Sunday, May 18, 2014

Note from Dreamland Fun Park in Margate

Good call 

After a couple of years of disaster followed by catastrophe, Cllr Clive Hart has at last done us all a favour, by resigning . 

Iris Johnson  the newly elected Thanet council leader has already proved her superior skill and judgement by saying goodbye to Michelle Fenner and Alan Poole, if anyone has seen this couple   of councillors in action they will understand the benefits.

It seems appropriate, that right at the start of this, Evernote (note taking app) has determined that this note is being typed at Dreamland, (actually a barbers round the corner) since the Clive Hart years have been a nightmare punctuated by disaster not least the closure of Manston  one can only hope that iris Johnson can make things better.

It's one of those things which has gone under the radar to some extent but it appears a worthy policy of trying to prevent live exports from Ramsgate, has as a result left Thanet Council taxpayers open to liabilities of around the one
and a half mill, this apparently part of Michelle Fenner's portfolio, one wonders whether it's a result of poor advice from council officers or ignoring good legal advice. ( perhaps Iris could see this investigated with results published)

Alan Poole has been much commented on re Pleasurama elsewhere and on this blog re the great dustbin debacle, good for Labour that he's slung his hook.

Cllr Iris Johnson has always struck me as a truly hard working, passionate advocate for her constituents so hopefully good things might come, hopefully without Hart's exaggerated self view ( suggest you read his facebook resignation, I gave up after the first ten minutes). 

Good Luck to Cllr Johnson, but please lets have openess, why didn't Clive Hart mention talks over housing with Gloag's representatives, why was the monitoring officer moved during continued allegations concerning the chief exec, in fact why not suspend the Chief exec until an independent inquiry.

PS Having read Clive Harts style of blameolgy whereby he is never wrong I suggest you read Cllr Ian Drivers blog and get, dare I suggest a more objective account of Clive recent dealings

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  1. I feel that the Chief exec job at the moment is quite safe, and she has nothing to worry about. Well safe till Friday when the election is finished. As getting a new Electoral Officer before then would be a bit of a pain.
    Tuesday after the Bank holiday is a good day to be given 20 minutes to clear your desk and get out , as is customary with TDC.