Sunday, May 18, 2014

UKIP Earthquake tremors felt in Margate

An enjoyable evening at the winter gardens for those of us, still capable of free thought as Nigel Farage held a rally for those of us who have had enough b******* from the european union.

A bit surprised by the miserable turnout of protesters, particularly given the encouragement from Broadstairs red hall revolutionaries to be in position by 4 o'clock, still maybe these characters are beginning to understand how democracy works, people present a case you accept or question end of story.

Anyway I doubt if anyone was disappointed, speeches lasted about as long as needed, Rodger Latchford opened precedings, Janice Atkinson a candidate in next week's election, was forthright in her views, Nigel Farage, gave a good performance, with clear explanation of why leaving the EU would make no difference to our trade with Europe, even thanking Nick Clegg for his help in promoting UKIP.

Just at a tangent, I think Clegg wittered on how vehicle manufacturers wanted us to stay in Europe, during his debates with Farage, forgetting that Ford recently stopped manufacturing the Transit in the UK moving production to Turkey a non EU country.

UKIP and Nigel Farage have had smear after smear to contend with, I had a few weeks ago, a communication from another party suggesting we had a hundred days to "get" Farage, no surprise this coming from one of those engaged in smearing UKIP.  Farage remind us how many Labour Tory etc. councillor had recently had their collars felt.

Getting back to business the EU is seriously corrupt and this countries sovereignty compromised, so I suggest, if you have any loyalty to this country vote for UKIP in the Euro elections.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect involving europe is how criminal gangs are able to access this country with an unquestioned right to enter the country and involve themselves such vile trades as people trafficking and slavery, still for all those in denial, keep you head up your bottom and just ignore the reality of open boarders.


  1. I worked for Ford for 25 years and not only did Ford move its Transit manufacturing entirely to Turkey (a non EU country as you say) and therefore shut down its Southamptin factory at the loss of 500 jobs(1200 jobs five years ago) that made transits for 50 years. Ford received an EU loan of 80 million euros to do this. This was part of the funds the EU reserves for its trading partners. So unbelievably the EU funded the loss of EU jobs to fund jobs outside of the EU

  2. This is of coarse a question for Nick Clegg to answer but of coarse he cannot. Who can explain the such insanity

  3. Are you aware of the continuing vandalism of UKIP boards during the past few weeks by the roads around Manston? Whilst I might not agree with UKIP , I think they have the right to advertise their cause and opponents who tear, deface and knock down signs are behaving like nazi brownshirts did in Germany; utterly disgraceful.

    1. Ahh, the irony of calling a protester of a racist, a racist.

  4. The unelected dictators who run the EU don't intend it to be about trade, which we were connned into believing, it is about power and grabbing every penny they can from us to further the expansion of their EU Empire Dictatorship which is in progress. Cameron and the rest of the leaders we have had in Westminster know this, pro EU Bilderbergers all, just like the EU leaders. They would never get into leadership positions if they weren't! They have also managed to have us believe the EU is somehow 'democratic' by fronting themselves with elected MEPs with no power whatsoever. Do not underestimated them, they have plans for the lot of us, and will cling on to power whatever the cost in order to bring about their eventual dream of a One World Government/New World Order with them as the unelected ruling elite, and the rest of us coughing up the money to pay for it all. They also want an EU Army so they can send our kids into wars to help bring all this about. Yes, they really are 'very dangerous people indeed' who could not care less about the UK in particular! UKIP are the only chance of stopping this encroachment on our liberty and restoring our freedom..

  5. Anon 8.02 The start of pan European military units was 1944 resulting from a recommendation of Henry Sporborg of SOE/MI6. An idea promoted to reality with James Jesus Angleton of CIA.

    From the UK point of view this was a Treason that should have been stopped. We did our dash with private armies in the Wars of the Roses.

    By the time we had a Scottish King, who believed he ruled by divine right in England, we came up with a Bill of Rights a part of which was to put an end to self styled military groups acting above the law.

    Anyhow Cromwell kicked Charlie into touch and we had an inter regnum followed by restoration of monarchy with a balance of powers.

    Hence we got a constitutional monarchy. Two balancing powers. Parliament and Crown. We vote for parliament but we are the Crown (people and monarchy together). The Crown is the SOLE authority for police, judiciary and armed forces.

    Hence the 1944 recommendation of Sporborg, to create military units on UK soil without Crown Authority, should have been blocked on treason grounds.

