Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What's wrong with saying sorry councillor?

Not having paid much attention to local politics recently I just had a quick read of the letter that Cllr Ian Driver has sent, to the Gazette and I have to say, what's wrong with councillors admitting they've made a mistake.

According to Cllr. Ian Driver, Cllr Mike Harrison "described a woman who complained about being called love as a “frustrated dried up bint”, I believe there is any interpretation of the word that isn't derogatory.

I don't think Councillors should dig themselves a deeper hole by trying to explain such language, and I hope that Cllr Mike Harrison is referred to a standards board.

Anyhow here's Ian's letter in full.

Like  Councillor  Julie Marson I am shocked and angered by the remarks published by Labour Councillor Mike Harrison’s on his “Newington Blogspot”. Although many readers will be offended, I believe it’s in the public interest to record the fact that Harrison described a woman who complained about being called love as a “frustrated dried up bint”. This is perhaps one of the most extreme examples of misogyny I have ever read.

The Labour Party is based upon a long and proud tradition of decency and respect for others including leading the fight for women’s equality. For Harrison to publish such derogatory and offensive anti-women remarks is, in my opinion, incompatible with party membership and brings Labour into disrepute. I will be contacting the Party and demanding a full investigation. I will also be complaining to Thanet Council’s Standards Committee.

 In my opinion there is no place in public life for someone who expresses such reactionary and disrespectful views.

What worries me most of all about this sad episode is however Labour Leader Clive Hart and Thanet Labour Party’s apparent lack of concern over Harrison’s appalling comments.

It’s been over two week since you published Cllr Mason’s complaint about Harrison’s blog. In that time Thanet Labour Party have failed to disassociate themselves from Harrison’s sickening comments.

They have not apologised for any offence he may have caused, nor does it appear they are planning to take any disciplinary action against Harrison, even though he has clearly broken party rules.

Worst of all, at the time of writing this letter, Thanet Labour Party’s blog site is still carrying a prominent hyperlink to Harrison’s offensive article!  What does all this say about Thanet Labour’s concern for women?

Your readers may wish to note that less than one year ago Harrison and Thanet Labour Party quite rightly demanded the resignation of Tory council election candidate Payam Tamiz for making outrageous sexist comments on Facebook about the women of Thanet.  But now they appear to be turning a blind eye when one of their own members does precisely the same thing. Is this because they don’t want to take any action against Harrison because it might risk their control of the Council?   In my book that’s called hypocrisy.
I am so outraged by Harrisons action that I have set up a Facebook page  “Thanet Says Stand Down Harrison” which will allow local people to have their say about this appalling behaviour.

Councillor Ian Driver


  1. "She won't give a proper apology for 500 murderous years of tyrannical occupation of Ireland. She won't abdicate and take her rotten, corrupt family of scroungers, grafters and racists with her." Strong words and strong accusations by Cllr Ian Driver referring to the Queen on red thanet. Which does come across as double standards after reading this letter.

  2. "Thanet says stand down Mike Harrison" should really be called "Ian Driver says stand down Mike Harrison".

  3. Tony B, I reckon Driver has been given permission to say that (marxist agenda), or else he'd be locked up in the Tower by now.

    Not saying I totally disagree with his statement though ;-)

  4. This is costing the taxpater ££££££££ if it goes to standards - Not so long ago Mike posted on his blog proof of a homophobic comment made by a conservative councillor, not only did the Tories defend their colleague they attacked the victim.

    FACT 1, Homophobic/Racist remarks are a crime.

    FACT 2, Calling someone a Bint or a Bird is not a crime.

  5. If proof exists of a 'homophobic' comment somewhere then surely that's a matter for the police to investigate. As there has been no further action beyond an allegation of 'Thought crime' in the traditional Orwellian sense, I suggest that those involved grow-up and move on to rather more important matters that demand our attention here in Thanet.

    You may have seen on BBC New SE last night Laura Sandys being interviewed about the number of vulnerable, looked-after children that are still being placed in Thanet, even though London authorities are limited to a 20 mile circle.

  6. Spinning and side-stepping - should be on Strictly Come Dancing.

  7. I agree with Cllr Moores, this country is turning into a 1984 commiefascist dictatorship and those who are always shouting bigot and racist anytime someone makes a comment about women or ethnics are taking over!

    I reckon it's a leftie plot to turn this country Islamic and the sooner we shut those whiners up the better.

    I'd like to see all the pc brigade lined up and shot in front of their families!

  8. This issue has caused some debate which is no bad thing. Rather than spend lots of public money on taking this to Standards I am happy to withdraw my complaint if Clr Harrison aplogises on his blog site for any offence he may have caused by using the phrase he did

    I reckon thats a reasonable way forward

    Ian Driver

  9. Where's your new friend and Minnis Bay Gay Day organiser when you need him Ian?

  10. Don't know what you mean Anon


  11. Yes, I think you do know what I mean, but to clarify I thought John Worrow was cracking down on "bigoted" comments by cllrs, & is even employing "blog wardens" after he's held the forthcoming public meeting! Yet his silence on this is deafening. Don't you feel (given his self-appointed role) that he should at least make his feelings on the matter public?

  12. DrM

    listening to the world wide coverage Kent is getting it sounds like KCC stands for kidnapping child criminals

  13. Either John is Michelle Fenner or 08:27:00 is just a Tosser. Its public knowledge that she appointed him you Twat!

  14. Only because he spent all of Christmas and New Year writing (then quickly deleting) posts for his twatty blog!

  15. The right-wing is so articulate...

  16. The right-wing *are* so articulate...