Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Fort Hill improvement?


After many months of roadworks on Fort Hill, I notice that once again, grandiose schemes for improvement of Margate's roads and pavements are once again undermined by what appears to be shoddy workmanship. The photograph below illustrates what appears to be a poorly placed manhole cover, which as you can see from the photograph, for some reason it is not flush with the surrounding paving stones.

This photograph was taken last Sunday, perhaps KCC highways or whoever is responsible has subsequently fixed it, even so I've noticed contractors working in the Margate area seem have a fairly laid back attitude where tripping hazards are concerned.


  1. One thing that worries me is the way they've built up the ground level with soil just beyond the fencing. The wall there is now far lower than the spot nearby where that girl tragically fell to her death a few years back & has since been fenced off for safety reasons!

  2. It is much, much better; I used to be dangerous, the way the two lane went straight in to one ...
    I look forward to the Turner Centre

  3. I think we need to turn it into a three line motor to create jobs

  4. I have suffered more than pone physical injury from such hazards in my time but that one looks more ridiculous than normal.

    I disagree that the two lane road posed any danger at all anon 0741.

  5. well matt i agree with anon 0741,there was no need for two lanes and i was crarved up by boy racers one more than one occasion,I too look forward to the Turner.

  6. The black hording looks good I hope the pavement is being fixed cos I can trip over a matchstick let alone a great cavern