    Championed by millionaire industrialist Richard Rapier Stokes MP (A great admirer of Hitler) the whole Galician SS Divn settled in UK postwar.

    There are strong suspicions that these formed the UK recruiting base for Sporborg's postwar secret private army.

    As head of Hambros Bank Sporborg would have been involved with Sir Charles Hambro head of UK independent nuclear programme. It was Hambros who funded a penniless MI5 interpreter to buy a publishing house (Pergamon) and then to buy out Butterworth Technical Press and thus acquire their contract to collate the record of the nazi nuclear programme. Yes Robert Maxwell. puppet.

    Who else was a puppet ? Margaret Thatcher. Run by about four powerful behind the scenes men including Sporborg and CIA Brian Crozier.

    By 1990 it was the EU (Not UK !) who passed a resolution and sent a warning to USA. The resolution was to dismantle all unlawful military groups. UK did not comply.

    Belgian Senate did comply and ended up investigating their own police para-commando units in connection with 28 terrorist murders in Belgium. These inquiries should have extended to Kent Police and to unlawful military training groups operating from Deal Royal Marines Barracks. Again UK did not comply. In spite of photos of UK Police in uniform training in Brussels with Belgian police para commando units as part of training conducted by unlawful organisations operating from Deal Royal Marines Barracks.

    In 1997 Kent Police Authority echoed the 1990 EU resolution call for inquiry and report. Again Kent Police would not comply.

    And now we await Theresa May's judge led inquiry re Daniel Morgan and Stephen Lawrence. For example was the source of bodyguard moonlight work to Det sgt John Davidson and for colleagues (Disciplinary 1995 three left police with mental health problems) the groups set up at Deal Barracks ? Was the founder of those groups working for Clifford Norris associate Charlie Kray ? Was another senior member of the groups working for retired Det sgt Leighton at Mayfayre investigations ? That is Det sgt Alex Leighton who was arresting officer 1992 of UDA hot men and drugs importers at their MARGATE base. Remanded before Thanet magistrates. How had UDA operated in MARGATE with such impunity if there wasn't police protection and state collusion ?

    Two points. Nigel Farage has to address the attempted destruction of our constitutional monarchy balance of powers. This will not put itself right by simply leaving EU.

    Theorising on a grand scale about New World Orders is just grandstanding. The requirement is to address that which breaks our law of the Realm increment by increment. Unfortunately we have suffered a very very poor Queen who has not fulfilled her Coronation Oath and has allowed the power of the Crown (power and rights of the people) to be stolen by increasingly dictatorial government.

  6. David Cameron and Wouter Bassons South Africa nuclear programme 1989

    Apartheid regime arming UDA

    Thor Margate sales director murdered in South Africa two years after Camerons alleged nuclear capability denial to a future Mandela regime the bogus case for Saddam's WMD begins here

    Thor mercury contamination South Africa

    Paedophile twins were they amongst mercenaries throughported and prepared in Thanet to attack Mandela regime

    Desmond Tutu commission of inquiry 1994 re mercenaries takes evidence 1994 from a mercenary whose correspondence address was Royal Temple Yacht Club Ramsgate

    Paedophile mercenary twin gets 28 years Jan 2014 for historic rape of 6 year old girl

    we scared murderer of 6th Thanet range member Ken Speakman might be released says victim who lives opposite 6th Thanet Gun range

    hence there were in fact 3 inquiries vectoring on the historic activity in Thanet with a common factor being use of a Thanet Gun range

    (1) Warwickshire Police into Parker twins

    (2) Mark Ellison QC review Stephen Lawrence inquiry

    (3) Parole Board wide ranging prior inquiry to assess public danger.

    In the midst of this a TDC cllr (Simon Moores) favoured us with his assertions that the 6th Thanet gun range history was entirely innocent. That any suggestion to the contrary is conspiracy theory.

    Then next we hear from Simon "Boo hoo shock outrage police felony of the decade they interviewed Simes under caution and it was only over ticking like on a Facebook page."

    Did he complain against police under rules of evidence ? I think not he addressed conferences and mounted trial of the police and especially the PCC by blog. Now he has spat his dummy out and says he won't stand for election again.

    The fact remains that Harvey Patterson elected not to communicate with Lord Carlile QC to explain the lack of a statutory compliance policy at TDC (Terrorism Acts). Now Harvey gawn !

