Monday, September 22, 2014

Ed Milliband fights English Democracy and Cameron narrowly avoids the end of Britain.

Lets face it politicians are not always self seeking rascals, but a surprising number are. My last posting was prompted by the rather disturbing news that Alex Salmond and his fellow fantasists had managed to convince enough Scots, that their community would rapidly be converted into paradise should they vote Yes to independence and ignoring the resulting in the destruction of the United Kingdom.

At the time I myself was in something approaching paradise, well a very comfy hotel in St Lucia, but news that Britain could disappear was deeply disturbing hence I set aside an hour for my previous rant. Not the first time that I'd blogged while on holiday.  I dare say that most British people were assuming they care about these things, shaken by sudden realisation of just how dramatic the break up to Britain would have been and not least even more vulnerable to bullying by Eurocrats.

My view of the referendum is it should  never have been agreed to without the whole UK being able to vote and the thought crossed my mind that if ever there was a time when the country could use a coup  it would have been some time last week. As I see it David Cameron needs a good arse kicking for coming as close as he did to ending the Union, and reducing us to little Englanders, why he's still in office is a mystery.

Moving on to Milliband, one thing that has become more apparent after weeks of whinging Scottish nationalist going on about sorting themselves out, is the massive  inequality between England and Scotland on public spending and democracy.

Without a doubt England is the home nation that has the least self determination Cameron is suggesting something short of a proper English Parliament and Milliband couldn't give a toss for devolved government for England, if you cast your mind back New Labour wouldn't entertain an English Parliament instead the had I think they had John Prescott witter on about regional assemblies until the moment passed.

Milliband has shown himself, this last weekend to have have kicked English citizens in the teeth, asked about an English Parliament he did what his predecessors have always done, ignored the question. No Labour leader is going to encourage an English Parliament for the simple reason, Labour would find it almost impossible to get a majority, which is why they invested so much effort in the No campaign in Scotland, since without Scottish MP's they'd never get elected to government.

Finally Britain needs some leadership and equality, British citizens should be treated equally, why the hell are we giving the Scots an extra £1,623 per person of Taxpayers money, anyway now we've got the Scottish referendum out the way let's have one on the EU, I'm sick of being bleed dry and enslaved, I'd like to hear the "better together campaign" from a bunch Eurocrats, that would be some tricky sales pitch without a doubt. 


  1. Storm in a teacup the West Lothian question - what exactly wouldn't the Scottish MPs vote on and would it be so terrible if they continued as is? At best they wouldn't be in the Chamber for a few votes a year.

    Your mate Farage with only 1 or 2 seats would have even less influence...

  2. The funding inequality goes back to the 1888 Goschen formula Tony.

    Politicians say that the referendum in Scotland has now put the constitution at the centre of politics. Oh really ? What I suspect they mean is that a "new constitution" will be advocated by them whilst ignoring their own breaches of the real long standing constitution.

    Armed force and the administration of justice are by Crown Authority. But de facto Constables (though ostensibly ministerial officers of the Crown) have allowed themselves to become an agency of govt. Winston Churchill warned us to prevent that happening. He saw it as a threat of the future and he was right.

    Unable to hijack the Armed Forces we have defacto had a pan European secret Army since about 1944. To operate in this country they by law required Crown authority. But they did not have it.

    In 1989 (It is the anniversary of the Deal Barracks bombing today) Royal Marines SBS took part in a joint exercise with units of the Gladio network. Rehearsing a plan for denial of channel port(s) to any invading Soviet Army.

    Joint exercises in 1982 were cancelled because of the Falklands War. But we know at the end of that war an unlawful training mission left Deal Barracks to train with Belgian police para commando units it emerged later were part of the pan European secret armed force.

    We know that uniformed English police were on that joint exercise in Belgium. And now we know that the group running the mission were private contractors, with unlawful use of Deal Barracks, who had no Crown authority.

    We know that there are a number of lines of inquiry, connections between these private contractors and Det sgt John Davidson of Lawrence Inquiry being one such. We know now that Kent Police were compromised to conduct the independent Stephen Lawrence Inquiry for Jack Straw.

    We know that the most prevalent law to test the history was the Unlawful Drilling Act 1819. The statute requiring that military training and militia required Crown authority (The authority of the Queen and the people).

    We know that Jack Straw, when he became Justice Secretary, rather conveniently repealed the Act.

    Yep let's have the law and the constitution and treason at the heart of the political debate. Starting with Theresa May's Judge Led Inquiry into police corruption and the Daniel Morgan and Stephen Lawrence cases.

    Going right back to the Petition of Rights we didn't want pretend soldiers being above the law. And that led to civil war ! Rick

  3. You should speak to Lyndon about gun ranges and lizards too...

  4. The police report to Parliament not the Crown just as the Crown reports to Parliament - and is symbolic. There is no UK constitution only various laws. Perhaps the EU and UN Charter are the nearest to a fixed constitution.

    Who cares about a the Thanet gunranges of 30 years ago with a possibly illegal police and military exercise?

    Rick cannot support Lyndon and his David Icke lizards views because the Queen is supposed to be a lizard....

  5. Scotland calling- just came across your parochial debate which once again emphasises why England should leave her politics to us Scots: Cameron,Brown,Blair_ don't see the English element. Anyway, since you lot have been procrastinating once again we have been politicising.The much vaunted dependency crap is exactly that.You have to omit the Oil revenue to arrive at that conclusion. Don't fear we aint going away until this union is broken and the London colonies have their independence- yes that you also.

  6. 21:15 seems to make no sense whatsoever

  7. So it's wrong for the Scots to want to pull out of a union with the rest of the UK, but right for you to want to pull out of the UK's union with the rest of Europe. Hmm, I think that really does prove you are the same "self-centred muppet" you so rudely labelled Scottish Nationalists in your last post. Add to that your loony right-wing status as a UKIPper and one really does begin to pity…

    1. Scotland has been in a union for three hundred years and had benefited as has the rest of Britain.

      Britain's relationship with the eu has come about by degree initially many years ago we were sold a common market to enable free trade across borders this has moved into a mega state which now dictates government policy in britain, and has effectively taken away united kingdom's sovereignty at no time has this been subject to proper democratic accountability since all of the major british political parties have allowed a gradual stripping of soveriegn powers without a debate without a referendum without a vote

    2. Overly emphasising eurocrats or Scottish mps seizing uk sovereignty and destroying us is rubbish.

      That said Disabled Don and his detailed views of his constipation are strangely interesting. Who said Thanet was full of idiots !!?

  8. Tone is special as the only Liberalukipper...a Thanet treasure

  9. Manston sold off for watehouses

  10. You didn't have to DEMONSTRATE your loony right-wing credentials, Mr Flaig - again - but I hope you feel better for doing so.

    1. I didn't know they sold the Daily Express in St Lucia.