Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thanetwatch publish accusations of "racism"

Thanetwatch as many of us know is the name of the publication, that Broadstairs based activists Norman Thomas and Christine Tongue regularly comment on and apparent act as arbiters of social justice and morality, which generally looks to the left for inspiration.

This week they focus on the ever popular Cllr Simon Moores, highlighting some tweet, in which it would appear, he's dared to make some satirical comment on the mass migration of humanity toward Northern Europe, as with any satire it is either something that you agree with or are vastly offended.

Anyhoo since Norman and Christine always have strong views I thought I'd ask Norman where he's coming from and pointing out that I've heard it suggested that he may be a supporter of the Socialist Worker Party, SWP an organisation better known in the 1970's for a peculiar brand of marxism, the answer is apparently not.

Anyway in their latest film it appears that their interviewee believes that Cllr Simon Moores is a "racist" something I doubt, and if I'm not mistaken, also thinks, if you exercise your democratic right, to join UKIP you are also a racist.

Sad that Norman and Christine, promote such opinion, I feel it is quite legitimate to question our membership of the EU and control of our boarders, still if I understand my conversation with Norman correctly his view is that there is no upper limit to migration and we can take any amount of people without any impact at all on schools, criminal justice system, health and social welfare.

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  1. Well done Tony for this blog post.

    BBC 2006 definitions of racist

    I rather think that Norman and Christine have stuck in time not realising the game has changed. The MacPherson Inquiry is now (Like the first Bloody Sunday Inquiry) finding itself reviewed. With members of the Inquiry admitting they knew they were having Police Corruption concealed from them. IE A pretty shaky basis to issue a definition of "Racist" which anyway (see BBC report) was overtaken within years.

    Doreen Lawrence has undergone a transformation from purported victim of police racism to born again victim of police corruption.

    If the National Crime Agency does its investigation properly (IMO) for Theresa May MP (Who instructed NCA May this year) then Thanet will feature in their inquiry. The 1987 arrests of 21 men of Broadstairs TA (Paramilitary infiltration of TA) and the 1992 arrests in Margate by Met Det sgt Leighton of UDA (Loyalist paramilitary) hit men and drugs importers.

    The arrests led to the murder trial 1993 of London supergrass David Norris (absolutely central to the Police Corruption questions now raised) Six days into the trial Stephen Lawrence was killed and the senior Met Norris murder case officers became the Lawrence murder case officers.

    UDA defence barrister Michael Mansfield became Doreen Lawrence barrister. I do not know who was quick off the mark to get Mandela to meet Doreen Lawrence in 93 and create political pressure for a racist motive and early arrest.

    I do know that one problem for NCA is names of suspects for the Stephen Lawrence killing whose motive was significantly not racist ! One name being of particular interest.

    I suspect that Norman and Christine are being disingenuous. UKIP in Thanet South may have attracted some opportunist former National Front types. I suspect that these are well known to the SWP founded Anti Nazi League (Now UAF). But instead of helping democracy by contacting Nigel Farage they are keeping a lot of their knowledge quiet in order to try to use this against UKIP.

    What does need to be done is the constitutional debate must address the GLADIO issues. So far significantly Thanetwatch has avoided that crucial constitutional issue like the plague. Whether it is legal for them to conceal such knowledge is a matter for them.

    But PCC Ann Barnes is currently subject of a Misconduct in Public Office complaint passed by IPCC (In expectation of appeal and application for call in) to Kent PCP for classification. Cllr Iris Johnston sits on Kent PCP I think.

    So whether Iris discloses advice she has obtained from TDC legal officer re statutory duties to report knowledge (Sections 38B and 54 Terrorism Act 2000) we wait to see. The complaint against Mrs Barnes is more serious as it includes Section 55 which more defines nuclear security knowledge that is reportable.

    If the BBC figures are correct then today racist crime would be about a quarter of that ten years ago. Unfortunately this trend is not reflected in the reduction of political opportunists crying "Racist" as such a cry generally rewards their attention seeking behaviour. Thanet has far more real and important political issues.

  2. I have thought long and hard for two days and am unable to comment to either the post or the previous comment. The only reason for this comment is to let you know I have read it.