Sunday, January 07, 2007

Rogue Middle-East state threatens nuclear terrorism

Incredible as it seems, a rogue Middle-Eastern state driven by religious intolerance is threatening nuclear terrorism (see Sunday Times) and America says nothing, almost unbelievable except the country in question is Israel who for some reason who are proposing to launch the first nuclear attack since 1945.

For the last year or so our newspapers and media have frequently referred to the threat of Iran and Korea having nuclear-weapons, although for last 20 to 30 years it has been an open secret that Israel the rather unstable hostile country loved by Americans have had nuclear devices, yet no yank of consequence has ever thought to mention it.

As far as I know unlike Israel, neither Iran or North Korea currently occupy any territory which doesn't belong to them. However Israel still occupies land it took back in the 1960s, and not only that but does quite well from exploiting that land.

It's no wonder that there is so much hostility to the West, by the Islamic world when Western governments refuse to challenge Israel's aggression. This year when Israel attacked innocent civilians in the Lebanon, even telling the Royal Navy when they could evacuate British civilians from Beirut, our own government did and said nothing.


  1. I find your comments on Israel ill-informed and ignorant.

    Israel didn't "take" any land in 1967. I suggest you visit "Middle East Facts" or similar websites to get a more balanced view. (BTW, Kuwait was "manufactured" by the British on Iraqi soil)

    In relation to the article in The Sunday Times, the lead Israeli journalist is well known for running his own country down and has done so before.

  2. The fact you find my comments ill-informed and ignorant is of little surprise to me, presumably you have some sort of agenda.

    Have you considered you may have been brainwashed, because I for one can actually remember news reports concerning Israel's six-day War, which relied quite heavily on invading neighbouring countries for defensive purposes at the time a proper thing to do, however almost 40 years later the fact that Israel does still occupy territory in the Middle-East which it doesn't own is quite surprising.

    Not unsurprising, you don't take issue with the hypocrisy of Israel threatening peace in the Middle-East with its nuclear arsenal or the partisan support from America.

    Israel's conduct is frequently less than you would expect from a civilised country, bombing civilians, using cluster bombs, holding Palestine to ransom and thats just a summary of last year.

    Plain and simple I don't like hypocrisy and bull from any religious extremists.

    Take a gander at Wikipedia, look up Israel, look up West Bank,

  3. I agree with Tony on this one. Israel is and has been for a long time one of the biggest threats in the middle east with no cesure from the west.