    Clive Hart always hid behind Harvey now Clive gawn !

  7. The EU have had this country sewn up by giving EU land subsidies to the tune of millions of UK tax payers' money to the UK rich land owners, from Monarchy on down, returned to them from the billions we hand over to their EU bottomless pit each year. Cameron's father in law receives millions each year, and pro EU lover Heseltine £900,000. No wonder he is so in favour of the EU. It is money to money, a way of taking from the poor and redistributing to the rich elite ever ready to ride the EU gravy train, no wonder the Bilderbergers see this as a way to promote their idea of a One World Government/New World Order. No fanciful notion put out by conspiracy theorists, as these elite are even prepared to talk about it themselves, though not what they really discuss at their Bilderberg secret meetings each year. These control freaks actually believe they should be the rulers of the world with everyone doing their bidding, and they are also comprised of those who favour the eugenics ideas as quite acceptable for millions to be culled, as there are far too many of us populating the planet, just so long as they are not included in the cull. They are the ones wanting to give all the orders and the rest of us jump to their bidding like mindless brainwashed slaves. A very sinister load of control freaks with a single purpose in mind, THAT ALL POWER IS THEIRS. One has to wonder if it is not already so, and does a group like UKIP even stand a chance up against them. Yet we can only live in hope that people will see the UKIP defiance against dictatorship and also make a stand. No way should we allow them to carry on with their plans for an EU Army, comprised of our kids ready to go do or die to further their damnable plans.

  8. Don't you think that the reason Simon Moores is not standing next year is something to do with the fact with his party losing 40% of its vote in Margate and Cliftonville in last years KCC election and the chances of him being elected are not great.

  9. Utter nonsense, 10:24, for Simon Moores would still stand a very good chance of being re-elected in his ward, particularly as the district elections are the same time as the general. Much less chance of a protest vote as we saw in the county elections and the polls indicate that a high percentage of people intending to vote UKIP in the EU election will return to their traditional parties come next May.

    Sadly, being a councillor in Thanet is a pretty thankless task and when one adds the constant sniping from vociferous individuals and minority groups, it is hardly surprising people give up on it. Especially someone like Simon who has a successful business to run.

    1. So tell me where are the polls you are referring to?

    2. News, newspapers, online, just take your pick. BBC even went around talking to people in the street in one broadcast on the very issue of votes now and votes in the general election.

    3. So you cant specify which poll(s)? The level UKIP have reached for this weeks poll will return to their normal levels as seen in the various poll on the UKpollingReport web site but that's still looking like bad news in Westgate for the cons.

    4. Moores must be concerned at the 0% salary fraud at TDC: we don't need the EU to give us lessons in corruption or waste in Kent!

      UKIP in Kent are simply ex-Tories in their 70's who could not be elected in the modern Tory party with their racist views. They are of the past and Latchford and his crew have done nothing at KCC or TDC.

    5. Keep his head down and collect salary for the next year seems his plan. Why has Iris not called in the police?

    6. Iris doesn't want Moores or Macgonigal spilling the beans on corruption to the cops.

  10. More and more people are taking UKIP on board and beginning to understand what our membership of the EU is really about, namely the giving away of the ability to control and rule our country ourselves. In fact, voting in the General Election is academic whilst we have pro EU Parties who just pass on the orders and demand from the unelected Bilderberg dictators in Brussels who pretend they are democratic by fronting themselves with a 'Parliament' with no powers whatsoever. In a years time those that might have been voting UKIP now, and saying they will vote differently in a General Election, wont be, because the light will well and truly have dawned on how we have been conned and lied to for years by the bunch of self serving traitors and liars in Westminster, career politicians with their eyes on those top EU 'jobs for the boys' like Kinnock got himself, (and who has never had it so good as with his association with the EU, wife and kids finding themselves jobs there as well, all courtesy of the UK tax payers), who merely pass the pro EU baton back and forth between them, not caring which Party holds it, just so long as it has a leader with the same pro EU agenda as them, which is to further the cause of the expansion of the EU Empire and Bilderburg rule. After all, why rule one country when you can rule the many!

