Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Thanet South - The general election 2015 the first day

Thanet South appears to be the most interesting parliamentary seat in the country, it has a rich biodiversity, candidates from the weird, comic, boring, environmentally friendly, inexperienced idealistic socialist wonder kid, through to ex UKIP member now Tory and the real McCoy and the plain bonkers in my opinion.

I doubt if any parliamentary contest has ever been as diverse as that, which will be taking place in Thanet, the conservatives party held the seat till this week with Laura Sandys who throughout her tenure remained competent, rational and sane, lord knows, which of these highly individualistic candidates will win,  the two main contenders appear to be Will Scobie, who as far as I can tell has never had what most of us consider a "proper job" (anything outside of politics) and probably too young to have any life experience and then there's Farage plenty work and I imagine life. Tough choice?

This general election is not as clear cut, as others have been, however it would seem most likely that the conservatives will be returned to government, one way or another, since the idea of labour holding the reins of office, would be akin to putting a alcoholic in charge  an off licence. So my money's on Farage rather than Scobie and who knows it might do Will some good, instead of churning out meaningless predictable tweets for Labour, devoid of emotion, he might develop some depth.

I'm sure it won't take the  electorate too long, to work out the implications, to this country's economic  stability and perhaps even more importantly,  the security and defence of this country, I don't doubt for a second that those who've thought about how things were back 2010, will appreciate what the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have done for the country.

This thought might be the biggest problem for Labour, Ed Miliband can stab his own brother in the back, using the power of the trade union movement to win the Labour leadership contest, then it seems that small matter of breaking apart the United Kingdom and doing a quick deal with treacherous Scottish nationalist, just so that Ed  can play prime minister for a few months, until his colleagues remove him, could be quite likely, unthinkable maybe although possible, we could see the dismantling of the country's nuclear defence, at a time, when the world is becoming more dangerous particularly with Vladimir Putin happy to standby while assassins  dispose of rivals and allows his troops to invade Ukraine and while the Islamic world are tearing down civilisation.

Here in Thanet UKIP represent a continuing concern, and as far as I can tell the average person is as disturbed as ever by the shear (or sheer)* numbers of migrants and lack of control, despite the endless attacks by establishment journalist from London.

*see comments

Monday, February 23, 2015

Ukippers it's how politics is

No big surprise watching last nights "Ukippers", the BBC's documentary exposing Thanet South UKIP. The documentary makers got what I assume they came for, a particularly outrageous example of irrational racism, from Cllr Rozanne Duncan.

I get the impression that UKIP bods have been on their best behaviour, while being filmed, still if you point a camera long enough you'll get what you're after.  I imagine some many many hours eventually they hit journalistic pay dirt as Rozanne came out with, what is to most of us I guess complete bollix.

Anyway it shows how politics is, run by ordinary people, not professionals, so sometimes  theysay what they think or talk utter bollix, I dare say if you'd point a camera long enough at Labour or Conservatives you'd come up with some similar outrage, and if you didn't notice members of both of those parties have, since the last local election, each had a member make shocking homophobic comments.

I've certainly heard racist comments from UKIP politicians, and I'm sure the public is more than aware that some Ukippers are from the dregs,  BNP, NF and similar. However how will people vote in the General Election, those who are sick and tired of the dominance and subversion of British interest by the European Union led by Merkel.

It's a tough choice, Ukip are offering to cut us free from Europe, Cameron Clegg and Milliband have done nothing to stop our British democracy being slowly dismantled by undemocratic Eurocrats.

Friday, February 06, 2015

Have we finally gone mad

This is just a personal observation, but have we all gone mad Julian Assange the wikeleaks boss is subject to an extradition warrant from Sweden, resulting from accusations of sex crimes naturally he has done what any normal man would, faced with such accusations.

Yes who wouldn't immediately head for the Ecuadorian embassy the outpost of a little known south american country that is so insignificant most of us wouldn't know whether or not it was democratic or like most places in the world bent as a nine Bob note.

What has Mr Assange, got to fear from a democratic country such as Sweden.

More importantly why is the British tax payer left paying £10,000,000
so far for policemen to stand outside on the off chance he leaves the embassy.

Time to send in the SAS I think.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

What local consultation - Working peoples views don't count

I just wonder what sort of consultation (The local plan) Thanet council are running since they appear to offer most opportunity to the unemployed, unemployable and retired, given that their drop in consultations are mainly held during working hours suited for societies drop outs.

