Sunday, October 07, 2012

What's Next?

This year saw a long parade of journalists, politicians and celebrities give evidence to the Leveson inquiry seeming to reveal the press as little more than immoral parasites capable of pretty much anything in pursuit of a story, from bugging phones, burglary and using bent coppers

Recently we learn that senior police officers conspired with the press or at least used them to denigrate the victims of Hillsborough, next up Jimmy Saville, abusing the trust placed in him by the public. In both cases it would appear that police and society place greater emphasis on the status and position when assessing wrong doing.

What's next, maybe one day the Iraq inquiry will conclude that Tony Blair was complicit in war crimes, that the invasion of Iraq based on flimsy sexed up evidence, later discredited by pretty much anyone with half a brain.

Still I can exclusively reveal that yes, bears do crap in the woods, while politicians, civil servants, senior police officers and lawyers crap on us all the time from behind closed doors only after years when the sink of corruption is such that our are suspicions confirmed.

Just taking Jimmy Savile as an example, despite his mediocre talent as a presenter he had sufficient public following for similarly mediocre people in the BBC, media, and police force to step back from pursuing complaints of sexual abuse over the years a misguided deference which we have seen extended to newspaper proprietors, politicians, for far too long.

Finally none of the above comes as a shock, to me at least, there was a time when people were confident that British society was somehow was untainted and superior to many nations, clearly that it's no longer the case, if it ever was,how sad.


  1. You seem to be a "glass half empty" kind of a guy.

  2. It was once superior but now all the other nations inhabitants are here. What can you expect.

  3. Not sure many of the people Tony is criticising came from other nations...

    1. Can one ever be sure where anyone comes from anymore, 18:52, well apart from cricket cheats and Mike Gatting knew the answer to that years ago.

    2. I dunno, the Thirteenth Tribe seem to be well represented among that little lot.

      Top-down Luciferianism is what we are seeing here, but it is not too late to stop it and stop it we must.

    3. I thought Hitler tried to wipe out the Thirteenth Tribe. Nice company you keep, 11:49, and are your plans for stopping it the same as his.

  4. You seem to have left out the bankers that have colluded against us including fixing LIBOR.

  5. Funny how people's memories at the BBC have improved recently, as Joe Strummer sang on White Man in Hammersmith Palais:

    'If Adolf Hitler flew in today they'd send a limousine any way'