Thursday, February 08, 2018

Chris Wells - The Leaders Numbers Add Up = Time to Go

Chris Wells in last week's Gazette says “The numbers add up, we must build more homes on the site of the airport” (Manston).  I myself don't share such  unquestioning belief, in my opinion, I feel that figures can be deceptive I'm sure there are a few figures that Chris Wells would question, particularly those relating to the number of his fellow members of UKIP in Thanet who would be quite happy, were Chris Wells to do the thing they require him,  to resign.

Assuming that Chris Well’s view is correct, that there is no evidence that an airport would be sustainable, why doesn't he just roll over and allow airport people to be given a chance, particularly as he was elected on basis that he would support Manston.  

Based on information provided by my Google home mini device, I understand that the UK average household has 2.3 people and 1.2 people working and each household has almost whole car 95% of it. So if that is correct, we can look forward to the prospect of an extra 7,000 patients for Thanet’s broken health service, 3,000 cars crowding roads to Westwood. 

As for jobs to support those buying or renting homes on Manston’s, new housing estate Stone HIll Park, we’ve yet to see the nearby commercial site vacated by Pfizer fully recover, I can only imagine that for Stone Hill Park housing development to prosper it will need the new Parkway Station so people can commute to jobs in London.

What has always amazed me about the debate over the Manston Airport site is that nobody has suggested anything other than housing or airport use, admittedly It would be incredibly expensive to rip up Manston’s bombproof runway which I guess is why the developers of the new housing estate are featuring a “heritage” runway.

I don’t think there have been any significant material changes to the local economy or geography since he was elected, so maybe having been elected on a policy he now believes wrong, the least he could do is resign as leader and a member of UKIP which would free him up to have private lunch meetings, such as the one he had in November with Ray Mallon without all that outrageous nonsense about council protocol.


  1. I thought that it has been reported that the local plan sets out where 17,140 houses can be built by 2031. And 9000 have already been built or have planning permision. So if 2,500 dont get built at Manston where are TDC going to allow them to be built? Plus another 3000 or so that the government will impose.
    Rather more than 3000 extra cars coming Thanets way plus all that extra freight and fuel deliveries if the cargo airport goes ahead.

  2. According to Chris Wells there is no chance of any reduction in housing numbers without the say so of the planning inspector this to me implies that the numbers of houses required for Thanet in the future is not actually set in stone so therefore perhaps Mr Wells could sit himself in front of the planning inspector at some point and maybe suggest that we have sufficient housing provision already and given the location it is unlikely that there will be sufficient demand anytime soon.

    Clearly a majority of Thanet councillors have not been swayed by the views of Chris Wells so surely since he cannot lead them to his way of thinking he needs to resign or be leader in name only

  3. Its time to abolish Thanet District Council and all the other district councils in Kent together with Kent County Council and set up a unitary system in Kent.