Thursday, April 12, 2012


A poignant moment for Missy as she ponders the greater world, recovering from being neutered and if the cat had the ability to consider these things, would be dwelling on the ramifications.

Similarly having heard rumours that some local activists are considering reporting local bloggers if they haven't already for "Hate Crime" I feel that  my right to freedom of expression has been eroded by several threats already.

Accusations that I have "allowed" various hateful comments, is nonsense, a recent decision concerning a case bought against Google by Payam Tamiz, a former candidate for Thanet District Council is worth reading, basically I understand that Mr Tamiz sued Google for defamatory comments found on Google.

In a ruling which gives Google widespread immunity from English defamation laws, Mr Justice Eady upheld pleas that it is merely a "platform provider" and "should not be regarded as a publisher, or even as one who authorised publication".
"It is no doubt often true that the owner of a wall which has been festooned, overnight, with defamatory graffiti could acquire scaffolding and have it all deleted with whitewash", said the judge.
But he added: "That is not necessarily to say, however, that the unfortunate owner must, unless and until this has been accomplished, be classified as a publisher."

As I've mentioned elsewhere for the benefit of Ian Driver, who looks to me, to be a particularly sensitive I've now given him my mobile phone number so he can alert me to offensive comments, which assuming I'm not involved in some safety critical matter at work or asleep, I will examine.

Still if anyone does experience genuine Hate Crime, they might like advice from the following source.


  1. If you're so sure that you haven't done wrong then why are sucking up to him?

  2. Many people have no option but to put out the truth via blogs as it is far to dangerous to approach the authorities who in some cases are also involved.

    The authorities are going all out to bend and nudge peoples thoughts via their "nudge units" into what they want them to be. Which is why pressure is being increasingly put out there in threats for people to conform or else.

    For instance if you have nothing to hide why wouldn't you give up all of your thoughts and privacy to the establishment. This is simply wrong and freedom of speech must not be curtailed to suit those that will benefit.

  3. I don't know which one of them is the biggest drama queen, Worrow or Driver!

  4. I can see how Google's interests are best served by a free speaking blogosphere; not just in advertising revenue, but also it's core business of gathering information on the proles.

    No sympathy for Tamiz, he dissed the womenfolk and they dissed him back, so his 'come-from' was all wrong, plus he was taking on something bigger than a mere platform-provider.

    He should have cut his losses.

  5. Its the secret societies that are hidden behind the establishment who are pulling all the strings.

    Freemasons in the police leading the attack on David Cameron's riot response

    Leading police officers have set up a national Masonic lodge where they can meet in secret in defiance of fears about the influence of the secret society on the criminal justice system.

  6. And for all those doubting Thomases at KCC and all those that call the truth a conspiracy, this is for you.

    Children stolen by the state

    “Evidence is accumulating on all sides to show that far too many children are now being removed from their parents wholly unnecessarily, often for laughably inadequate, even absurd, reasons.”

    “It is high time it was pulled from behind that wall of secrecy and reported across the world.”

  7. I think Flaig has to be in there too, Mr Checksfield. Having closed comments down twice on previous threads, he is reopening his "issue" with yet another post about freedom of exchange. Local blogs are nothing except perfect examples of over-indulged egos and hypocrisy. Aren't there constructive points to cover?

  8. Here is a link to the court record for the Tamiz/Google case.

    Quite a good read, actually.

  9. 11:11, apart from a newspaper article, and we all know about those, what actual real evidence have you got of this secret police lodge. Indeed, if it is so secret how do you know about it?

    When you tell us how you know, perhaps you can tell us where it is so we can all watch these men with big feet coming and going.

    Tony, stop playing into Driver's hands. You have done nothing wrong and the views expressed by contributors to your site do not constitute hate crimes.

    As one actually named by Driver, I am still waiting for the knock on my door. There is about as much chance of that as of him standing trial for his abusive tirade about the Queen.

    He is a mouth from the extremeties of political thinking in the same league as Nick Griffin. Do not allow him to bully you.

