Sunday, April 11, 2010

Conservaties Big Campaign idea “Mrs Cameron’s day out”

Blimey, I always viewed the current crop of Tories as a lightweight bunch of chancers, and a quick visit to the Conservatives website does nothing to change that idea, as the front page is dominated by Mrs Cameron who as far as I know is no more a politician than my own Mrs Me.

Also heavy weight Michael Caine is featured on the site’s front page, whom appeared to be somewhat  less than clear with his political endorsement earlier this last week.


  1. Oh come on Tony give em a break. She is a lot better looking than any of the so called LEADERS. And for my money more news worthy than some idiot who wont answer a straight question EVER. She is out there doing her bit and will answer a question. Her favourite colour is blue and she wants world peace. see its become a beauty contest.

  2. Your quite right Don, Crikey, what was I thinking.

    Mrs Me is better looking than I and her favourite colour is also blue as is her team Chelsea and football are more important to her I think than global peace etc

    Despite all this Mrs Me will not be taking editorial control of Bignews Margate just now.

  3. LOL See made me smile, its the smiles that count