Friday, April 08, 2011


I see the Independent reports on an attack by artist Dinos Chapman ( who he?) of Margate's well known and much respected artist Tracy Emin for donating one of her creations to the nation.

I known about as much about art as, I suspect Dinos, knows about good manners and the concept of giving something back the community, in a selfless manner.

Not surprisingly Emin is upset that her gift has (in my opinion) been twisted into a crass and cheap publicity stunt by Dinos Chapman, who until today had not registered on my own radar.

Apparently Dino is suggesting that Emin's public spirited gesture is somehow an endorsement of the coalition's continuation of Labours policy of charging for adult education.

According to the Independent Chapman is strongly opposed to the increase in tuition fees and has formed a group to fund legal fees of students caught up in protests.

Chapman ought to rethink his view as it seems to me to be simplistic and naive, a blunt spiteful political message out of proportion.

Emin' s done well, and what is wrong with her gift to the nation, I guess he understands the logic of his attack, I don't and few will except for a handful of luvvies, I think a thank you, to Tracy would be more in order.

Finally as Emin acknowledges her education 'as the greatest opportunity' is also quoted 'It would have not hurt him to have checked with me before he started inciting hatred' maybe Dinos could dig deep and apologise.

PS today I donated part of my income to her majesty's government via PAYE does this make me an accessory to all government policy, I hope not.


  1. "a crass and cheap publicity stunt" that you're giving more publicity to Tony...

  2. A reasonable point Peter, since its already out there in the publc domain and is likely to be picked up on I doubt this posting will make much difference.

    Still there is local interest and the item is indicative of the lengths some will go to make a point.

    I could just put my keyboard away and you could stick your camera in the draw.

  3. What one has come to expect from the Guardianista.

  4. LOL.
    Good joke Anon 5.06.
    Anyone who knew how the local Labour party had behaved recently, would NOT vote Labour!

  5. What's with the recently, Anon. When did Labour ever behave any differently?

  6. Anon 7.13 Would never vote for them myself

    I think the 'recently' refers to the shenanigans around Ms Kay Dark the Northwood councillor who deceived the selection process to get re-selected for her Ward. Apparently she hasn't done much, if anything, for her Ward in the last 4 years, but lied or made a false report about another rival councillor who did work hard so he got deselected.
    another appalling 'recent' bit is that the other Labour councillors covered up for her even knowing the truth.

    Conservatives have their skeletons to hide too though. I saw Labour's manifesto which was a joke. In it it says about Labour making sure all councillors have CRB checks - I reckon that's only because they think that conservatives will have more embarrassing exposure from them.

    In my opinion, Labour have sunk to new depths in their desperation to rule Thanet. Its not about doing good for Thanet in their book, its about being puffed up with pride and discrediting everyone else. Very sad bunch of people.

  7. You are so right 8:51 about Labour's manifesto which is a shallow document, making proposals, but with no substance on how to get things done.

    They are going to crack down on litter and dog fouling. In what way? There is no money to employ more people enforcing these issues than at present so how are they going to make a difference?

    Some things, like cut backs on councillors, are outside the district council's remit. It is down to the Electoral Commission who have rejected similar proposals before.

    Then, of course, there is the weak leadership aspect which turned a council candidate selection issue into a source of ongoing speculation. Most people worked out quite quickly that is was down to a clash of ambitions and egos, but it is all hushed under 'ongoing investigations' whatever that means.

    No council is perfect, and TDC have been no exception to that rule, but Labour would be an umitigated disaster for Thanet.

  8. Like anything to do with this monolithic waste of taxpayers cash which is called "Turner Centre"..... WHO CARES ??????

  9. Bill, you are too kind atributing local Labours problems to 'weak leadership'.
    I wouldn't say weak, I'd lean towards corrupt and for that reason, I wouldn't vote Labour.

    There is no excuse for a Leader saying its okay for his councillor to lie in the selection process to subvert the outcome and then allowing her to stand for reselection after behaving in such an appalling way. It is worse than 'weak', it is deceitful.

    How can you trust the Leaders judgement or integrity in any other matters after that?
    I certainly wouldn't trust him to be able to manage the Turner centre or Margate's regeneration. Margate is going to need all the help it can get and that means a council Leader who is strong on leadership AND integrity. No more Ezekiels and no Clive Hart, thank you very much.

  10. Nobody but a handfull of people want the turner centre, its a waste of taxpayers money and wont keep people in much needed jobs etc. They should have invested the wasted money into Dreamland and the seaffront and paying a hitman to kill off Jimmy Godden.

    By the way whats Jimmy Goddens favourite band ??? - Arcade Fire

  11. 12.43 Bill Richards is absolutely right, the Labour manifesto is a joke and clearly shows that the Hart and Poole road show are leading Labour into oblivion CRB checks, why?, those that require it under current regulations have it done.Investment in Ramsgate Marina and Port, Hello!!! regular dredging, Wind farm contracts new Offices new jobs, New Pontoons to accomodate increased work from the wind farm vessels, perhaps Labour should get out more
    Regeneration of Margate, again Hello!!! where have you been Hart, try talking Thanet up.
    No to Park way, No to Airport growth and expansion, no to everything, oh dear oh dear, but never mind Hart there will be a new swimming pool, so when you are redundant you can pursue your favourite pasttime, Poole can play Tennis and Thanet will remain a brighter better more progressive place, giving hope and jobs to those who so desperately need it.
    Harts Labour Group is a joke which even his own "followers must now realise.

  12. Anon 7:58 has clearly not been paying attention. The money for the Turner was not available to Thanet for Dreamland or anything else. We were offered an art gallery and, if we had not taking it, then it would have been built somewhere else. This has been explained time and again yet some folk, like 7:58, keep bleating the same old waste of money nonse.

    As for the assumption that nobody wants it, how is this conclusion reached. The 'I don't want it so nobody else must' attitude which seems to hit just about all Thanet projects.

    I rather think that had they been spending a huge grant on Dreamland, 7:58 and his ilk, would have been screaming for an art gallery!

  13. 7:58 and all like minded, spend the money on Dreamland, folk forget one very important detail. The reason Dreamland got progressively shabbier and seedier as the years rolled by, and eventually closed, was because not enough people went there. The same was true of Margate caves.

  14. "WHO CARES ??????"

    Around 2,000 people will be attending the preview evenings this week, that's who cares...and the Turner hasn't even opened yet.

    Seems like nobody wants it!

  15. "Nobody but a handfull of people want the turner centre, its a waste of taxpayers money."

    Blimey 7.58, I bet you feel a bit silly now don't you? Oh yeh. It's because you are!!