  11. UKIP are not racist, they are realists, knowing we can't sustain the irresponsible EU membership policy demanding we allow free entry to all the unskilled from poor EU countries, competing for jobs where they can undercut British workers who are taxed to the hilt and trying to bring up their family on low incomes, the pressure on housing, with not enough houses to go round, schools, hospitals, even prisons stretched to bursting point. Yet the Bilderberg leaders of the pro EU Parties in Westminster wont end this because they know they can't unless we leave the EU, and they wont do that since they are dedicated to the EU Project of an ever expanding EU Empire, and there is a chance for them to continue their careers with a cushy unelected job in the EU riding that EU gravy train we pay billions a year to continue. Anyone who says the EU gives us anything is lying, or totally ignorant, because the EU has never given us a penny back that is not our money anyway. We could leave tomorrow and have a free trade agreement, which is what we thought we were voting for, TRADE ONLY, not this damnable control freak dictatorship it has morphed into. UKIP ARE THE ONLY PARTY WILLING TO END THIS IRRESPONSIBLE MADNESS AND TAKE BACK CONTROL FROM BRUSSELS, TRADING WITH THE WORLD WITHOUT HAVING TO GET PERMISSION FROM THE EU DICTATORS, AND USING OUR BILLIONS HERE IN UK WHERE IT IS BADLY NEEDED. To continue along the path of the pro EU Parties ever further into the EU, is to end up stagnating as a Nation trying to pay for it all, while the fat cat traitors in Westminster prosper, but what do they care.

  12. You really think that Snr Falange and his party of amateurs, bigots and fruitcakes is the solution to the country's problems? Dear oh dear!

    1. Well what are your answers or even suggestions then, 3:35, or do you just write off others? How about a few pearls of wisdom.

    2. Answers/suggestions to what?

      I write off the ukips because they have plenty to whinge about but little to offer. A manifesto for example? Withdrawal from the EU: how exactly is that going to work and what are their economic proposals for a future "independent" UK?

      The majority of people apparently dislike immigration so lets have a real debate about making immigration more workable/acceptable and do so without the silly comments many ukippers, like Falange himself, make.

      Let's have an EU-wide debate and/or referendum on the current state of things. A reform of the corporate lobby project known as the EC would help.

      There's plenty of scope and EU-wide support for an overhaul of EU policy and law making without the need to withdraw into a small island cocoon with a precariously unknowable future.

    3. When we were trading with the EEC as it was then, and only the better off Western European countries, it was working fine, but now with the taking on board of poor Southern and Eastern European countries in its mad desire to expand into and Empire, and now morphed into the EU political Union, which we never even voted for, but had foisted upon us by the self serving traitors in Westminster, there is no chance of changing the immigration system which is putting us under tremendous strain to our resources and jobs, because we would be outnumbered by those poor newly joined EU countries who would also have a say, and being as it works in their interest to have movement of their poor citizens to better off countries with no hindrance, they will all outvote us if we try to change this, so the suggestion of changing the immigration policy is pie in the sky. Anyone who is honest about the way the EU works, and UKIP are the only UK Party who are, knows the only way we can take back control of our borders and our country is by leaving, and having a free trade agreement, which is what we thought, or were conned into believing we were voting for in the first place. TRADE ONLY, NOT POLITICAL UNION WHICH DOES NOT, AND NEVER WILL, WORK ON SUCH A BIG SCALE AS THE EU HAS TURNED INTO.

    4. 23:32 The EU is first and foremost a trading union with the European Commission (EC) as it's main (unelected) law making body. It requires politicians, in the form of the European Parliament, to debate those laws. It can't work any other way, unless you want unelected commissioners to foist their laws upon us - with the guidance of corporate lobbyists. They only way to combat the EC is through the political system and this means voting for responsible politicians not floundering Ukippers. A withdrawal from the EU will still mean enacting many of the EC's rules and regulations if we want to trade with the EU and like it or not we would have to.

      As for the newly joined EU countries outvoting the rest of the EU? Hardly likely as voting blocks work on ideological and not national lines. Many of those alliances, across the political spectrum, want reform and are growing in number and significance. That is the way to go if you want to tackle unpopular EU policies such as open door immigration and excessive EC lawmaking.

