job the local council have been paid to do.

Finally Craig Mackinlay has shown what a man of principle he is, we all know he has previously been a member of UKIP probably the reason he was chosen as conservative candidate for Thanet South, standing against Nigel Farage, so it is of no surprise that he has thanked the PM for giving him the chance to vote to leave the European Union.  I can't help thinking that without his former political party UKIP we wouldn't be having a referendum and to add to his misery perhaps you might consider the question of how much the Conservative Party actually spent in his political campaign anyway that's all for now although I understand expenses are being scrutinised.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Thanet MP's Why can't they do more for the Royal School for the Deaf

I may be wrong but I get the impression that both Rodger Gale and his colleague Craig Mackinlay MP have given up any hope of the Royal School for the Deaf being saved

Both seem to put the argument that government cannot continue to throw money at the school since it has been run into bankruptcy.

Clearly it seems to be a no-brainer that you'd never want to employ the previous management of the school in a similar institution.

Still it is clear to me that children at the school and young adults are victims of a harsh ruthless system with no compassion but will still need provision for care and education and it therefore seems ridiculous that a new management and organisation couldn't be set up to take over the bricks and mortar and employ the excellent staff.

I looked at Craig Mackinlays thoughts of the 23rd December concerning the Royal School for the Deaf and I found his language a bit too mechanical and lacking sensitivity perhaps I have misinterpreted his words "service users" (3rd paragraph from end) if so my apologies to Craig McKinley

Still the diminishing number of "service users" had a voice on Radio Kent this morning in the form of the mother of a teenage boy who is blind and deaf but has found a home at at the Royal School.

An hour later after the item was broadcast it was announced that David Bowie had passed on and that I found disturbing inasmuch it made me feel older realising that I'm approaching 60 this year, life is short.

However on the drive home, the thing that dominated my thoughts  was the realisation our local MP's or as I sometimes think of them publicly funded protectors of wealth, privilege establishment could do more.

It seems the government has endless money  to waste on pomp and ceremony perhaps one of the most shameful things(2015) I've ever seen in my life was the respect and fuss surrounding the funeral of the Saudi king last year, flags on government buildings lowered to half mast and probably many hundreds of thousands of pounds spent on flying out dignitaries such as Royals and politicians to pay their respect.

We are a country that can afford to let technology companies, banks, manufacturers, construction firms, simply refuse to pay tax but how sad that loose change cannot be found to clear the debts of the Royal School for the Deaf and a new competent management structure put in place.

We can live without MP's who can't change the world, save Manston or move mountains but they could be heroes if they save this school, the money could come from anyone of the hundreds of tax avoiding suited CEO's or their businesses.

Friday, October 16, 2015

TDC Chief Executive accuses long standing MP of making unfounded allegations

I am now obtaining counsel's advice to consider what action should be taken to support the Officer's defamed by your publication, the words in the final paragraph of Madeline Homer's letter referring to an email letter sent to council leader Chris Wells, in which she claims Sir Rodger Gail MP has defamed various officer's

Crikey what could mild mannered Sir Rodger have possibly done to upset Thanet's council top bod, not much in my view.  In writing to Chris Wells,  about the compulsory purchase order of Manston Sir Rodger Gale did mention concerns over a the previous CPO of Dreamland, which might have resulted in over caution concerning the Manston Airport CPO.

The worst that Sir Rodger has done is to perhaps, I think, suggest that the negotiation for the Dreamland CPO could have been better. ( I would of course normally quote Sir Rodger directly however who knows whether or not Thanet's boss might not wish to spend more tax payers money on lawyers)

Like it or not Sir Rodger Gale was elected to office, and has done a good job over the years, I doubt many feel it appropriate for the appointed chief of Thanet council to be using public money to censor correspondence of local MP even if he is critical of the leader of the council Chris Wells.

PS I did ask Medellin Homer's office if it was ok for me to comment however as you might imagine I've had no response at the time of writing.

I also asked yesterday if they could actually name the council officers who have been defamed and of course, how much this legal hoo-ha was costing. no answer as yet!  my guess and it's entirely speculative and detached from reality but once counsel (a lawyer to you and me) has stopped laughing, thought how much he can charge, factored in that the generous taxpaying residents of Thanet will be footing the bill, who knows it could be thousands!