Thursday, January 10, 2008

Time to say it's over!

I thought Kent Council would let the special relationship they have had with the state of Virginia, quietly die, if you remember over the last few years Kent Council has spent the better part of a million pounds on their adventure in America. You'll probably also be aware, that Kent has derived absolutely no benefit whatsoever so far, unless there has been some inward investment, that nobody has mentioned may be a new "McDonald's" or "Subway" outlet has opened in the county.

Anyway it looks as if American bureaucrats are now picking up on this game of pointless relationships, apparently The Chief of Staff to The Governor of The Commonwealth of Virginia accepted an invitation to visit Kent just before Christmas and is promising to come back with his team sometime in April.

Apparently KCC's Director of Improvement Robert Hardy (doesn't he write books), is quoted as saying " this is part of our continuous programme of comparing ourselves against the best practice nationally and internationally.... to offer best value for money"

Here's my tip on best value for money, why not send each other E mails or if you're feeling extravagant pick up the phone, better still why not discover best practice in your home country.

Lets hope we don't see Kent tax payers shelling out on council bigwigs off on pointless junkets again this year, what a waste of money god knows where they get it from (see this years tax rise).

Kent council's news brief click here

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  1. I dunno about "no benefit".

    Have you not seen the latest edition of Deal or no Deal (for Margate??)