Friday, April 27, 2012

A momentous week -Confirmation - Briton as bent as nine bob note

I started the week thinking that maybe I ought to ponder on the passing of St. Georges Day, conscious of recent discussions concerning the moves by Scottish nationalists to trash the United Kingdom.

The idea of celebrating the pettiness of nationalism in the context of one of the nations which currently makes up the UK seems trivial in the extreme, at this moment in time, when Scottish nationalists are plotting the end of the British State.

This country (Britain) is as we know is involved in a pointless war in Afghanistan, few if any of us have the slightest idea why,  perhaps we have a vague idea of Afghan people have some tenuous link with Al Qaeda, what we all know is that British service men and women are at risk and that Afghanistan the country is corrupt and dominated by a barbaric society committed to perpetuating violence toward it's people in general and it's women in particular, and being a major supplier of drugs.

Although being British is considerably more important to me than being English, it is now clear to me that within a few short years, Britain will have cease to exist, and why because a handful of cranks will lead a minority population within the UK to seek independence.

For reasons never explained, it's a fact, those who live outside Scotland will be impotent, while voters Scotland will be given the power to destroy not only their region but the rest of the UK, labour as we all know, decided to devolve government in Scotland and Wales, while leaving England disenfranchised and even worse than that, allowing Scottish politicians to continue to inflict themselves on us English people, no surprise given the fact that at the time labour was well stocked with Scottish MPs.

Still what institutions are worth a light in England or the UK, watching evidence given to the Leveson committee on the press and media, it must be a common view, that not only is much of the media bent but so too it seems are our police and politicians.  The question of Minister, Jeremy Hunt's refusal to resign, following the revelation from the Murdoch family that even if he didn't fully cooperate with them, one of his sidekicks did, is nothing if not indicative of something wrong in our society.

This week it seemed that Alex Salmond may well have sung for his support for Murdoch as it were, having come in for much criticism from Labour, the Sun newspaper in Scotland backed Scots nationalist, and now we are likely to suffer as a result of his quest to cut ties with the UK.

Maybe there is nothing worth saving within the British culture, I doubt that this country has ever been entirely honest, still at this point it's difficult not to find any of our institutions that  doesn't appear as bent as a nine bob note.

Perhaps we should celebrate the future as a people entrapped in the undemocratic Europe with less say than maybe Spain or Greece, still there is a bread of people who have done alright out of the EU, mainly your bureaucrats who are happily thriving in a bland and unaccountable world.

Bleak as things are for Briatin, I suppose there will always be an England, although it will probably be minus Cornwall. I'm British first, English second, and prefer to be part of a bigger state rather than end up as a tin pot region of the institutional blamonge that is the EU.


  1. Err no, would you care to expand Gordon? Yourself?

    A bit of a ramble granted, still I shall reread this at some time tomorrow and no doubt not for the first time cringe at the banality and incoherence, in the meantime enjoy!

    I've actually had some marvelous news in the last couple of days, so apologise for the somewhat negative posting.

  2. A fiend in Tangier once put it like this: 'Yes, it is true. Morocco is a corrupt country and we all know and accept this. This is better than in Britain, where only a few know the country is corrupt and nobody admits it'.
    By the way, I agree with your comments about devolution!

  3. Tony, I think you will find that people are basically the same the world over.

    Most of us want not much more than a roof over our heads, a fulfilling occupation and a safe, stable environment in which to raise a family, and to be left alone, whether we are Afghan, Scot or Limey.

    Not too much to ask, but unfortunately more than the elites are willing to let us have. Why? Because the greedy bastards want it all for themselves.

    Please don't fall for the old nationalistic division bollix, that is how world wars start.

    The Rothschilds, ever the promoters of such contests, manipulate all sides and to their own ends, not ours. It is thanks to their meddling that the world is in the corrupt mess that it is.

    I won't go so far as to say that they are trafficking the drugs because hands on involvement is not easy to prove, but I will say that if they did not wish it, it would not happen, and opium is one of the main reasons for British presence in Afghanistan, we even provide the seeds and fertiliser to the farmers.

  4. Tony,

    "Great Britain" for what it's worth was fatally damaged back in the days of Harold Wilson and the policy of completely open door borders.
    The Multicultural experiment being forced onto this nation has gone badly wrong, the economic and social structure of our once great country is all but gone.

    We are reviled across Europe as being puppets for the USA, while at home there has never been such revolsion at politicians as seen today due to the antics with expenses and now Levesson.

    The middle classes have over the past ten years been leaving this country in ever increasing numbers, being replaced by ever more Romanian and polish immigrants looking to further their way on our benefits system.
    This has and will only result in one final course, a Great Britain with no actual "British" people living in it.
    I know the "experts" will say we have always been an island that needs immigration, but the scale of the problem seen over the last ten years has changed this country for good.
    I for one will also be leaving soon, I cannot in all honesty justify paying into such a damaged and wounded system anymore.

  5. Interesting 8:02 but where will you go. Every western nation has the same problem with immigration and short of buying yourself a little remote island, you are likely to jump out of the frying pan into the fire.

  6. No need to leave 8:02, just stop paying in, divorce yourself from this criminal racket called government.

    You may buy yourself a few years respite by bailing out but the scourge of globalism will catch up with you sooner or later.

    At least by staying here, we will have the advantage of being sovereign.

    If all of us reclaim our birthright it is over for these criminals.

  7. The sooner all "nations" are abolished the better.

  8. Tony

    It did read like a bit of a meandering ramble after a couple of beers on a friday night. Maybe it was down to punctuation rather than inebriation.

    If the Scots want independence then so bit it. If it happens then you can still consider yourself more British than English if you really feel like it, after all you're a native of the British Isles. The UK will probably still remain in existence but with one nation less.

    Scottish independence will no doubt change the face of politics in the rest of the UK, it might see some sort of coalition between the Lib Dems and Labour, or new parties emerge. I can't see the political map staying the same with Labour losing large numbers of it's core support: perhaps they'll move even further to the right in order to win back the working class vote.

  9. @2:21 Care to explain? Were you bullied at school? Do you hate humanity? Is your name Rothschild?

  10. Not to fear 2:21 Prince Charles will save the world

  11. Broken link^^^

  12. The people of Briton are not bent as a nine bob note but the defacto government definitely is.

    Remember its not those that vote but those that add up the score card.

    We have been conditioned to believe in these stupid gang primary colours from an early age, anyone remember the egg and spoon race in infants school ?

    The truth is we have been sold down the river by them all none are worthy its time to self govern.

  13. We need a few more of these to be brought to the surface.......

    Ex-council leader Sandy Ezekiel charged with fraud and misconduct
    Former Thanet Council leader Sandy Ezekiel has been charged with fraud and misconduct in public office.

    It follows an investigation by the Serious Economic Crime Unit, Kent Police confirmed this afternoon.
    The charges relate to the purchase of a property in King Street in Margate between September 2009 and February last year.

    Ezekiel, 59, of Crow Hill, in Broadstairs, was charged along with Philip Emanuel, of Laleham Gardens, Margate.

    The 64-year-old is accused of aiding and abetting fraud.
    Both have been bailed to appear before Maidstone magistrates on Tuesday, May 8.