Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Things to do on your day off – Listen to “Mandelson Hypocrisy”- BBC Radio Kent product placement – Blogging – Political Redemption

Firstly listen to radio four's “Today” programme for as long as you can bear, which in my case was until Peter “Chump” Mandelson came on and proceeded to criticise the Murdoch Press (not that I'm to keen), I think the suggestion of bias towards the conservative party was more than a bit rich, quality Mandelson hypocrisy failing to mention that for the last ten or twelve years, Labour had been more than happy, to have Murdoch's support, which might explain why the Murdoch Press has such a huge influence in the British media, and how astonishingly in the large parts of the country, SKY TV represents a monopoly provider of subscription TV, which for some reason “honest” Labour politicians like he, have never thought to question.

Over breakfast, I thought I'd give radio Kent a go, so I could experience the uniqueness of BBC's regional broadcasting, one of the things we're told justifies paying the BBC broadcast tax, listening to John and Jules Breakfast was the usual disappointing tripe made up of a shameless a promo for documentary on George Best's son, followed with an equally outrageous item on “SimplicITy computers” which as far as I'm concerned was an unquestioning promotion of a commercial product.

Any way my attention turned as it does to blogging so after my second cuppa, I thought I'd launch into top Thanet politician, Cllr Mark Nottingham, his style is often sanctimonious and written in that “Labour knows best sort of way” which always hacks me off.

Afterward I thought I’d ring up BBC Radio Kent and pass on my displeasure at the unapologetic plug for “Simplicity Computers”, apparently the way these regional stations (BBC) work, is that some of the content is shared and somewhere in London, BBC boffins create content for their far flung outposts around Britain including Kent, which is why I feel vindicated over my often levelled criticism that Radio Kents content could be broadcast anywhere.

I feel that BBC's Radio Kent frequently use topics that require no research or effort to fill their tedious Breakfast with show makes regional broadcasting utterly pointless. It may be trivial but the real irritation of this promotion of a computer for the more mature citizen (blimey that's me) wasn't just the unchallenged condescension but the failure to refer to comparable products, assuming that there are some, like asus eeepc favoured by myself and Mr Puss (seen using here).

Pondered on Luke Edward’s tweet, concerned at the invitation only access on Ramsgate's most notorious blog sites, which I no longer visit but would suggest this is normal procedure when things get a little heated and its probably the usual cut and run tactic, when the author goes too far.

After blogging I thought I'd do something positive which I have done, which was rejoining the Liberal Democratic Party after lapsing some years back.

That was this morning, topped off with a quick visit to Rooks the home top quality lunch time snacks.


  1. Even ECR's 'This blog is only open to invited readers' is more entertaining than this drivel.

  2. I take it the great man has spoken! as I say Ramsgate's notorious blogger generally cuts and runs once he's gone to far.

    Reasons vary from someone has stolen my password, even up to feigning death I understand.

    Increasing strange! anon 6:29 or should I -------- ------- do one

  3. Just to keep you up to date Tony, I discovered that a few days ago ECR was e-mailed by a solicitor from Euroferries who was threatening legal action about a post ECR made about their ferry service.

    I'm guessing that this is the reason why his blog's been deactivated. Probably for legal reasons. So you're correct in your assessment of the situation.

  4. So you rejoined the Lib Dems.

    Gave up your vote in the process then!

    Like it or not, at least you know where you stand and what you will get with the Tories and Labour.

    Lib Dems still don't know why they are in the race, let alone what their policies are!

  5. Try reading ECR and ask the question, 'Is this comment re the Dane Valley election classified as electoral communication, and if so should it have the Labour Party imprint and be declared on the expenses section of the nomination form?