Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Big brother smokescreen
Is Jade any worse than New Labour?

New Labour worse than Jade, surely not well watching Sunday AM, I was reminded of the inaction by the Home Office, concerning Forced Marriage when this subject was discussed by Lord Lester and victim Jassvinder Sanghera whose story featured in this weeks Sunday Times (Review Section or online click here).

Sometimes you need a sense of proportion, now last year on my blogsite I bought up the subject of Forced marriage which the Home Office presumably run by New Labour ministers and functionaries decided in their wisdom to ignore despite the very real suffering and violence that results from this practice, strange how New Labour luvvies can get so excited Jade Goody and ignore real injustice.

Now it is my contention that new Labour have listened to vocal militant religious bigots, rather than face the facts leading to continued misery of abduction rape and sometimes murder with little or no recourse to the law despite the fact that some 300 mainly British Asian victims each year contact the British government for help in being rescued from appalling conditions across the world.

Back in September last year John Reid suggested that the issue of forced marriage was one that he intended to deal with. Well so far there seems to be no movement, and the British Media would rather obsess with Jade Goody, not known previously for any great political insight.

You work it out whose causing the biggest offence to racial relations John Reid who could help save British citizens from the nightmare of Force Marriage or Jade Goody displaying her ignorance, who till now has only be known as a middle ranking celebrity.

The press/media in this country are unfortunately made up of negligent and spineless sheep. How else is it that hundreds of young vulnerable British Asian citizens in some cases children can and are abandoned by the Home Office, presumably because to help them would upset religious bigots who have little concept of human rights.

John Reid Link to “Forced Marriage Pledge”

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