    5. Anonymous 23.32 Dream on, because it is not going to happen and is all academic, as we get sucked further and further into the ever expanding EU Dictatorship which is one big power and money grabbing scam. Barroso himself has even recently told us that no renegotiation of terms will be allowed, and Merkel has said that if one country is allowed to do that, then they will all want to, and then where would the EU Project be, but what does Cameron care as he is a dedicated pro EU Bilderberger, NEVER allowing us to leave and have his family lose those millions in EU land subsidies they get recycled back from the billions we throw in the bottomless EU pit each year. Those turkeys riding the EU gravy train will certainly not be voting to kill the EU goose laying the golden eggs for them. Even Norman Lamont has warned us the euro bail outs are nothing but a giant Panzi scheme, so how many billions of our money has Cameron thrown away there knowing full well we will never get it back, and Norman Lamont surely knows what he is talking about. We have been brainwashed long enough by the self serving pro EU spin merchants, and it is time to take back control of our country from a load of dictators who could not give a damn about the UK in particular, and would love to see us on our knees, and if you knew anything about what the other European countries really think of us you would realize that.

  13. While I agree that the EU is an abomination that must be stopped, I can't have UKIP for the simple fact that they are being sponsored by the fracking lobby. If fracking is allowed to take hold in the UK, then earth tremors will be felt all over the country and most of the land will become uninhabitable.

    I am afraid that UKIP are as much written into the globalisation script as most of the other filth that masquerades as our political representatives in Westminister. Don't raise your hopes too much about UKIP.

    1. Hilarious, Bluenote, now please tell us what you seriously think.

    2. Fracking is being carried out in the US right now, and does not prove the point the opposition is making about contamination, earth tremors, etc. No doubt there will be plenty of scare tactics like this though, from those who wish us to continue importing oil from the Middle East and getting involved in wars on behalf of the Saudis, who happen to be the worst Islamic regime ever, which our leaders are quite happy to get into bed with, because they have oil and plenty of money, meanwhile our kids are expected to die to prop these characters up and protect their shares in the oil business. So how many more young lives must be lost in this cause! The Saudis are also being allow to infiltrate our colleges and universities with their own particular brand of fanatic Islam by paying millions for entrance of their followers, hence the killing of the young soldier by the two radicalized Muslims who were converted at College, and one having previously been brought up in a Christian family. We now have a dangerous Trojan Horse Muslim fundamentalist infiltration here opposed to Christian and Muslim and all alike who don't share their ideology, but what to do about it, who the hell knows, it has been going on for so long with the blessing of those in power, friends of the Saudis with their oil and all. We also have the Western Government leaders taking the side of Al Qaeda, who are supposed to be our enemy, as yet another blind eye is taken to it because they are paid for by the Saudis, because they share the same extreme religious Muslim extremism as them, and it is Assad of Syria who is trying to fight against them and protecting two million Christians in his country at the same time, who wont stand a chance if the opposition Al Qaeda groups we have been aiding take over. All propaganda and lies thrown at Assad, and at the bottom of it all with the blessing of the Bilderbergers who have their own agenda. The reason Saudi Arabia want rid of Syria is because Syria is friendly with Iran, who is the deadly enemy of Saudi Arabia. No way should we be getting involved in any of this, and that is why we need a new energy policy and fracking so far is proving a good alternative, but as already said there will be all kinds of propaganda and lies thrown against it so as to prop up and continue having us dependent on Middle Eastern oil which has cost so many lives in wars in the Middle East already. UKIP really is the only alternative we have, otherwise to continue like this is to bring utter madness, confusion, and disintegration of our Nation.

    3. 23:19, while I agree with most of what you say, you must be careful not to be drawn into a double game by these people.

      Things are not black or white, nor simply two dimensional, you have to look at all sides and not just rely on a single source of information. The opposition to fracking in the UK is largely made up of patriots who care about this country.

      There is a lot of disinfo being put out about the safety of fracking by the likes of Alex Jones & the guys from the Telegraph. I like Alex, but every man has their price, I guess... fact is, there has yet to be a fracking operation, worldwide, that has not suffered leakage of frack fluid into the surrounding area and ground water.

      The UK is heavily populated compared to the parts of the US where fracking is being carried out, there is simply no comparison on the impact it will have on the inhabitants.

      UKIP chairman Christopher Monckton is a Knight of Malta, along with such luminaries as Tony Bliar, Georges Bush the elder & the younger.

      Beatrix of Holland is a patron of the Order Of Malta, she is also a Bilderberger, in fact her dear papa started the Bilderberg conferences.

      You are on the right track, mate, but please don't let these sneaky bastards con you.