  10. Tom Clarke

    You could always try asking the newspapers that so many people rely on for the truth for their sources

    David Cameron hosted freemasons event at Westminster

    Documents published today show the Tory leader used House of Commons facilities to host an event for the West Oxfordshire Lady Freemasons

    or do a little research yourself

  11. 11:27 Since freemasonry exists there is nothing particularly sinister about hosting an event.

    YOUR accusation is about a secret police lodge with sinister implications. Since you made the accusation it is not unreasonable for others to ask you for the evidence. Hence you research it and respond.

    You simply cannot perpetually make these allegations without putting your money where your mouth is. Time to put up or shut up.

    Of course, we all know the real truth of the matter is that you have no evidence. It is just speculation.

  12. The issue that will really bring down and expose all of the corruption that is going on , is what is happening to the children.

    Anthony Douglas (who was adopted himself), chief executive of Cafcass, has been quoted in other articles as saying “the latest figures prove the system now works more effectively.”

    Mr Douglas added that the number of “at risk” children in England is around three times the figure of those taken into care. "

    Their intentions seem clear enough they intend on taking even more children for forced adoptions ; simply eugenics for profit

    This is a must watch and effects us all especially for those that still think it cant happen to any family

  13. Which, 1:02, has precisely what to do with secret police lodges?

    The newspapers yesterday were full of the children taken in to care topping 10,000 in a year for the first time. It is a major problem. Social workers have been pressured after cases like Baby P to be more diligent, yet the facilities to cope with these numbers are under strain.

    However, is it the authorities to blame or the rise in dysfunctional family units, the young singles unable to cope, the jobless latest boyfriend who cares nothing for somebody else's child and the Jeremy Kyle show weird relationships. We have all heard them, the 'My Mum is shagging my boyfriend stories,' yet they frequently also have poor little babies in their care.

    Come on, Mr. Wizard, with all your conspiracies. Just how would you solve the problems of modern day society.

  14. Here is a genuine question...How come Cllr Driver has listed his interests with TDC, but Cllr Worrow's are not available?? What has he to hide?

  15. no wonder they want to tweak this so that not only will freedom of speech be lost also our ability to look into the ‘transparent workings’ of “government”

    Freedom of Information Act reforms proposed

  16. Heres one politician who would have been crying real tears along with Boris Johnson if Bill Maloney could have got the 10 grand it cost to stand against them as mayor of London , he would have exposed all the child abuse being carried out by the establishment for sure .

    Conman Ken's Crocodile tears: ‘Ordinary Londoners’ who made Livingstone weep were hired by an ad agency AND he knew what they were going to say
    · He is forced to admit that Labour activists were paid expenses to star in his own party political broadcast
    · Mr Livingstone is already trailing Boris Johnson in the race for City Hall because of his alleged tax affairs

  17. Tom Clarke said...

    "Come on, Mr. Wizard, with all your conspiracies. Just how would you solve the problems of modern day society."

    The problems of modern day society are a direct result of too much government interference.

    Solution, wean ourselves off of the govt. Let them get a proper job.

  18. Are some MP’s waking up ?

    Adam Holloway MP attended the recent event held by the Kent Freedom Movement. What a shame he or any of his Kent colleges have yet to attend any talks on children being stolen by the state that both Brian Gerrish and Bill Maloney have spoken about previously in Kent. The issue of forced adoptions having been previously brought to his attention and many others by a former Conservative/Independent Councillor whose four granddaughters were taken for forced adoption by KCC.

    Pity she missed him better lucky next time.

  19. They're talking about you Tony...

  20. oh no not another bloody campaign just sack the lot of them and start again !

    The Government ought to commission an urgent investigation into the whole system. If this does not happen, then devil take the consequences. There may have to be a campaign to confront the evils of secrecy in the family courts.

  21. Wonder why Roger Gale MP doesnt want transparency in the courts ?


  22. Could this be why ?

    The Tragedies of Brown & Thatcher



    the guardian juila hughes