Sunday, November 01, 2009

Sunday news - Thugs,NHS waste, Jordan, Gordan and Boring? Fry

I get little time to read anything these days so having Sunday off is brilliant, sheer luxury having breakfast waiting for the sound of newspapers being  crumpled through the letter box and plonk at the front door, in my case they are exclusively Murdoch a habit, more than a preference, although I couldn’t do without Rod Liddle in the Sunday Times, who today suggests rewarding those who kill cats by poisoning, should be rewarded by being given the freedom of the Borough (not something I or Mr Puss agree).

The News of the World’s front page always has emotive items, the story about Marlon King being a prime example, who having cowardly attacked a young women bleated that he was a multi millionaire, adding she (his victim) wasn’t in the same league, Emily the victim is calling for a life time ban from football and I for one hope that is the case, fortunately for us, few people, are in Mr Kings league, that being low life scum who belong in the gutter or as in his case prison.

The News of the world also has more serious stuff, like evidence of Labour’s incompetent and wasteful spending on hospitals and the scandal of hard up British soldiers having to pay for their food which till now has been free. As I understand both local Thanet MPs Roger Gale and Stephen Ladyman are more than happy to claim for free food on expenses from the taxpayer despite 60K+ salaries maybe they’d like to tackle the MOD on why people we ask to take great risks on our behalf are being treated so badly.

Every Sunday seems to have a Jordan story, apart from being Jordan and possibly having cosmetic surgery I don’t what this women’s ever done to be famous, which brings me on to Gordon (Brown) who I’m sure hasn’t had cosmetic surgery but has had an awful lot of cosmetic policies which have failed to do much for the ordinary man or women in the street although he has helped the rich get wealthy and no doubt benefited the European economy more than ours.

As Labour politicians look toward life after the likely ignominious defeat during next summers general election, Gordon Brown is trying to maintain at least one other colleague in the “after world” that being the European Union, last week it was fat cat Blair for President this week its Blimin David Milliband as a Foreign Secretary for Foreigners (EU).

Finally Stephen Fry, is getting a little upset about fellow twitterers suggesting he is boring, how outrageous, I’m off to Sainsburys I’ll update you later.

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