Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tony Blair the missing Middle East Peace Envoy - Its all about Israel

Tony Blair former Labour Prime Minister and now "Statesman" apparently available for hire to anyone, with customers as diverse as Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, and Israel (I think he does the last one for free, to keep his American clients happy) has taken a low profile during the current attack by Israel on defenceless citizens in his role as Peace Envoy to the Middle East.

Still it's understandable that he'd wants keep out of things since his last Statement  Monday, would I think show any reasonable person, just how biased he is toward Israel,  "But as I have said throughout this latest crisis, the only long-term solution that makes sense is one that gives hope to the people of Gaza that it will be opened back up to the world and its people allowed peace from violence of all kinds; and one which gives Israel real and permanent security from rocket attacks, tunnels and terrorism.

To me his statement acknowledges Gaza's desire for peace, however he doesn't mention Gaza's right to self-determination, and seems to swallow wholesale the buzz word PR of the Israeli military "rocket attacks", "tunnels" and "terrorism" , clearly Gaza's rocket attacks are a threat but not in the same class as Israel's more sophisticated and potent weaponry, tunnels Israel controls the boarders with the outside world keeping the people of Gaza as prisoners deprived of medicines and food, as has been explained this week Israel can, using it's high tech weapons, focus it's attacks on Hamas leaders and execute without trial those it deems to be enemies according to Israeli war criminals, children and other civilians who are the main victims clearly don't matter.

I wonder if Tony Blair actually believes his own publicity, does he not stand back and wonder what the difference is between Israel a country that has occupied and bullied the Palestinian people, in their own territories for all my adult life. Israel I don't doubt will remain the lawless abuser of people that it has been for so long, propped by America and European governments, still I'm sure despite the revolting PR machine Israel employs, I think many more of us now read between the lines, I for one find it inexplicable that Israel is not described more often as a terrorist state.

As for all those repressive corrupt regimes that bank role Blair, apparently on the false assumption that he lends some respectability to repressive regimes, save your money.

Both Israel and Gaza deserve peace but Israel will surely never have peace until stops abusing Palestinians. I'd like to see Western politicians stand up against Israel before we see more children murdered by Israel because they happen to be Palestinian. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Whatever happend to Cllr Clive Hart & Cllr Will Scobie

As can see from recent entries to this blog,I've not been following local issue, currently I have some time to waste, so it's the simple pleasures for me, glancing thro twitter local blogs.

A couple of trivial tweets caught my eye, one was a re tweet from Cllr Will Scobie who is the remarkable Labour Prospective Candidate for Parliament, (remarkable in is as much, as he doesn't seem to of ever held any significant or proper job in the economy) . Anyway the text of his re-tweet was this "Between 2001 and 2011 the proportion of 20-24 year olds went up by 8% in Thanet South; the highest rise anywhere in England " and just like Scobie's eligibility as potential MP could use some explanation.

Clive Harts offering this morning "Excellent meeting with Chair of a Planning and officers this morning. Interesting agenda for Wednesday. Well that's Wednesday night sorted for me then, but it also posses this question, why when we are still waiting for an outcome the matters concerning EKO is Clive Hart holding the post of Vice chair of the planning committee, also as it has been said that Clive Hart was in talks with the owners of Manston re development of housing. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Andrew Marr why the news lady? - BBC despite all the PC bull still stuck in 1970's

I don't get to watch BBC's Andrew Marr show that often, enjoyable as it is to watch the great and the good unable to give a straight answer. Admittedly participants rarely represent the masses as far as social backgrounds particularly since many like the presenter Marr have attended fee paying schools, but can someone tell me why the BBC with all its nonsense about diversity cannot bring itself to have a male newsreader on the Sunday mornings main current affairs programme.

I'm not saying they've never had a male newsreader on this programme but I've never seen it.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Thanet Council more Self harming - Dual Standards as one councillor ejected for using a camera and another clicks away?

Eric Pickles Conservative Local government minister encourages filming of local council meetings, Thanet council in behaviour reminiscent of fascist/socialist dictatorships doesn't.

I myself have been forced to leave public meetings due to thuggish behaviour of Thanet council officers aided and abetted by I suspect pompous self important councillors happy to take fat allowances from you and I who have to work for a living. My crime to use electronic devices such as tablets and phones to write this blog as you might expect these arrogant muppets couldn't offer an apology.

Anyhoo, I must say I'm shocked that Cllr Moores ignores what I understand to be a blanket ban of photography and video by taking the above photo, and this perhaps the most disgraceful of all in my opinion, a photograph showing the abuse of police resources as Thanet council insist on having an elected representative removed.  With burglary on the increase and frankly out of control in Thanet  I image victims will be unimpressed at the waste of resources.

Can someone explain why Cllr Simon Moores can use a camera and Cllr.Ian Driver can't?

Thanet Council has an appalling reputation and given the calibre of councillors from Labour to Conservative is it any wonder. SHAME ON TDC PLEASE GROW UP!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

YES LABOUR GETS Cllr John Worrow where next?

Shock horror! Councillor John Worrow has jumped ship once again or perhaps morphed, from Tory to Labour in around three years.  Is anyone surprised, I doubt it, I've not had the time to comment, on much of late, and frankly why would I.

I work long hours, and the occasional time I get to glance at local news, I just despair.

Why anyone would wish to be associated with Thanet Labour is beyond me, given their record, millions sunk in Ramsgate Harbour, EKO alleged scandal, and of coarse Manston Airport, damned by Labours weak and embarrassing support and I understand discrete meeting to discuss planting an awful housing estate wonderful garden city also the strange removal of the councils monitoring officer (what could possibly have been the motive).

Still one positive thing that Labour has done recently is to replace Cllr Clive Hart with Cllr Iris Johnson, perhaps they ought to look at Will Scobie their prospective parliamentary candidate, ruffled I imagine by the "Boy" tag given by ukip MEP Janice Atkinson, still Worrow is happy defend his new party colleague with this endorsement "... Scobie is one of the brightest and most capable politicians I know", maybe Worrow ought get out more.

Often when you speak to local councillors, they'll frequently suggest that they only joined a particular party to get elected, I just wonder if its not time to ban political parties from local government, and focus, just on who we are electing.

Finally could Thanet councillors and jobsworths not spend my hard earned money on lawyers gagging the flow of information, we expect in a democratic society, despite any current investigations, I believe that  the council needs a proper public inquiry to establish whether the public perception of a bungling incompetent organisation is correct.