The location for these consultations or "Drop in" sessions which number is six in total have two in Margate and two in Broadstairs,  Ramsgate is given parity with Birchington, Thanet's retirement home having just one session and those in Minster, forget about it.

Personally I am not a great believer in public consultation since I imagine the authors of such grandiose plans, have already considered the insanity of building a further 12,000 homes in Thanet and deemed it as  perfectly rational.

Finally maybe it is a good idea to not seek the views of Ramsgate people assuming they act in the same self-seeking way as Labour counsllors from that town with regards to Manston airport.

PS I find it hard to imagine that in the time up to 2031which this plan covers that 12000 jobs will be created to finance 12000 homes, I've lived in thanet for 55 years and I don't expect 12,000 jobs have been created in that time,  so it looks like this local plan is based on taxpayer money to provide the finance for and increased population which might explain such a crazy situation requiring Thanet to build on a massive scale.

PPS The idea that Thanet council officers are capable of planning anything seems a big ask, and assuming that this plan is a real dogs breakfast of opportunity for local land owners and greedy developers, it probably wont effect the authors since they probably earn more than enough for nice retirement home in southern europe. 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Liberal Democrats call for a referendum on Manston

I was asked on my previous post for info on the current  Liberal Democrat stance, I'm sure this will help. (I've not added my own to comment for one I'm struck down with some stomach bug and two it looks like Lib Dem candidates for the up coming general election are doing their best, unlike some)

PRESS RELEASE: 19th December

Liberal Democrats publish 10-Point Plan, calling for a referendum on Manston Airport's future.
In response to the chaos at Thanet District Council reported by local media this week, the two Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidates for North and South Thanet – George Cunningham and Russ Timpson - launched a ten point plan today to put the future of Manston Airport on much more solid footing.
The core of this fresh Liberal Democrat initiative in Thanet calls for a referendum on the Manston Airport Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO), to be held at the same time as the 7 May 2015 General Election and District Council Elections.
Such a move would ensure that the people of Thanet could give a clear mandate to TDC to go ahead or not with the CPO, finishing the debate about its future once and for all. 
The ten-point plan also lays out a very practical programme to bring more investor interest to Manston Airport and to engage the aviation industry directly in assessing its potential.
The Liberal Democrats are the only political party in Kent that unanimously supports Manston Airport becoming operational again.
Prospective MP for North Thanet, George Cunningham, said: "The compulsory purchase process must not die and should be separated from doubts concerning the RiverOak company. Manston airport can become an international success given proper visionary management based on the will to realise its potential".
Prospective MP for South Thanet, Russ Timpson, said: "We need to rise above the petty politics that is miring the future of the airport. We support a positive agenda with practical solutions. All political parties should work together in a transparent way to find a way forward".
Liberal Democrats believe it was a mistake that Riveroak was declared by Roger Gale MP as the "only show in town" to run the airport. Valuable time has been wasted in not finding a more suitable airport operator.  Manston is a viable business as was witnessed earlier this year by Liberal Democrat efforts in getting Gulf investor interest in using Manston as the base of its European aircraft recycling operations. The Taiwanese also undertook a high profile visit to Manston at the invitation of George Cunningham and Russ Timpson to assess its potential as a freight hub for its goods.
Given developments at the Thanet District Council, the Liberal Democrat team will also be making fresh efforts to find a suitable airport operator.
 For further information and comment, please contact:

• George Cunningham, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for North Thanet. E-mail address: gfjcunningham@gmail.com

• Russ Timpson, Prospective parliamentary Candidate for South Thanet. E-mail address: thanetsouth@russtimpson2015.co.uk 



1.            Propose a referendum on the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) of Manston, to be held at the same time as General Election and Local                         Council Elections.
2.            Attend and promote Manston Airport at the Aviation Expo in London 2-4 February 2015 http://www.futuretravelexperience.com/fte-europe/
3.            Get an open letter of support for Manston Airport, signed by leading opinion formers in the local area.
4.            Hold an aviation round table meeting with potential stakeholders in 2015.
5.            Offer to host the next Aircraft Recycling Conference in Thanet in 2015.
6.            Make public details of possible Aviation Apprenticeships which are available.
7.            Highlight need for standby airport in times of crisis (e.g. recent failure of air traffic control).
8.            Propose twin-track approach of CPO and standby development scheme as a plan B.
9.            Promote value of Manston if Heathrow and Gatwick expansions are blocked.
10.          Compare costs with Boris Island and promote new high speed link to London.