Sunday, September 07, 2014

Where is my vote - England Wales & NI the second class citizens

God knows we've heard enough b✴llsh t over independence  from self centred muppets in Scotland, Wales and in recent times, even a handful of wooly residents of Cornwall now consider themselves special.

Scotland has been given the opportunity to take their whingeing to the Max.  The obnoxious self loving pompous Alex Salmond (IMHO) was allowed to set the referendum question and the timing of the vote, and even given sixteen year olds the vote? All of this has been accepted by the establishment.

We are now on the verge of a complete bloody mess which Cameron, Clegg, and the hopeless Miliband have concocted, utter chaos in financial markets starting now, assuming SNP get their way expect heavy damage to all British institutions, BBC, NHS, Welfare, and defence (at a time British Islamic extremists have declared war on the West).

Could this have been handled better, well yes, how is it that a minority of British citizens, the Scots get to decide on the future of Britain, why have the English, Welsh and Northern Irish been disenfranchised.

Imagine you were a shareholder, in a PLC and it was decided that only those, who were left handed or blond were allowed to vote on a shareholder vote. It would be wrong.

My view is that Scotland is entitled to have a referendum, but since we are all British or UK citizens we are all stake holders and therefore all entitled to a vote, without this whole charade, in my view this is an act of treason.

I believe that in the UK we are all equal, British first English Scottish Welsh second and therefore entitled to have a say. 

Finally the worst aspect for all of us is we don't how much money this is going to cost and is it worth it also had anyone seen what Alex Salmond looks like on a tartan skirt.

Friday, September 05, 2014

Thanet Watch revolutionary forces launch UKIP fightback

another propaganda blast from Thanet red revolutionary committee, this time it seems local  "film maker" Christine Tongue is interviewing what I assume to be a representative selection of, in no way biased hard working residents of Broadstairs in this little film.

As you might imagine there is little evidence of a protest which apparently took place on Tuesday this week but what you will learn of, are wild insinuation and accusations of racism and an appalling suggestion of violence.

Still you might take our Christine at face value, were it not for another film in which she interviews a man who was convicted of attacking the UKIP leader on a visit, a while back who was at a previous demo, organised by local activist which comprised lefties and a bunch manipulated local groups.

I suggest you watch this film and see how objective Christine Tongue really is.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Strange Times - stranger people

Russia invade Ukraine, big talk from world leaders and no action, an Islamic State is created led by crazy mad murderous perverts without an ounce of humanity or spiritual good, much of the Middle East is at war.

Back here in the UK in Rotherham, we find out that those paid to defend the weakest most vulnerable in society are found to have deserted them with police aiding and abetting rapists, social workers and councillors conveniently brushing aside the victims and fiddling with records, years go by 1400 children are violated, why because the perpetrators happened to be Asian, and those paid to look after them opted  to allow the vile abuse rather than confront the truth, that a group of Pakistani men were involved.

Oddly those "responsible" have all, so far managed to walk away unharmed, including Shaun Wright the former Labour councillor who'd been in charge of children's services at Rotherham Council, now Police and Crime Commisioner for South Yorkshire, despite calls for his resignation he has refused and why would he, clearly a man of principle, he has now resigned from the Labour Party however hanging on to his job a PCC despite the flak, made easier by the eighty grand salary.

Frankly the cowardly behaviour of those paid to protect and serve children in Rotherham shames the whole of British nation.

In contrast yesterday MP Douglas Carswell  resigned from the Conservative party and joined UKIP, a principled man, since unlike many past defectors, he is decided to stand in a bi-election. 

What has driven Douglas Carswell, is the clear misdirection of senior Tories including the PM who for instance promised a referendum which wont happen until sometime never, I think I've even heard my own party leader Clegg witter on about reforms. 

UKIP is a one trip pony, as local Cllr and Green party parliamentary candidate recently said (and God knows he's know having ridden a few ponies and band wagons), still that said Britain is under siege, and I suspect most of us have or are considering voting for UKIP.

