Saturday, June 08, 2013

Thanet Council- A question of trust

In April Thanet Council issued a statement with this opening line "The article published in the Isle of Thanet Gazette today (5 April 2013) regarding the council’s Economic and Regeneration Manager Mr. Rob Hetherington includes several inaccuracies which the council would like to correct."

Rather oddly if you ask me it goes on to say "It is incorrect that Mr. Hetherington has been informed of any decision in relation to his leaving employment with the council or that the council is in talks with him over any severance package."

Surprisingly this weeks Gazette announces the departure of a Rob Hetherington, not surprisingly Thanet Council seems to have a strict policy policy of not advising, us taxpayers of such matters, lets hope that Thanet council haven't dipped into taxpayers pockets to pay some humongous severance package although it's generally the way with local authorities and generally to insult to injury councils usually include a gagging order with such payments.

Secrecy seems a big thing with Thanet council, would the public really have remained quiet as Thanet Council built up a massive £3 million pound debt with some shaky ferry company. What else are officers sitting on apart from their bottoms.

It is my view that the council press release of April was misleading and perhaps Council leader Clive Hart and or Council boss Sue McGonical ought to explain why?

Finally I just wonder what press or media bods do at Thanet Council other than cover the backsides of officers and councillors with the council. Could someone please remind those highly competent bods such as Cllr Clive Hart, Cllr Bob Bayford and importantly the Chief Executive Dr Sue McGonical that it is our money that they are using.


  1. Press and media bods at TDC?
    Are there any?
    Thanet would surely win awards for incompetency in these areas. Alarming when we depend so much on tourism.

  2. Why has he got his head on upside down?

  3. The sooner we're rid of McGonigal and can see all the documents and costs of the last few years the better. We're paying for councillors and civil servants to lie to us.

    A council tax boycott always brings them to heel.

  4. Not another council tax boycott!

    1. Are you going to organise this boycott, 9:26, or is this just another of your pie in the sky ideas that you expect others to do for you. Waste of rations springs to mind.

    2. A council tax boycott is already underway, where have you been? Less funds mean the civil servant salaries can't be paid and drawing extra funds form the Treasury would raise questions.

    3. Where is this council tax boycott for I know no-one from a wide circle of acquaintances, friends, family and nieghbours who are party to it. Councils cannot draw extra money from the Treasury, only from their own reserves, and all the local government officers (not civil servants you might wish to note) seem to be being paid OK.

      If it is, as I suspect, a small group, they will all be summonsed and duly collect CCJs on their records thereafter making the obtaining of loans and mortgages nigh on impossible short of paying well OTT interest rates. Very smart move that, but probably seen as clever by someone of your dubious intellect, 11:19.

    4. Absolute nonsense, but easy to scoff. If you read the post above you'll see the TDC wage bill being reduced already.

      A CCJ? How easily you're frightened. But the boycott doesn't work like that as you should know: pay late, pay wrong, cancel the direct debits, pay wrong again etc.

      You're right that a wide group is required: not everyone can be fined or jailed (the latter illegal for debt of course). That's why it's called civil disobedience.

      Or we could do it your way which is to whine and do nothing.

    5. I am not whining and more than happy to leave that to you. I was merely seeking information about this council tax strike which, as usual with you, you seem incapable of providing thus hardly attracting devotees to your cause.

  5. Hetherington leaving? I remember when he arrived, but I don't recall what he's done in between. Does anybody know? I assume he must have been doing something quite important for £66,000. What would £66,000 buy you in the real world ? Take your pick:
    2 nurses
    0.5 GPs
    3 teachers
    1.5 policemen
    2 firemen

  6. Surprised the fact they only paid of Hetherington's predecessor Brian White as redundant at a cost of over £130,000 less than a year before Hetherington was appointed hasnt been highlighted here. Now he is going too, not only is this expensive chaos, how can there be any continuity at work all? Shows the executive are guessing their way through, sod the mess and inefficiency.