Tuesday, April 22, 2014


 It started with the Common Market for those of us old enough to remember, we were reassured that our sovereignty would never be surrendered and it has ended with Angela Merkel calling the shots.
 I've seen and know those who've been replaced by cheaper labour.
The EU don't do audits, (that is the process of checking accounts) apparently it's more cost effective to just give money away to MEP's and the like.
Mine most likely, my well educated mid income readers need not fear, the middle classes tend to have well protected employment contracts, ordinary people like me, zero hours contracts and no rights, and not even the support of our better off countrymen and women.
How will it all end, probably with an avalanche of propaganda such as that from our left of centre friends, just look at the rational output from Christine Tongue, films interview with the man who assualted Nigel Farage in Margate (all justification and not a lot of sorry), and flilms a sort of Match of the Day type highlights show of the  angry hostile protesters.

Forgive me if I and roughtly seventy percent of the population are not just ready to give up on what was once our home, Great Britain or to see this countries, call them what you will, lefties, liberals, intelligentsia, looneys or whatever bury our freedom and celebrate thugs on some twisted slur. National interest is not racism. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Eight Years and a bit

Years, of news and comment, time flies when your having a good moan up.

Blogging, why do it, I often forget how long this blog has been a part of my life, I never forget why. But still the urge is weak these days, due to the endless disappointment of useless incompetent politicians tends drain the life out of me.

If you look at local media, newspapers and broadcasters, news output is rarely comprehensive, it's too easy for journalists to accept being spoon fed, that's why in recent weeks national broadcast news has endlessly reported the missing Malaysian airliner, and while doing so taking our minds off the crisis in the Ukraine and the West impotence in dealing with the awful criminal Putin.

The catalyst for this blog, was the incompetence of local government in getting the Turner Contemporary off the ground.  Unfortunately the local politisphere is still populated with those of average ability but high levels of self importance and the not unnatural, urge to grab as much of your money as they can.

Recent history has highlighted and boasted my view that local government is more than flawed, I'm sorry that I haven't time, recently to comment, but would like to thank in particular Cllr Ian Driver for giving us some flavour of the ineptitude of Thanet's Labour administration.

It would appear that Thanet's Labour group intend to govern at any price, just look at the dreary coalition that exist apparently with the sole purpose of affording hard "working" Labour to stagger from crisis to crisis.

Perhaps the most worrying aspect of Thanet Council is the pure hostility toward democracy, members of the public harassed at public meetings, shocking contempt for democratic decisions such as Clive Hart fighting his fellow democratically elected representatives over planning decisions (EKO) with the councils own money (YOUR MONEY), of course worse than Clive Hart seems to be the strange behaviour of council officers (who are virtually unsackable like all "public servants") who appear to be actively politicised refusing in the most petty fashion to assist.

Thanet council is facing a morass of financial disasters, with air head Labour thinking, things look pretty bad, finally just to give a flavour, Labour ignoring the fact that they did as much as they could to damage Manston Airports chances have created the Manston task force, no doubt this will make Labour top knobs feel good, contrast this with the Conservative response from MPs Sir Roger Gale and Laura Sandys who have at least challenged Anne Gloag and tried to save Manston. 

PS Thanks to local Bloggers such as Louise Oldfield, Ian Driver and Michael Child we have a window into our world which would not be covered by the Isle of Thanet Gazette, Thanet Extra, and taxpayer funded local BBC journalists.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Clive Hart's surprising Manston comments

Writing last week in the isle of Thanet Gazette, Clive Hart made a couple extraordinary comments one suggesting that Manston airport had the support of TDC whenever and wherever, really?

To back that up this statement followed " I was delighted when KLM launched its regular service to Schiphol and was very pleased to attend the launch event.

Pity that at the time of the launch event he rather uncharacteristically refused to discuss his enthusiasm when invited to talk to BBC RADIO KENT.

Come off it Clive, refresh your memory click here and read how you didn't support Manston.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Manston Airport done for! Simples!

I beleive Manston airports fate was sealed as soon as Infratil sold it to Stagecoach boss Ann Gloag.

The assets are probably worth considerably more than the purchase price, it will be interesting how local council Labour leader Clive Hart handles himself with this one, Labour have done their best to damage the airport prospects, such as Clive Harts decision not to big up KLM's support for the Airport, he claimed couldn't speak publicly because the county council elections were in progress, it was a real joy to see arrogant Labour candidates getting a good kicking in the ballot boxes from UKIP a few days latter.

Hopefully local politicians will man up and do their best to stop, Manston being asset stripped, by selling off the land for development, if this is not viable as an airport lets hope it's returned to agricultural use.

Of course this could have some bearing on Clive Hart's shocking role, in wasting a hundred grand to overturn his own council decision not allow a hideous housing estate, the full story of East Kent Opportunity shenanigans can be found on Cllr Driver blog also a good read and a reminder of Labours role in ousting independent members of the standards board.

The stink from Labour's Thanet council is as bad as ever and will probably get worse.   

Coming back to the airport at Manston this was a potential gem, call me a cynic but I think Ann Gloag had closure in mind when it was purchased back in October, if only as a contingency. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Thought for the day - The world is inhabited by idiots?

Some years of blogging and reflection on the crazy world of Thanet has drained me, while most commentators to this blog have shown evidence of sanity I look outside and see Thanet is without a doubt broken although just a fragment of  a  larger delusional world.

Fortunately I've been too busy to comment on the evidence of corruption and shear incompetence of local political leaders, this weeks seen a cry from one our usual big noises for a crack den or something similar, the local paper mentions a huge demand for a gay quarter in Ramsgate, something I;ve never understood that people should live according to their sexual orientation, crikey maybe those with a foot fetish or into S&M should be segregated.

National or even internationally things are just as crazy, this week David Cameron has been in Israel apparently " pledged to stand by Israel “every step of the way”  I for one wonder if this includes State terrorism, theft of property, general disregard for Palestinians and of course Israeli governments general disregard for the Law.

Still Cameron's pledge is emblematic of Britain's "open for business" culture which never feels uncomfortable dealing with Russian gangsters, even smoothing over Russian state murder. So despite all the hot air I suggest Ukrainians need not take any comfort from our government, since we need Russian money and gas.

Next week I may well move onto UKIP Europe and what have the Romans done for us.