Wednesday, January 03, 2007

You can do it if you're B&Q

Is it me or have large companies such as B&Q reached new lows in the way they see their staff and possibly customers.

There are quite a few reports from various newspapers concerning B&Q's recruitment techniques according to the Norwich Evening News as part of the interview process for a new local store, applicants were asked to pull funny faces whilst managers took photographs, then asked to dance to the Jackson five hits Blame it on the Boogie.

One of the applicants was interviewed and not surprisingly he said he felt humiliated and embarrassed, according to a B&Q spokesman they run a light hearted exercise, before the formal interview process begins, unfortunately the article doesn't mention what occurs during the more formal process let's just hope it does not involve electrodes.

B&Q then went on to suggest that such exercises were not compulsory and did not influence the recruitment process at all, yeah right.

Lets just hope that the chairman of B&Q puts on a similar show for his shareholders at their next AGM.

Lets just hope someone in B&Q management realise that customers have a choice and since most shops sell their products at similar prices I'd rather go to a store that treats its staff like human beings and not circus performers.

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  1. I injured myself on a piece of overhanging metal at the B&Q at Westwood recently. The staff were great, helped stop the bleeding, and offered to call an ambulance.

    But head office in Hampshire gave every impression of not giving a stuff. Never even replied to my letter. If they care so little about the welfare of their customers, imagine how they treat their staff.