The United Kingdom has been fundamentally changed, we have no boarder control and no say in government, we are subjects of a foreign government dominated by a Germany lead coalition, we as citizens of Britain, have been lied to and kept in the dark.

Rich politicians and media commentators, aren't like ordinary people, their jobs are not going to go to some East European, their children and grand children aren't going to be attending a schools where the education will be impacted by children not speaking English, nor do I suspect get in a long cue at 07:40 to get an appointment to see a doctor (now a standard procedure at my surgery), or increasing crime.

Anyway I often get comments about be being a UKIP member, well this is where I stand, I am and always have been a liberal, UKIP are a single issue party trying to disentangle the UK from the crazy EU, and it is quite likely that I will be voting for them in the next election. 

Should I resign from the Liberal Democrat party, well I'll answer that when Nick Clegg opens a debate which informs us and allows me and you to decide for ourselves.

We can expect another quarter million migrants, at least in the next year, will they be bringing their own homes, schools, hospitals, police stations, roads and transport er no, you and I will have squeeze up a bit more.

I think we should have open boarders for those who fill skills vacancies or are refugees in danger in their own country, everyone else ought go through a rigorous process (at their own expense) of education, of acceptable behaviour  and social customs, it could be pointed out that abusing children is not acceptable even in Rotherham, this could be extended to Brits returning from active duty with Isis.

Finally I take the view that people should be judged "by the content of their character" but Briton has had enough of the casual lack of protection afforded to its citizens by craven public employees such our politicians and of coarse police and social services.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Southern Water - A duty of care?

To flush or not to flush, that is the question for Thanet householders who now have to pay per litre for their water supply but whether Southern Water have any such qualms is a moot point, since twice this year, they've been caught short with their trousers down, just doing what comes naturally, which in their case is to pump thousands of gallons of toilet waste into the sea, a side effect of not investing enough in a system,  that can cope with our local weather and rainfall.

I followed up my earlier posting about Southern Waters appalling record on polluting our beaches and sea, and tried using plain English which is my first language to talk to the media department of Southern water plc unfortunately they don't speak plain English they speak, I assume a modified version of Orwell's newspeak ,which manifests itself, in that I would ask the question as to whether they report all incidents of released sewage into the sea and they'd reply by telling me that the environment agency would have details,  now this was not helpful,  they gave me a web link to some vaguely relevant webpage at the Enviroment agency however when pressed for more info they'd just refer me back to some useless web page from 2011.

Southern Water may or may not regularly flush raw sewage out to sea, however if  I understand  them correctly, their strategy is to say nothing and hope that when they do pollute it isn't picked up by the environment agency, when they take samples of the sea. It is worth remembering that in 2012 they kept schtum about a serious leak for days, the public only being alerted to health risks, literally by chance after which beaches in Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate were closed for around a week.

It is my belief that Southern Water have a duty of care to the public, so that when they have to release sewage into the sea they should, if they had any sense of public responsibility advise the publc so that we can take an informed decision whether or not to bathe in sea.

Finally, I see the Gazette website has one of those empty top knobs are looking into it type stories. A phrase I always remember comes to mind, spoken by Danny DeVito in the Film "Twins" which seems pertinent (Ladies and Children please look away "Money talks and B*!!sh/t Walks" 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidates call for the inspectors' report on East Kent hospitals to be taken seriously.

" Patients deserve the best care and dedicated staff deserve the best management. Hospital Trusts are complex organisations and it is difficult for individuals to hold them to account. Expert inspections are an essential part of keeping hospitals well run. 
"We can't pretend everything in the garden is rosy" says George Cunningham, "I hear from hardworking and caring staff who love their jobs but have been frustrated by poor management, and from patients whose experiences have been a mixture of the outstandingly good and the quite unacceptable."

Russ Timpson went on to say,”Basically we all want to know that patients will be safe and well cared for in hospital. The report highlights important areas for improvement in A&E and general management and should be acted upon without delay.

"We both think the response from Conservative MPs to simply dismiss the report out of hand is quite wrong. The report must be looked at carefully to see how our hospitals can be improved. There is no room for complacency.”