Monday, April 12, 2010

Kent Conservatives how can you trust them?

At a time of severe economic restraint it’s almost reassuring that Kent Council have got money to burn, on pointless PR exercises.

Some time ago I asked KCC’s press or PR department, to tell me how the council had managed to spend around £600 per enquiry on the pointless, needless and utterly wasteful Kent Health Watch advice line.

No surprise that the KCC PR wallahs took forever to reply and even less surprising that the answer was little more than the drivel that I had expected.

The NHS have in place procedures to deal with and consult on issues, that the public might have, anyway in the absence of a proper answer, I now realise that much of the money must be wasted on radio advertising as listening to Heart FM this weekend all I seem to hear is some women rattling on about blimin Kent Health Watch and in an attempt to get callers the health advice line now includes enquiries re. social care.

Maybe Paul Carter Kent Tory Leader, ought to give Health Watch a go himself, and ask whether its just him that thinks this is a proper use of public money.notmorepropoganda

Still Kent councils megabucks PR budget is never ending as the KCC Magazine has Paul Carter filling almost a page waffling on about this and that the bottom of the page is then devoted to the retiring Chief Executive as if this matters to anyone in Kent except himself and a few colleagues.


  1. Did you see the KCC Scrutiny meeting webcast last friday Tony?
    You wont believe it but Kent TV lives on at a cost of £250,000 or even more! Its 1hr 29 mins into the meeting. KCC claim that they have to pick up the cost of redundancy for the Ten Alp's employees that were working on Kent TV. They have even given 5 of them jobs to add video streaming to the KCC website at an annual cost of £250,000.

    Dont they ever learn at KCC. this is something the public don't want, dont watch and a total waste of money. It just looks like Carter and co never accepted that the public were right and they know better than all the media experts.

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