Monday, April 28, 2014

Sunday not like it used to be.

Simple pleasures, like taking a stroll around town, on a Sunday, doesn't seem as popular as it once was, I notice parks are generally thinly populated, it's probably a sign of the times why stroll when you can shop at Westwood even the seafront at  Margate appeared lonely and unloved.
I suppose it is still April but in the sun it seemed warm enough, strolling around looking for somewhere to eat is not one of my best skills, and Sundays is always a difficult with me, since many eateries choose to do roast dinners, which in my opinion are always best home cooked, eventually settled for Beano's, not a bad choice as it happens, simple food, liver and bacon a classic.
Not sure what or why but it was pleasing to see children and teenagers in scouting clobber, march down past the Turner Contemporary along the front and then up the High St. as I say I don't know what it was all about but good to, that children are still involved in such groups.

I just wonder how much longer it will be that people will be allowed parade with the Union Jack and the St George Cross before being accused of hate crime or offending feeble brained Labourites and wolly liberals.

Anyway as we know shortly the Farage road show comes to town, and I just hope that he will be able to speak without the previous nonsense from Thanets red brigade a strange mixture of eccentrics from militant little ladies understandably upset over animal rights at Ramsgate port, but no so keen on fellow humans, bulk standard socialist worker types, the odd councillor and a sprinkling of what appears to be work shy layabouts who've spent too convincing themselves that cannabis improves their health.

Anyhoo that's enough, I shall now, have a break, still briefly I'm looking forward to seeing the UKIP leader (if I can get a couple of tickets) and I hope this time Thanets thugs and the slippery cheer leaders step back. 

Finally and it needs saying I've not become a member of UKIP but they certainly have a valid cause and one which I agree, Europe is without legitimacy, no question and migration is completely out of control, its simply true we don't have the space or the need for more people.


  1. I wonder, Mr Flaig, precisely what St George's Day parades or marches do you have in mind that have attracted opposition and hostility from the political left or the liberal centre?

    1. 8 08 we're all walking on egg shells

      Check out you're attitude you appear to have invented something I didn't say, such is your bigotry.

      A have cup tea settle down with the morning star or socialist worker mag

    2. You do like to throw out insults, don't you Mr Flaig. There is nothing bigoted in my question to you, and I am certainly not a bigot in any shape or form.

      You wondered how long it would be before "feeble-brained Labourites or woolly Liberals" would try to stop St George's Day (type) parades by accusing the organisers of hate crimes. I have simply asked you on what you are basing that speculation - hard evidence of it happening already or just a fear in your mind?

    3. I'm sorry you do seem to have that weird mindset not uncommon amongst the left and woolly, well in all honesty sinceh you ask the question nut jobs such as yourself.

      I know you'll consider my reply offensive, but what the hell

    4. I'm not sure what is weird about asking you if you have any evidence of a parade being condemned and attacked in the way you decsribe or if you simply suspect it might happen, but hey ho…

      Whay do you persist in being offensive to anyone who doesn't share your UKIP views - to which you are of course entitled. What are you scared of?

  2. I am not a member of UKIP nor any political party for that matter. But it is undeniable that UKIP has given our complacent political village the kick up the backside that was so desperately needed. Nigel Farage has a charisma that, aside from Boris, our other politicians lack. Nigel Farage speaks for me.

    I'm sure that the Red Hall Massive will stage a demonstration numbering a dozen or so screaming banshees. I regard this as an accolade. If the loony left are against you then you must be doing things right. I look on toleration of the loonie left as care in the community.

    On the subject of food: I recommend 'Mullins' in Margate Old Town - superb.

  3. Is this blog written by a 10 year old?

    Just wondering.

    1. Yes ten, its just that Ive been frozen for 50 years, and have woken to read smart ass comments from modern day ten years olds. such as yourself