Thursday, August 30, 2007

Holding steady on 27

Following my blog the other day, re Manston and daring to mention the rather low interest shown in the petition set up by Ramsgates foremost fictional & homeless (temporarily) celebrity ECR, I have just checked out this petition.

I am happy to report that this is holding steady with a paltry 27 signatures.

On a personal note the anonymous reference to Me (in the comments) being egocentric is an outrageous slur, as to "cosied up" to a local MP, the facts in this case, are that unlike others I can admit my mistakes. Uncomfortable as it might be, the MP in question was right and I was wrong, end of .

Right I'm off to sulk!


  1. The important point is that you eventually agreed with your MP that the train horns were noisy and something should be done to protect affected residents. Why are you so vehement, then, that those affected by training flights should "put up or shut up"?

    Good for you that you are flexible and will change position if you conclude you are wrong. It just seems you like to sound off, often quite offensively, but if someone in (perceived) authority challenges you, you pull back and go all gooey-eyed towards them - changing your views to suit them.

  2. noise from airports is a fact of life in the case of Manston since about 1919

  3. I think the train came before the aeroplane, or are you proposing to re-write history?

  4. tony is right on this one the Manston has been a fact of life it is no sudden shock that an airport has planes landing.

    Eastcliff should accept the realities of living in Ramsgate

  5. Oh dear, Worried Thanet Resident, please read the exchanges. The whole point about the complaints is that these training flights do not involve landings and take offs, do not collect passengers or freight, and bring little obvious benefit to the area.

  6. I see that the Oasis 747 appeared on Sunday with an average circuit time of 9:30 secs.

    Every time it's wheel touch the runway there is a cost to the airline based on tonnage, so say £500 which goes to the airport. In that sense, it's as valuable economically as lots of flight coming and out and makes an economic contribution to the area in terms of salaries etc.

  7. It's £400 according to Manston's published tariff. Oasis is owned by Hong Kong tycoon the Reverend Lee, which is an irony, seeing as I've had comments on my blog from people complaining that they can't hear themselves pray on a Sunday morning in St George's.

    £400 per circuit is a pitiful price to pay for the ruination of Ramsgate's environment.

    As for the airport always being there, what a great argument for everything staying the same forever! Conservatism at its purist!

  8. Yep - purist Conservatism. A Tory politician with a financial interest in a local issue with his views and voting influenced accordingly. What do you expect - honesty?