Sunday, September 07, 2014

Where is my vote - England Wales & NI the second class citizens

God knows we've heard enough b✴llsh t over independence  from self centred muppets in Scotland, Wales and in recent times, even a handful of wooly residents of Cornwall now consider themselves special.

Scotland has been given the opportunity to take their whingeing to the Max.  The obnoxious self loving pompous Alex Salmond (IMHO) was allowed to set the referendum question and the timing of the vote, and even given sixteen year olds the vote? All of this has been accepted by the establishment.

We are now on the verge of a complete bloody mess which Cameron, Clegg, and the hopeless Miliband have concocted, utter chaos in financial markets starting now, assuming SNP get their way expect heavy damage to all British institutions, BBC, NHS, Welfare, and defence (at a time British Islamic extremists have declared war on the West).

Could this have been handled better, well yes, how is it that a minority of British citizens, the Scots get to decide on the future of Britain, why have the English, Welsh and Northern Irish been disenfranchised.

Imagine you were a shareholder, in a PLC and it was decided that only those, who were left handed or blond were allowed to vote on a shareholder vote. It would be wrong.

My view is that Scotland is entitled to have a referendum, but since we are all British or UK citizens we are all stake holders and therefore all entitled to a vote, without this whole charade, in my view this is an act of treason.

I believe that in the UK we are all equal, British first English Scottish Welsh second and therefore entitled to have a say. 

Finally the worst aspect for all of us is we don't how much money this is going to cost and is it worth it also had anyone seen what Alex Salmond looks like on a tartan skirt.


  1. Alternatively...

  2. The weakness in Nick Barlow's argument is that UK joining EU was against UK Law and Constitution hence the remedy jurisdiction rests entirely with us.

    Another aspect he leaves unaddressed is that if Scotland goes independent the UK which joined EU ceases to exist and they take all of us out of EU ?

    This country is basically still divided along the lines of the Civil War. Scotland, Ireland, Wales, West Country and North of England mostly for King. London East Anglia and South East mostly for parliament.

    It is a matter of record who got their arses kicked. Although the Scottish have left the verse out about what Cromwell did to them at Dunbar even though he was outnumbered and conceding home advantage to the Jocks. The East Anglian Horse (Ironsides) were ordered to advance to the charge in silence. Whilst the baying Scots bid them come on and mocked. But with the set battle cry "Lord of Hosts" the East Anglians taught them some manners and the Jocks started running but were slaughtered.

    A sign of what a messed up country we are is that at international rugby match the Jocks can sing about sending proud Edward's Army homeward to think again. But if the English sang a verse about Dunbar that would be racist !!

    I have heard senior people in the Welsh Development Agency crow years ago that the best thing for Wales getting English taxpayers grant aid is the IRA dragging "Celt geld" out of England to stop a feared spread of Celtic disaffection.

    I wish Scotland well with independence. If they actually have the bottle to go for it.

    Let's stop pretending that UK isn't balkanised by "Ethnicity tribes" created by the unlawful multicultural experiment. And let's stop pretending that UK was ever truly united (though it was effective together in war).

  3. I am old enough Tony to remember the multicultural experiment being given centralised impetus. Paternalistic employers giving indentured apprenticeships was the norm. In my case I was apprenticed to an engineering company that also availed us the chance to work a secondment with a town planning consultancy and with a job evaluation survey. And, rather than the usual new "Compulsory General Studies" parasite indoctrination courses that had been imposed on engineering courses ( Group dynamics, Inter and Intra personal skills and multiculturalism induction by any other name) we had the option to do police training on courses that were taught by retired Chief constable. Which they wangled the same unit status as one of the new cobblers sociology courses.

    So I feel sure it was on the Chief constable's course that age 16 I first heard the term "Black community". What was happening in the police of the town was that a senior officer was querying this concept emanating from the Home Office and through the new tranche of accelerated promotion single selection criteria single centre trained Chief constables. Multiiculturalism had got its disciples and ensured they were promoted.

