Thursday, April 03, 2014

Clive Hart's surprising Manston comments

Writing last week in the isle of Thanet Gazette, Clive Hart made a couple extraordinary comments one suggesting that Manston airport had the support of TDC whenever and wherever, really?

To back that up this statement followed " I was delighted when KLM launched its regular service to Schiphol and was very pleased to attend the launch event.

Pity that at the time of the launch event he rather uncharacteristically refused to discuss his enthusiasm when invited to talk to BBC RADIO KENT.

Come off it Clive, refresh your memory click here and read how you didn't support Manston.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Manston Airport done for! Simples!

I beleive Manston airports fate was sealed as soon as Infratil sold it to Stagecoach boss Ann Gloag.

The assets are probably worth considerably more than the purchase price, it will be interesting how local council Labour leader Clive Hart handles himself with this one, Labour have done their best to damage the airport prospects, such as Clive Harts decision not to big up KLM's support for the Airport, he claimed couldn't speak publicly because the county council elections were in progress, it was a real joy to see arrogant Labour candidates getting a good kicking in the ballot boxes from UKIP a few days latter.

Hopefully local politicians will man up and do their best to stop, Manston being asset stripped, by selling off the land for development, if this is not viable as an airport lets hope it's returned to agricultural use.

Of course this could have some bearing on Clive Hart's shocking role, in wasting a hundred grand to overturn his own council decision not allow a hideous housing estate, the full story of East Kent Opportunity shenanigans can be found on Cllr Driver blog also a good read and a reminder of Labours role in ousting independent members of the standards board.

The stink from Labour's Thanet council is as bad as ever and will probably get worse.   

Coming back to the airport at Manston this was a potential gem, call me a cynic but I think Ann Gloag had closure in mind when it was purchased back in October, if only as a contingency. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Thought for the day - The world is inhabited by idiots?

Some years of blogging and reflection on the crazy world of Thanet has drained me, while most commentators to this blog have shown evidence of sanity I look outside and see Thanet is without a doubt broken although just a fragment of  a  larger delusional world.

Fortunately I've been too busy to comment on the evidence of corruption and shear incompetence of local political leaders, this weeks seen a cry from one our usual big noises for a crack den or something similar, the local paper mentions a huge demand for a gay quarter in Ramsgate, something I;ve never understood that people should live according to their sexual orientation, crikey maybe those with a foot fetish or into S&M should be segregated.

National or even internationally things are just as crazy, this week David Cameron has been in Israel apparently " pledged to stand by Israel “every step of the way”  I for one wonder if this includes State terrorism, theft of property, general disregard for Palestinians and of course Israeli governments general disregard for the Law.

Still Cameron's pledge is emblematic of Britain's "open for business" culture which never feels uncomfortable dealing with Russian gangsters, even smoothing over Russian state murder. So despite all the hot air I suggest Ukrainians need not take any comfort from our government, since we need Russian money and gas.

Next week I may well move onto UKIP Europe and what have the Romans done for us.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Simon Moores as if

What are we to make of all this intrigue surrounding one of our highly respected councillors.

As a one time close observer of local politics, I just wonder why, Simon felt it necessary to talk to the press, or indeed anyone, I for one do not know what to make of it other than to say that if Louise Oldfield believes she has been a victim of bullying she is entitled as a hard working citizen and champion for Margate to ask for assistance from Kent police and they as the experts expected to do a proper job.

Simon is frequently misunderstood as was the case when I posted this some time ago

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Thanet council Jobs Axe or Officers take early retirement?

This week's headline in the Isle of Thanet Gazette, "Cost-cutters wield axe on council's top jobs" gives the impression of tough hard nosed cost control within in the bloated organisation of Thanet council (700 strong what are they all doing?). But surely is this not, just the usual juggling of council officers that happens every few years.

Call me a cynic but I cannot help form the view, that this is just the cyclical process, in which senior officers decide to cash in thier chips, and walk away from the drudgery, cushioned by a pension that money can't buy subsidised by us taxpayers.

Not quite the slash and burn, that long suffering residents might fantasize, I can't imagine that Clive Hart's gang having the attitude or determination to shake up the cosy laid back oasis local government immune from commerce and the real world.

I doubt that I'm alone in wishing, all those time served public sector bods that make up the management could be cleared out, particularly the current chief executive Dr Sue Mcgonigal who presumably oversaw the loss of three million pounds to the foreign company TransEuropa Ferries, still on a personal note I was rather shocked that Mcgonigal was unable to reply to a complaint I made after being forced to leave a public meeting (not for the first time) by officious security bod, whom was by the councils own admission over-zealous and not properly trained.

Even without the hostile attitude of council officers toward democracy Thanet council is without a doubt a perceived as a shambles and you cannot just blame the officers, apparently when the council's independent standards board recently wrote a damming report about the conduct of the council, Clive Hart's and his Labour cohorts decided to reject the report because they didn't like it, as a consequence the board had no choice but to resign.

Finally until councils recruit from the commercial world for senior management posts, local government will be blighted by those, who've been taught to use newspeak, groomed and moulded into the weird mindset of arrogance, self-importance. 

*Deliberately ambiguous and contradictory language use to mislead and manipulate the public