Sunday, September 29, 2013

My moneys on Cameron - Millibands all fracked out!

It's that last week of the political conference season, and while I'm no apologist for conservative politicians on the basis of what's on offer, and performance, David Cameron, is the best realistic choice for the next parliament.

This morning the Prime Minister, on the Andrew Marr show gave a confident performance, the sort of questions that Ed Milliband stumbled and tripped over, Cameron seemed to glide through, of course both, say little of substance and what they do say is crafted to please everyone, a particularly awkward subject the question of women wearing a veil, the PM suggested it wasn't a subject for legislation but supported individual choice, however some institutions insist on rules requiring that a women cannot hide which he also agreed with, I think with Ed viewers witnessed him struggle in a clumsy response as he searched his brain for the right answer.

As much as Nick Clegg is the best of the bunch and represents the middle ground of political thinking with its heart in an equal society, the leader of the next government will almost certainly be Ed or David, and I have to say this about Labour politicians, principal and even morality have long left the building, in the last government, they could not have done more harm to working people if they tried, lying and cheating all the way.

Labour politicians these days are soulless hulks going through the motions, a bit like fracking, pump a lot of hot air into their heads about past heritage of welfare, health service, working people, and they're momentarily revived, new energy is released, in small numbers, Labour politicians, are harmless but once they reach a critical mass, the side effects are cracks and fractures in both the economy and society.

Maybe it's the training at Eton or Conservatives sticking to their core values that allows Cameron to out perform Milliband, perhaps David appears better as Ed's been well and truly fracked as pressure builds from inside and outside, comparisons with Kinnock seem generous, pity really.


  1. Not sure grass roots Tory supporters would agree with you about Cameron sticking to core values, Tony, for the party membership, those good people who turn out for the canvassing and leaflet deliveries have halved under his leadership. Mind you, I can see how he might appeal more to a Liberal than a Conservative.

    That said, I do agree with you that Milliband offers nothing and the thought of him and Balls getting their hands on the nations finances is scary.

    With neither major party leader commanding mass appeal, it maybe at the next election that voters will pay more attention to the qualities of their local candidates, but the result is still anyone's guess.

  2. I've said it before that Cameron is the best of a poor bunch of Tories, yes he made sense with his comments on the veil but like gay marriage very low down on government or the public's priorities.

    On George Osbornes 'help to buy' ponzi scheme he evaded the question of building enough new homes to prevent a property bubble as he had consulted the banks and they had said it will be ok? well that puts our minds to rest doesn't it!

    No mention of apprenticeships or jobs for young people, just that the private sector is creating more jobs? yes and mainly low paid, casual or part time.

    Oh, and good old 'work fare' straight from the USA will be implemented to make life even harder for the job seekers, funny I thought that slavery had been abolished but at least we will have Nick Clegg to save us because no way will David Cameron be getting a winning majority in 2015.

    1. Think your prediction is based on party loyalty, Shinguard, but you are probably right about Cameron not getting a winning majority. It may well be that no party does once again mainly because neither party leader inspires much support and, in Milliband's case, I don't even think he is the best of a poor bunch of Labour leadership hopefuls. Better than Balls is probably the best accolade he could hope for.

      Think it might have been a lot more fun had David Davies been running against David Milliband.

  3. Amazing what a political conference can achieve.

    Topline voting intention figuresas reported todat on UKPollingReport web site are CON 31%, LAB 42%, LDEM 9%, UKIP 13%, the first double-digit Labour lead this month. Ed Miliband’s own ratings are also up – 30% now think he is doing a good job as Labour lead, up from 22% last week.

  4. William, I agree none of the party leaders inspire enough support among voters at his time to gain any sort of majority in 2015. Labour did have a positive party conference which went down well with members and some of the general public hence the rise in the latest poll.
    The NHS issue will help a lot of people decide which way they vote though, 50,000 people protesting outside the Tory conference today.

    1. Don't put too much store by demonstrations, Shinguard, for Margaret Thatcher had plenty of those, but they never brought her down. It took her own party to do that.

      Noted your comment about gay marriage and would agree that was a clever move by Labour. Never introduced it in their thirteen years, but carried it through for David Cameron knowing it would cost him dear amongst the Tory faithful. Mind you, what was it Mike Shepherd said about the language of the factory floor to justify his colourful outburst on his blog site. It is not just grass roots Tories who are unhappy about that and it was Labour votes that carried it through in the Commons.

  5. I think if we still lived in Thanet South we would vote Sandys to keep Labour out whereas I would prefer to vote UKIP and my wife is liberal. (Oh oh)

    I think voting against Milliband, rather than for a party of choice, will be one of the major factors in the next election.

    UKIP, if they played it right, could take both Thanet seats. But they have to kick off now or both seats will go tory.