Saturday, October 04, 2014

Vile Murder of Innocent Charity Worker

No normal person, will fail to react without feeling a mixture of anger, shock,  horror, deep regret and sympathy for family of Alan Henning, on hearing the news that Islamic terrorists have cynically murdered an innocent, a man whose humanity compelled him to help others despite risk.

ISIS are trying to provoke conflict and stir up hatred, it's important that governments and we as individuals resist our emotions, these evil people are manipulating, we need to respond intelligently and not be drawn into a fight by Islamic factions.

I've heard people say that Isis terrorists are not Islamic and while this is may well be true, unfortunately these terrorists clearly think they are, and its something that the Muslim community needs to address although that said, who could imagine such depravity.

It's about time that the Arab world got involved in dealing with ISIS, Arab countries have spent billions on military equipment, surely its about time they came to the assistance of their brothers in Iraq. 

Alan Henning will be long remembered as being a truly decent man, a British hero.

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