Monday, December 12, 2011

Coalition Break Up - Top of wish list for Journalists

I can't help feeling that most, journalist are little more than sheep, irrespective of their particular status, exampled by Nick Robinson, who like many of his ilk can stand outside the front door of No.10 and exude an air of authority and gravitas at any hour of the day or night, but often when you read of listen to what they have to say, it all adds up to so much bollix.

If you'd like take a gander, at this piece by Nick Robinson, it stresses Nick Clegg's upset and argument around the Prime Ministers use of the veto at the recent EU summit, however for some reason, like most every other journalist, he either didn't watch or decided not to report this part of Andrew Marr's interview with Nick Clegg.

Obviously I'm no journalist so you might like to check the following by playing back the full interview on the Andrew Marr show, on Iplayer I watched this last night on skyplus but replaying this I noted this part of the inteview as follows:-

Andrew Marr asks "Is this going to break up the coalition in any circumstances? " referring to the EU summit outcome.

Nick Clegg replies  "No ..It would be even more damaging if for us, as a country, if the Coalition Government were now to fall apart, that would create economic disaster for the country..."

I cannot help thinking that journalist are using this crisis, in rather a lazy, provocative manner, of course Nick Clegg is a tad hacked off, but presumably David Cameron was acting within the authority that the Liberal Party has given in whatever arrangements exist withing the coalition.

My view of the coalition government is this simple, Labour lost the last election, directly as a result of their negligence and general incompetence in managing the economy, Nick Clegg and David Cameron agreed to work together in the national interest accepting the inevitable compromises necessary, even after this I cannot see anything changing and why would it being honest neither party is particularly strong not least the Liberals and certainly if Labour was under the spotlight in an election any authority of Milliband's  would melt away revealing a fairly lightweight nobody.

What journalist are up to in not balancing their reports, is a question we should be asking ourselves particularly, senior bods at the tax payer funded BBC, it's my view that Nick Robinson should have reported Nick Clegg's reply to Andrew Marr, if he was questioning the stability of the coalition government it would have made his more report objective rather than subjective, but of course it would have made his assertion of shakyness in the coalition a little less plausible.


  1. So you believe the words of politicians, do you? Including the Liberal Democrats who have proved to be the biggest, most deceitful liars on the UK scene? I do not know - or care - how fragile the Coalition is, but hearing leaders of it protesting its good health is no assurance whatsoever.

  2. I particularly believe Liberal Democrats, especially having just renewed my membership.

    In my view the political spectrum goes from sleazy to self serving in between are honest liberals some of whom exist in the tory and labour party but of course mainly the liberal democrats.

  3. I never cease to wonder at the mindset of the left who brand the Liberal Democrats deceitful liars for forming a coalition with the largest party in the Commons. Would they not have been far more deceitful had they tried to prop up a failed Labour government which had just suffered its biggest loss in popular support in decades.

    Mind you, look at Thanet where a renegade sometime Grey, sometime Tory is able to reverse the decision of the electorate. Strange old world, politics.

  4. Not all Local Politicians are in the Worrow mold, most present themselves to the Electorate and then if Elected are faithfull to those they are Elected to represent, occasionally there is a "traitor", and low and behold we have one currently, who has totally mislead his Birchington South Ward, as the Self appointed Leader of the Grey party he knew the only way to get elected having failed once was to get a Tory Ticket, which he did convincing so many people, and then he reverts to an independent role.
    No words can express the total betrayal of trust, he should hang his head in shame, but for those who know him he will maintain that he is Birchington's Saviour.
    The people of Birchington South should rise up and take action removing him and voting for a Conservative Candidate if that is their wish, one who will stay the course and is a true Tory.

  5. If Worrow is as bad as you say - I don't know him at all but I agree no politician should ever be allowed to change bases without prompting a by-election - why don't the people of Birchington collect a petition and present it to him? That would demonstrate people power.

    Turning to Anon of 13.41, it has nothing to do with your "mindset of the left", but all to do with the widespread feeling of betrayal that the Liberal Democrats have generated. Why do you think they faced meltdown in the local elections earlier this year. That was nothing to do with the "left", but their own supporters deserting them.

  6. 5:50 PM

    You assume that it is Liberal Democrats deserting the party when it is much more likely to be Labour supporters who voted for them tactically. Their feelings of betrayal are understandable, but only demonstrate the folly of trying to cook the result.

    I recall once attending a talk given by an eminent socialist academic who argued in favour of a two party state system. He claimed that the then Liberals split the left of centre vote, thus giving unfair advantage to the Tories. That I might add at a time when the Liberals had just taken Orpington from the Conservatives.

    We just have to accept that no one party could hope to respresent a single view and that they will all have a spread of opinions. Whilst those on the left of the Lib/Dems, and tactical voter Labour supporters might feel betrayed by the coalition, those on the right and tactical voting Tories would be equally dismayed had they formed a coalition with Labour.

    Frankly they were in a no win situation, but probably did the most democratic thing in the circumstances by joining with the largest party.