Saturday, January 26, 2008

Heaven and Hell

All this controversy over Margate being ugly, and comments coming from Bob Geldof (who is quite happy to take money via Ten Alps from Margate taxpayers and then insult our beloved town), seemed irrelevant on Tuesday this week.

Driving past the harbour with the moonlight reflected on the sea around about 5am, the thought occurred that this scene was as good as any I would be seeing that day, which proved to be true, when a hour or so later, I joined the queue for the Blackwall tunnel.

From just after six in the morning to sometime after nine, I imagine the A102 is about as close to Hell as motoring gets, the only distraction coming from jolly motorcyclists, who as their passing through playfully, punch wing mirrors, as they go. Those of you who travel through the Blackwall Tunnel on a regular basis will recognise the vision and also be familiar with Transport for Londons, decision to scrap the tidal flow system, this was apparently taken on safety grounds but given the massive increased travel to work time for thousands, I wonder whether those responcible have factored in the health risks, of losing another half hour a day in traffic. click here

Thanet is an oasis in an ugly world, although given the chance and left to their own devices those little rascals that run our council are more than capable of screwing things up. Just mull over in your own mind these two little snippets, the stirling work done by Trees for Thanet, ruined by TDC, for full story see ECR (CLICK HERE), and just getting back to "Ugly" Bob, our great leader Sandy "beautiful" Ezekiel was quoted as follows "I am sure Sir Bob would appreciate our ambitions. I'd be very happy to show him around and tell him what we are doing." see in full context. click here.

Me if I ever meet Bob Geldof I will be more than happy to tell him to EFF OFF! Back to Faversham and give us our effing money back (thats the money given by Kent Tories to waste on a piss poor TV service rather than old and needy).

Thats all for now folks, I do find Kent Tory excuses for increase council tax a bit rich, when they have so much money to flush down the toilet on advertising like 6.5 million last year and that was before their vanity broadcasting channel another half mill.


  1. What have they done to the little park in the middle Broadstairs! I cannot believe that your picture is the walk we used to take up from the harbour to the car park.

  2. "Sandy 'Beautiful' Ezekiel"! hehehe! You're a genius!

  3. well said Tony.The skies are amazing in margate

  4. Someone in our Councils has a thing about removing perfectly good natural fencing. On the Promenade we saw the lovely privot fence demolished in the name of stopping vandals, and the remainng stumps then had to fenced in, presumably on HSE grounds. How much is all this costing the ratepayer, all this fencing is a complete waste of money, and who ever is wasting our money should be brought to account for this wastage!!