Monday, June 02, 2008


I'll explain as I go, but first, I need to mention why I blog, mostly I enjoy writing although since I struggled to get even a CSE in English (for those too young, a very basic certificate awarded to those in the secondary education) I cannot vouch for the quality, but hope I convey thoughts and ideas which rarely occur in our media local and national.

As I write just for my own pleasure, one thing I don't do as a rule, is attempt to get anything published other than on my own weblog or you tube site, since readers can click away, and find themselves something more entertaining. However occasionally, I get the odd comment or email from readers telling me how blimin wonderful I am (more please), I assume they can't all be totally irrational fruitcakes, and sometimes I get encouraging words from proper writers.

Not attempting to cosy up to local media, allows me to be critical of one of the key elements in local life the local media, particularly since local newspapers are to some extent reliant on local councils and businesses advertising in their titles, and occasionally publish stories which reflect their advertising sources.

Anyway one journalist recently asked if they could include part of my website in the following weeks newspaper, you're probably wondering what could possibly interest a journalist working for one of the Thanet's better papers, was it my insightful view on local politics, my interest in Kent TV, opinions held on Labour's downfall, none of these, what they wanted was permission to reproduce my photo montage of an elephant's bottom over Margate's Harbour arm.

Now it's a couple of weeks since I emailed them a copy of the photo I doubt this picture will ever see the light of day, in the local print media, it would appear that good taste prevailed,and the picture got spiked presumably the journalist in question either came to his senses or was overruled by a higher authority.

Anyway I won't name the publication, since exercising good taste is not a crime, and it serves as a reminder that a blog is just a blog, anyway thanks again for reading. And I do appreciate the occasional thanks that I get from readers my current favourite being from gremlinfeatures on my youtube site "I love this man he constantly gives his opinion on everything like a cheeky weasel "

Probably for the last time, and particularly for all our sophisticated local journalists with an idle moment, with nothing better to do than read this website here's the "Marvellous" elephants bum.

PS do find time to visit the IOTA Gallery on the Harbour Arm. The elephants behind was my comment on the Turner contemporary MK1 not any current development in that area.


  1. A Magnificent monument Tony!
    Wish I had thought of it!
    I bet the Turner architects are pretty envious as well!

  2. I must admit the wife and I both had a darn good chuckle at that one. They say a picture speaks a thousand words and it's true - that one is a full easy as eloquent as it gets. Now you know why artists do what they do.

    You have been plugging away at this thing for a good long time and have gotten quite skilled at this lark. All this just goes to prove that it is not the level of your qualifications but the strength of your dream, the guts to take a few risks and an ability to keep going.

    All in all you are clearly a minor celebrity.

  3. Tony

    Do you watch "QI" at all ?

    Stephen Fry gives a special prize for working an elephant into an answer

  4. if swanscombe is likely to get a whole horse, why can't margate get an elephants ar$e?

    it would look better than the agreed "supermans fortress", and undoubtedly attract more visitors!

    good luck with your new found fame. Perhaps you could open Turner when/if its built?