Sunday, February 04, 2007

Blogger wrong Roger Gale right

Although yesterday was a perfect day as far as the weather was concerned this blogger was troubled by a couple of things firstly a letter received from my MP Roger Gale, highlighting not for the first time in my life, how dangerous assumptions can be.

A week or so back in one of my rare critical posts of our local MP I made the rash suggestion or inference that he could acquire a little more knowledge on the subject of track safety (as in railways) after a statement concerning Train Horns (click here ) and even took the unusual step of writing to him directly only to receive back promptly a letter pointing out that as a special constable with British Transport Police on London Underground he had in fact undertaken their full safety training including a walk down a busy track.

I ask you what is the chance of your local MP, having this sort of experience?

Anyway I thought a nice walk in the countryside, ten-minute drive out to Grove Ferry and a walk along the Great Stour towards Westbere, beautiful landscape, just the sounds of birds on the water and the peace only being shattered by trains blowing their horns miles away, oh and Mrs Me listening to football on my personal radio shouting when Chelsea scored.

So not for the first time have I been proved wrong for which I apologise. Roger Gale shows there is more to being an MP than simple politics, experience and knowledge help make him one of the better ones.


  1. How nice to see some piccies of Thanet's uknown gem, the Stour! thanks.

  2. I think this is possibly the best time to see this area.

    Having been along here in the summer previously I found the lack of leaves allowed a better view.

    Pics taken with my telephone not bad really pity ive scratched the lens.