Saturday, October 27, 2012

Winding up

I don't know about you but frankly I've gone as far as I can with this blog as it stands. As alluded to in my penultimate posting, my ability to continue has been severely curtailed by Muppets conducting a vendetta, and derailing this particular blog. So for the time being I'll put this project on ice, perhaps like some mammoth that will emerge at sometime in the future or just as likely, when I get time a quick revamp and wallop same old same old. 

Whether it's accepted or not I've written this blog for my pleasure and sometimes with a purpose of putting highly educated, skilled and experienced politicians & bureaucrats right. 

Some lightweights in both the local Labour and Conservative party view my contributions as malign, and not surprisingly they get a little miffed when their errors are spotlighted, in the early days I focused quite a bit on the inept, in my view, handling by Kent's Tory establishment of the Turner Contemporary gallery, child care and PR,  lately I've dared to highlight some of the dubious occurrences by Labour, such as the controversial de-selection of one hard working councillor, more recently, Labour creating posts within in the council seemingly to build a coalition of well... best not go there, or indeed comment on the ironic leftwing diversity nonsense which has created a Stalinist atmosphere in which councillors are harangued. 

Anyway moving on, I will be blogging elsewhere.

I estimated the other day that this blog given my limited ability to string words together into some sort of vaguely understandable and or purposeful chunk, has consumed somewhere around 3500 hours, based on me spending around a couple of hours on each posting. Thank you for reading.

Anyhoo that's all folks! and perhaps for one last time on this blog you may comment, although I will have to moderate comments.

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  1. Would inside info from kcc be useful to you?