Saturday, June 22, 2013

Vue Cinema - Man of Steal, Ears of Cloth?

In my view the world of entertainment has moved on, cinemas such as Vue offer comfortable seating and quality projection systems.

Still that said, can someone explain to me, why it was necessary, when I watched, the film Man of Steal with an advertised start time of 11:00hrs, the film actually started a half hour later, I checked the time on my phone (in Airplane mod) 11:26 and believe that a couple more trailers were squeezed in after, the sound levels in my opinion were uncomfortably loud and although not necessarily accurate or indeed scientific at one point I checked the sound level with a phone app which indicated that the noise was over 90db. 

At work I use power tools so carry ear plugs for protection,  should I now do the same thing when going to the cinema. I'm no expert and maybe the big sound is of some help to those with auditory impairment, for me however it detracted from the film.

Vue offer a premium product, comfortable seating, convenient parking which would be brilliant if they could add accurate start times for feature films (I called them and if I understood right, they have no control over such things as the film distributor bundles advertising features with the film) also, sound levels the result of projection equipment and not controlled by the cinema?

Finally if cinemas cannot get the balance right, in future, I'll wait for the dvd, admittedly there is no substitute for the big screen picture but at least I chose when to watch a film without losing half hour of my life to all the dross of adverts and trailers also I wont have to pay more than the price of budget dvd.


  1. The trailers were probably full of subliminals too, so the oh so susceptible 'trendies' will just have to go and watch more hollywood mind control garbage.

  2. I just had the same experience in vue staines. Was way to loud, so much so my ears are ringing- totally ruined the film. Also, thry showed the same trailer twice. Its definately becoming a worse experience at vue