    4. Bluenote, there are vested interests at work to keep people away from the fracking, and Middle East Oil has resulted in the deaths of many more people and far more disaster than any fracking. I doubt that UKIP would be ready to take on fracking if there were genuine concerns about it, and they have done a lot of research on it, and people should be aware that the public has always been manipulated by vested interests of the powerful. Their vested interest at present lies very much in having us continue with Middle Eastern Oil, and continued wars since the weapons industry has to keep rolling as well. The same with Bilderberger Obama, and those before him, when the US is sitting on vast oil resources they still carry on importing from elsewhere. The fracking in US is being carried out on private land as Obama is certainly not into that. It is all about shares in the Oil, and manipulation of the oil price. These are very powerful people, and Nigel Farage is taking a big risk going against them, and they will pull out all the stops to try and prevent relinquishing any power, as all three Labour, Conservative, Lib Dems, have been singing from the same hymn sheet for years, yet having the public think they can offer something different. On what really matters to them, Bilderbergers all, they are on course for their desired One World Government/New World Order which Bush Sr, Blair and others are even daring now to mention. They have big plans for us all, control freaks that they are, and UKIP will definitely be putting a spoke in their wheel if they can win through. I doubt Nigel Farage even thinks in terms of 'sinister forces', but they are. However, ignorance is bliss as they say.

    5. So you throw all your eggs in with UKIP, the white knights in shining armour, and when they turn out to be duds, what then? Wait another five years?

      Don't you think it's time we began taking responsibility for governing ourselves, rather than depending upon whichever party the zionist media deems flavour of the month?

      We are lucky enough to be living in a common law land, so we don't have to put up with any crap from these control freaks whatsoever - mainland europe is not so lucky.

      Maybe it's time to give Alex Jones a rest, man, his 'chicken little' routine gets a bit old after a while, especially when he peppers it with disinformation.

    6. Bluenote You say, 'Don't you think it's time we began taking responsibility for governing ourselves'? So how about telling just exactly how we can go about that since UKIP are the nearest thing to being able to do it, and the people who have been brainwashed and dumbed down for years into voting for the usual three Parties, who really could not care less about them, are also waking up to the possibility we can at least get back control from the EU Dictatorship we never voted for, and would be fools to carry on throwing billions each year to. If you can actually come up with specifics on anything better, other than just saying 'we should do this or that', then please do so, since your words should have some practical application for that to come about.

    7. On a national level, I think we need to move towards a system of direct democracy; we have the internet so why should it not be possible to vote on every major issue rather than leave it to a party whip system in parliament, which is far too easily influenced by special interests.

      Sudden knee-jerk changes would be catastrophic, of course, as there are too many people living hand-to-mouth, or dependent on welfare. Our lives have become too interwoven with big government and corporations, so it is a matter of gradually wresting the balance of power back from the control freaks.

      We have common law to protect ourselves from corporate or government bullying. Common law is incredibly powerful, we only need to re-acquaint ourselves with it's correct usage. However, a radical change of personal lifestyle is required in order for us to regain what we have lost as men and women.

      Basically, we need to regain our intelligence, our courage, our humanity and our souls. Here are some basic tips to get started:

      - Avoiding the dangerous food, drink, soaps, cosmetics & pharmaceuticals that we are being bombarded with.
      - Improving our nutrition with the essential minerals that are lacking in modern day supermarket fare.
      - Reducing our exposure to media propaganda and brainwashing - get rid of the TV!
      - Reducing our exposure to microwave radiation from GSM & WI-FI, especially in schools and colleges.
      - Buying Chinese made goods on credit will have to stop.

      As people become fitter and more able to think for themselves, then we can begin tackling the issues that are destroying this country.

      In the meantime, take a leaf out of Councillor Ian Driver's book. Look what can happen when a single man has the courage to stand up to the 'Machine'!

    8. Bluenote I agree about voting on major issues as the Swiss do that, and their system seems far more truly democratic than anything we have here. Neither have they been stupid enough to join the EU, though they were allowing open door entry into Switzerland from EU countries, and that has turned into a disaster they do not want, with people coming in over the border hoping they can get work, but can't, and now dossing around, and others coming in, and muggings and other crimes now gone up to levels they are sick of. Now they are wanting to pull back. The EU really is a disaster to the societies of the better off nations as they don't have the resources to sustain all the movement of people from poor EU countries into their countries, and the Political anti EU Parties in the wealthier EU Nations is now growing fast, and the EU Bilderbergers can only be worried about that, and no doubt want to impose further Draconian rules and regulations on us, maybe even abolish elections altogether, which they are bare faced enough to do, and our pro EU leaders in Westminster wont bat an eyelid to stop any of it. .

