Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Tough day for Mr & Mrs Smug or Worse-off Wednesday

photo (2)You will have to forgive me for not being too upset about "Worse-off Wednesday" myself I have avoided the news broadcasts, with what I would guess would be highly emotive reports telling us how terrible the new tax system is for some poor families, who just happen to be amongst the most affluent, earning a damn sight more than your average Thanet resident.

It seems that some families, on very comfortable incomes will no longer be receiving the generous tax credits, that they once did and despite all the doom and gloom, from presumably well-paid journalists, ( who I guess expect me to top up their generous incomes), it appears if you take what the government has said at face value, that something of the order of 80% of people, will actually be better off, this tax year.

In other news apparently Nick Clegg is once again the fall guy for the current government, his campaign to crack down on internships,  unpaid work and work opportunities that have been arranged through the old boy network, opening up, such opportunities to all, was the subject of an attack since Nick Clegg himself had been given his first work opportunity as a result of his father's networking, quite how this would effect his own view, that people should have an equal opportunity, to such work many years later is frankly beyond me.

Just why British journalists seem so hysterical and focused on singling out Clegg is beyond me, maybe it's a reluctance to accept anything other than the two party system, my view is that many national journalists are inherently lazy and anything other than black and white or left and right is just too difficult.

Coming back to the tax thing, my view personally is rather than "Worse-off Wednesday", it's more like "Same Sh/t different Tax Year" only some of us are a tad better off.


  1. Tony, journalism today is not about reporting news but putting a slant on things whilst digging for the inner story.

    No fly zone quickly turns to speculation about how many months, years, decades, centuries we shall be involved. Tax changes are barely covered in any real detail because we have to speculate on the misery, the Dickensian life style of some middle earners as a result and the perceived backlash.
    Sod the facts, let's create a crisis we can report on.

    Poor Nick was instantly set up the minute he tried to work towards a fairer society free of special privilege. Again, forget the worthwhile aim but attack the proposer for his own background. I am afraid news went out the window with Pathe. Now it is slant and inuendo along with 'what if' and the opinion of our political editor standing outside No. 10 in the pissing rain.

    The really sad thing is that some people vote on what they clean from the media. How scary is that?

  2. For 'clean' read 'glean' in the last comment.

  3. The papers could report that there could be a sugar shortage,so people rushed out and stocked up with sugar,the shops soon ran out of sugar.
    Lo and behold there was a sugar shortage,so the papers were right after all.

  4. Maybe, for his next trick, Clegg might abolish the BoE, then we would not need to pay income tax ever again.

  5. I thought Mr Smug was Clive Hart as the local papers didnt report the truth behind his recent dirty deeds and with the Labour groups Reaper blog doing his dirty work.
    It won't just be 'worse off Wednesday' if Labour regains control of the local council, it'll be 4 years of hell.

  6. Why shouldn't those with good connectons fix up internships for there children like Nick Clegg. I would go further and open up this system of free labour to not only include politics, the law and the media but to include local councils and the construction industry as well. Why should companies like Network Rail not use some of this free labour and not have to employ and pay so many contractors. They ould also afford to buy their own shovels.