    But the senior officer asked why, in this busy industrial dock town, Barbardians were well liked whereas Jamaicans were generally a pain in the backside with a chip on their shoulders. He had done some study. Bear in mind that the Muslim slave trade was still active in the 1960s and did not officially end until 1980 (Saudi Arabla) having lasted 14 centuries and snatched 183 million non Muslims into slavery.

    It was pretty soon made clear from on high to the senior officer that he should not mention the Muslim slave trade or the Barbary wars Western white civilisation had fought to defeat the Muslim slave traders of Africa. It was soon made clear that in the new multicultural order the role of the white English was to be the blame victim. That the collective glue for a single black community would be the false doctrine of "Collective white guilt". The slave trade would thus only be seen as a white master poor black slave issue and it would be indoctrinated as such by the state education system.

    The senior officer asked "What about the English and Irish slaves who outnumbered African slaves in Barbados by 4 to 1 in the mid 17th century. The Scottish slaves of Barbados and South Carolina ?"

    He had reached his career ceiling. But he kept digging his hole. "Africa has a greater genetic diversity than the rest of the earth put together. In the African language zones of the slaves of Jamaica they recognise over 30 tribal ethnicities today even. There is no such thing as a single black culture or a single black community or a single black ethnic group"

    But apparently the multiculturalists had dictated that for social control and division purposes in UK such a group would be one of about 16 ethnicity groups they invented. Then on the basis of their assigned tribes they introduced further emphasis to diovision by "Monitoring" ostensibly to ensure everyone is treated the same.

    The way the law and constitution rights freedoms and liberties of the REalm ensure we are treated the same is by being blind to diversity. This is reflected in the oaths of office of Judges, magistrates, coroners and constables. yet today all these Crown offjces apply themselves to hate crime, racially aggravated crime etc etc. All of which are based on unlawful legislation. The basis of our way at Common Law is that an offence against one is an offence against all. EQUALLY because we are the Crown. One people with a monarch. But now we have an imposed and unlawful system that breaks this principle. When a black man is killed then it apparently offends more against black people thanj against white. And vice verse. To be clear I am just as offended by the killing of Stephen Lawrence as a black person is offended.

  4. Perhaps more relevant is why Thanet and East Kent are controlled from Maidstone? Who chose Paul Carter or gave him the right to come out with planes fly out to sea or Parkway nonsense? Now we have more MP carpetbaggers from out of the area. Can they not get elected in their own towns?

  5. So I take it you'll be OK with the rest of Europe participating in a UK referendum on EU membership?

    As for your PLC (sic) shareholder analogy: As that "PLC" has an influence on the wider population shouldn't the rest of us have a vote too?

    Why is it you right-wing nationalists are so bitter about the possible break up of the UK when you so obviously have a problem with the people north of the border? No wonder the Scots want freedom from xenophobic ranters like yourself.

  6. You claim to be a liberal, Mr Flaig, but:

    - you don't publish moderately and politely worded challenges to you when you have comment moderation in place - a good bit of censorship on your part
    - you continually praise UKIP, their policies and their leaders
    - you refer to those who have properly held views with which you disagree as "self-centred muppets".

    You wouldn't recognise a liberal principle or policy if it jumped up and bit your union flag knickers.

    With your yobbish language and ill-considered views, you are perfectly suited to your new political party. It's only a matter of time before you start referring to "Bongo Bongo Land". I hope UKIP recognise your "talents" and offer you a role.

  7. Tony's usually supported the LibDems but like many people-probably frustrated by the failure of the Libdems and main parties- has switched to UKIP. I often disagree with him but am glad he blogs on various points. he's certainly more capable than any of the Libdem or UKIP candidates I've seen.

  8. Given that you and your UKIP chums will presumably now be pressing for an English Parliament, I guess you too have just become a "self-centred muppet", Mr Flaig. Live by the sword, die by…