Friday, November 28, 2014

Labours Islington culture reaches Thanet?

I'm not surprised by the attitudes and actions of Labour party toffs, the apparent contempt for working people exposed by the "White van man" tweet of demised shadow attorney general Emily Thornberry or leader Ed Milliband's inability to eat a sandwich as in the now famous "sandwich photos" in which he looks like a man being forced to eat raw kangaroo testicles.

Leaders of labour are remote and clearly out of tune with working people who as we all know generally only come out of at the election time.

I was emailed,  earlier in the week by former local councillor and Eurocrat(I presume that he's still working for a Labour MEP), Mark Nottingham (you may remember him for the calm way he took the news that Ian Driver ousted him as Labour candidate for his seat)  , his email enquired 

Dear Tony,

Will is having some professional photos taken on Friday - is there any chance he can do some in/around the train station ideally with people like your good self?

Maybe with your colleague you introduced me to?

Best wishes


Naturally I was, curious I rang Wednesday evening, unable to take my call, he sent a text message "Sorry in an event in Strasbourg"  I  replied suggesting that he enjoy before the UKIP hordes remove the UK from Europia.

Anyhoo Mark rang the following morning, he asked what Email? after I explained that I was a liberal party member albeit with a profound distrust and objection to the EU, he realised he'd sent it to the wrong Tony,  for some reason when I started a rant about out of touch and aloof Islington Labour, and the casual betrayal of working people the call disconnected.

Thank you Mark for reinforcing my deep distrust of Labour and my view that ordinary people are not listened to by Labour as for Will Scobie, I suggest you get a proper job and meet normal people before you try and represent the people of South Thanet otherwise you'll be just another idiot kno w nothing politician.


  1. heck I flogged my white van or I could have lent it to you for the photoshoot.

    Mark works for Mary Honeyball MEP.

    EU Resolution 1990 GLADIO

    UK did not comply. But in 1997 Kent Police Authority called for inquiries relating to this EU Resolution and Kent Police refused to comply.

    Years later Mary Honeyball MEP refused to take up the Kent issue. Saying that the complainant had moved to Midlands. In fact the Midlands MEP Michael Cashman take it up. But in the meantime a ready solution for Mary Honeyball would have been for her assistant Mark to make the complaint on behalf of Kent. Especially given his blog spats with Denier in Chief of the need to comply with the EU Resolution one Cllr Simon Moores.

    But no ? Mark would not embarrass his cop out boss by obliging her to take up the critically important constitutional issue that is GLADIO.

    At the time of the 1990 EU Resolution it appears that there were exercises 1989 and 1990 in which Gladio participated (Exs Waterland and Margerita) It being something of a topical question whether unlawful militia rehearsed destroying Kent Ports and Manston airfield.

    If we go independent of EU who will be left with control of pan European secret army (Gladio) units in UK ? Clearly the EU know they ain't in control of it which is why they wanted police inquiries across Europe to dismantle and disarm the whole thing.

    Jack Straw clearly thought he could protect Gladio in UK by repealing Unlawful Drilling Act 1819 in 2008 when he was justice secretary. Neat way to avoid embarrassment that when he was Home Secretary he suppressed GLADIO inquiries called for by Kent Police Authority.

    Lovely Laura Sandys dad Duncan was first president of the postwar European Movement at the time the unlawful (no Crown authority to be armed in UK) pan European secret army was established.

    I am disappointed that Farage isn't opening up on this EU issue. There are armed units in the UK who have no loyalty to the Realm . Time to disarm them and if they have trained or conducted military exercise in UK lock them up. (1936 Public Order Act Straw didn't nobble that)

  2. Tricky one for you then Tony, the Libdems are pro EU and you are not: UKIP are pro grammar schools and you are not.
    In the polls taken earlier this week for Thanet South cons are on 33% down from 48% at the 2010 election, UKIP are on 29% up from 5%, labour on 27% down from 33%, libdems on 6% down from 15%. Looks like labour are holding on to more of their supporters than the 2 other parties.

  3. Life is indeed tricky, I'm at a very cynical part in my life Dave.

    I don't imagine I'm the first liberal, Tory or Labourite to question the European utopia.

  4. Tony, why don't you just become a fully-fledged UKIP supporter? That's what I've done. They're the only party likely to look out for us working class people.

  5. Peter I've just renewed my membership with the lib dems, my only regret is that no established party challenges the nonsense from the EU, hopefully attitudes will change.

    As for looking after working people, I think the liberals have done as much as they can in the coalition and certainly more than the labour party would have done, reduced taxation and big money help for children from poor backgrounds with the pupil premium, which I imagine won't exist once Cameron gets ree elected unless liberal fortunes improve, which won't be the case while Clegg witters on about Europe, if he bigged up our achievements maybe things would be better.

    I certainly support the notion that the British people have a chance to consider whether we need to be members of the EU and what terms? Further more what serves the national interest best a corrupt bunch of Europeans with a handful of British lackeys supporting them or we being independent or at least being able to determin who comes through our borders.