Sunday, March 16, 2014

Thought for the day - The world is inhabited by idiots?

Some years of blogging and reflection on the crazy world of Thanet has drained me, while most commentators to this blog have shown evidence of sanity I look outside and see Thanet is without a doubt broken although just a fragment of  a  larger delusional world.

Fortunately I've been too busy to comment on the evidence of corruption and shear incompetence of local political leaders, this weeks seen a cry from one our usual big noises for a crack den or something similar, the local paper mentions a huge demand for a gay quarter in Ramsgate, something I;ve never understood that people should live according to their sexual orientation, crikey maybe those with a foot fetish or into S&M should be segregated.

National or even internationally things are just as crazy, this week David Cameron has been in Israel apparently " pledged to stand by Israel “every step of the way”  I for one wonder if this includes State terrorism, theft of property, general disregard for Palestinians and of course Israeli governments general disregard for the Law.

Still Cameron's pledge is emblematic of Britain's "open for business" culture which never feels uncomfortable dealing with Russian gangsters, even smoothing over Russian state murder. So despite all the hot air I suggest Ukrainians need not take any comfort from our government, since we need Russian money and gas.

Next week I may well move onto UKIP Europe and what have the Romans done for us.


  1. I agree totally Tony, cyclists shouldn't have to dismount at that spot.

  2. Given your curmudgeonly attitude to everything around you, might I suggest you relocate to some unpoplulated island in the Pacific and start a new community according to your own rules and principles. There are some precedents.

  3. Locally there is stir crazy wrongly accused totally innocent Simon. He has gone tally ho chocks away gunning for mad as a box of frogs PCC Ann Barnes. The gist of his position seems to be that he thinks the PCC cast a controlling spell over an otherwise innocent Chief constable.

    "Fillet of a fenny snake
    In the cauldron boil and bake

    Dollop Biggles up a portion
    Of a wee chat under caution"

    Nationally Jack Straw was outraged at revelations in the Stephen Lawrence case.

    Straw "What happened to inquiry into Regional Crime Squad and det sgt John davidson ?"

    Sir Humphrey "Kent Police Authority called for inquiry in 1997 Mr Straw"

    Straw "Well who was the bent or incompetent beggar who blocked inquiry ?"

    Sir Humphrey "That be the Home Secretary of the time Mr Straw"

    Straw "But that was moi ?"

    Sir Humphrey "Just so. Still outraged at what you describe as the worst case of corruption you encountered in 35 years"

    Alex Salmond he got the hump about problems nuclear at Dounreay HMS Vulcan that the Scottish Parliament was not told about.

    Devonport area got the hump about a near nuclear catastrophe 2012 due to failure of backup generators at Devonport dockyard.

    So Alex Salmond got to asking when crime complaints were first made and who called for inquiry and who suppressed inquiry.

    Straw's ears must be burning.

    Just for the record an epetition

    You have to laugh eh Tony ?

    Then there is the Parole Board inquiry re 1996 murder of Ken Speakman they ask did anyone make complaint ? Yep. Was there a call for inquiry ? yep 1997 Kent Police Authority .................. Parole Board you need a word with Cllr Hayton he was on the Police Authority at the time.

    looking forward to Christmas

  4. 15.19. you need to up your medication!

  5. For Cameron it means selling guns and jets to even dodgier Arab regimes like Saudi or Bahrain or Dubai.

  6. 21:48, which keeps people in this country in jobs, helps us maintain the capability to produce advance weaponry for our own defence and avoids handing over the lucrative arms market to the French or Americans totally.

  7. Not at all 11:04 it simply provides extra profit for the arms companies, a corruption mechanism for the Saudis in particular and creates an arms race in the Middle East.

    The UK refusing to sell arms wouldn't reduce/endanger (it's all tax remember) our arms industry/defence, and frees up skills for other industries eg telecoms and would lead the way in limiting the arms race in Arabia.

    You're stuck in the Cold War of arming our dictators and pretending that makes us safer.

  8. Arms smuggling though Ostend and Manston to Africa seems rife too - Google gunrunning Ostend airport etc. What have the Police been doing?

  9. Surely it's in Britain's interest not to arm other nations? Surely arming other nations is the most stupid thing you could do if you wanted to protect the UK?

  10. 21:44, just who do you think is going to invest in arms development if there is no profit in it? It is a bit like anti-biotic research, no money in it so the big pharmaceuticals divert their investment into lucrative things like cosmetics and sex aids. It is you that needs to move into the real world.

    As for 11:21, who is probably the same thicko, you sell on the last generation of weapons saving the new for your own defence.

  11. Careful 15:42, but you are into debate with the garbled one. Believe me, it will go nowhere.

  12. So by arming other nations with more weapons we're increasing security for UK? Saddam used our old guns and killed a lot of troops in the process. How much profit did we get for that?

    If the Americans and French want to arm other nations, let them. We don't have to, and most other nations don't do it either. As we should, they simply provide the weapons they need - the German and Israeli arms industries are far better than ours without exports.

    Most UK helicopters were grounded in Afghanistan for example because they were junk. The MOD is notorious for failing to provide excellent kit. Junk radios. Junk rifles. Junk boots - far more expensive than needs be.

    1. Mr. Knowledge at 17:29 seems blissfully unaware that the British grounded helicopters were bought from the USA. If we had kept our own aircraft industry that might have been more successful.

    2. Mr Idiot at 22:50 seems to have forgot the helicopters in Afghanistan (eventually) were British-made. And he's thinking of the Apache helicopters from USA - that MOD forgot to buy the software codes so they were grounded for years. Or maybe he's confused with the Harrier jump jets that were declared obsolete - but the Americans hrrn ebought them all to use (off ships which the UK now can't).

      Mr Idiot seems to have forgotten that only the MOD are more stupid than him. At least he doesn't cost much in tax or lives.

    3. The helicopters that had the problems, thicko, were Chinooks and they were bought from the US of A. You methinks are a bit out of your league here.