      What you wish to see would be very hard to implement without some kind of political network in place, and only on an individual basis can I see it working at this time or the near future, as I think there is not enough time to educate the populace before we are sucked into the EU Dictatorship completely and the door slammed shut, which is what the leaders of the three pro EU Parties really want, with the euro eventually adopted as our currency and all.

      The EU has taken over where Hitler left off, the same Fascist Bilderberg mentality, only trying by a different method under the guise of 'trade',, but they will still be ready to take on any country militarily if they resist joining their damnable EU Dictatorship Empire they want eventually to help them rule the world, with them as an unelected elite, and the rest of us marching to their tune. 'Trade' it is not about, power is what they are after, and so far they have managed to grab quite a lot of it. They will have us marching around waving that damnable flag of theirs yet if they can't be stopped, and UKIP are the only Party on the horizon in the UK who can come anywhere near to doing that..

    9. I don't think UKIP will be allowed to win the election, I believe they are scripted to become the controlled opposition party.

      My prediction is that the three old school parties will form a Lib-Lab-Con coalition to win by a narrow margin, aided if necessary by the rigging of postal votes.

      Such ballot fraud allegedly took place in Sedgefield in 2005, to ensure that Bliar won his seat, at a time when his popularity was at an all time low due to the WDA con.

      The tube & bus bombings in London were perpetrated by the joint international security agencies to give Bliar's popularity a boost at the national level.

    10. **WDA should read WMD

      Just read a comment left on another blog:
      "The difficulty is stop the infiltration of the public meetings and the packing of the membership with MI5 types who then vote off the original leadership as happened to UKIP, when New Britain kicked out Alan Sked and subverted the party, unknown to most people today. Worse than that the London office was broken into and all the computers removed and the party was run from the private office of Mike Natrass in Solihull, one of the former New Britain leadership. "

  14. Bluenote, that is the problem while they are in power they can manipulate and do what they like. Rather like Obama and his refusal to show his birth certificate, and then the subsequent distraction supposedly of killing Bin Laden, which a British documentary later revealed was not him, but another guy who had lived there for some time and whose family were local, as testified by the neighbours. No wonder the body was dumped in the sea before anybody had a chance to know for sure. As for the 'birth certificate' subsequently produced by Obama, many experts have looked at this since, and all have said it is a fake, and a bad one at that. So, who is Obama really and why no birth certificate. To confuse the issue further, the woman official in Hawaii who was given the job dealing with this and who eventually released the birth certificate (that had never been able to be found before she got the job) ended up dead a couple of months later, and it now turns out she had been a pal of Obama's mother. So she wont be answering any questions about the fake! Yes, I agree much of it is scripted, and Farage and Co will be up against it and will need all their wits about them.

  15. Bluenote No doubt there has been infiltration into UKIP, and I think we have seen it recently with all this 'racist' stuff, and how come it is so quickly fed to the media. As for those in the UKIP hierarchy, what the grass roots members need to watch is who is willing to do deals with other Parties, which will only end up watering down their message of leaving the EU, if not killing it altogether, and why are they bothering to even plug the 'EU Referendum' idea anyway, when surely it must be realized by now that NO WAY will the pro EU propaganda machine allow that, and will roll into action having millions to spend (of our money) on it, or like Ireland, if we give the wrong answer we will be made to vote again. We never voted to be part of a Political Union in the first place as we were conned into believing we would only be trading, and no way should we have to vote to leave as we were taken in illegally as our Sovereignty was given away by traitors WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF THE PEOPLE. We should just leave and no excuses, and take back our Sovereignty which was stolen from us to begin with.. It is a trial of those involved in this treason which we should be going after, but Farage has already said he wont do that. Why? After all these years of the tax payers' being conned into paying over billions into one of the biggest scams in history, and which Norman Lamont has even warned the 'euro bailouts' are nothing but a giant Ponzi scheme, and no way will we be seeing the return of those billions Cameron has given over to his pals in Europe for the Ponzi scheme con. So why is all this overlooked, and the fact that the EU has not had its accounts signed off for nearly twenty years, which would have resulted in the imprisonment of Company directors if they tried that. There is no accountability whatsoever with any of it. The Bilderbergers running it do what they damn well like.