Saturday, January 26, 2008

Kent Messenger to get facts right

Just glancing through the Thanet extra, and I notice the on page four (also online), that Kent Messengers editorial Director Simon Irwin has launched a campaign(GET IT RIGHT) to be 100% accurate. This seems a bit of a tall order since, even factual stories are open to bias or whats now called spin. Of course readers of Bignews Margate will already have found the pinnacle of factual enlightenment on this very website.

I heard briefly, on the radio earlier this week, one possible indication of journalistic incompetence and laziness, the story of twins separated at birth, later married then annulled blah blah blah, which has been challenged by John Henley in the Guardian click here for the facts? etc.

I think whatever your reading, you should question, a few times I've read pious crap from otherwise brilliant local journalists, writing about their trade in terms, that would lead you to think they were a cross between a solicitor and priest such is the old codswallop about checking facts etc.

Probably you'll be reading this Sunday Morning, having read the News of the World, Mail Sunday Times whatever, one things for sure most of the your papers will be conjecture, invention and maybe.

Perhaps the worst aspect of the print media, is the interference from owners, but even more insidious is the amount of advertising revenue from local government, which is why you should always keep an open mind.

Anyway next week Bignews launches its "right for once" campaign, in which readers will be invited to email Bignews Margate, anytime correct facts, grammar , spelling and punctuation are used.
Just as a postscript if journalists are so marvellous, why do they so frequently just cut paste stories given to them from KCC communications or even our humble thanet council press releases.


  1. Are you sure you want the entire collective of blogging thanet correcting your grammar? I know I'm no saint there. Oh well...

    "Whatever your reading" should be "whatever you're reading".

    I bet you knew that and were "just testing", right?

  2. no actually i didnt
    or even didn't

    Most of my postings take 5 min to write and at least an hour to right.