Monday, January 05, 2009

Unspoilt Ramsgate

Last week in a break from viewing furniture with the Mrs. Me, I had the chance to walk around Ramsgate, which never fails to impress with its fantastic Harbour.

Even more surprising was the state of the public toilets in Cavendish Street, which I once referred to as Britain's smelliest, I think, anyhow it appears as though some effort has been made to clean these up resulting in a breathable atmosphere.

It would appear that Ramsgate is well on its way to becoming a suitable resort for the rich and famous as per ECR's mythical millionaire's playground.


  1. Having stayed by the Harbour for a week in each of the last 2 years I could not agree more. However KCC and others are pushing hard for the Manston expansion. I would be interested to know (apart from ECR) how many Ramsgate residents would suffer from this: is it 2,000, 5,000, 10,000 or even more, and how many would gain?

  2. As I've said for many a year now, Ramsgate is the isle's premier town. The sooner we rename Thanet 'Kent's Ramsgate Peninsula' the better!

  3. just under 13,000 homes in CT11, most of which would be effected by the airport approaches from over the town.

    Around 27,000 people

    A further 7,500 homes in CT12 which incorporates Manston, Pegwell, Cliffsend among others. 17,000 people.

    If the airport gets to its maximum employment levels as per its masterplan, thats 7,500 people employed apparantly.

    I've asked the council to cough up its investigations into the negative effect this could have on investment and employment in Ramsgate should the airport get busy. Surely, they must have looked into this sort of thing prior to selling its peace and quiet off.

  4. Steve is just so right, I live near Heathrow and purchased my house on the clear understanding that aviation was just a passing fad, unbeknownst to me though those blighters in government were planning yet another runway.

  5. Fwit by name Fwit by nature.

    You fool.

  6. Wait to JERRY O'GOD gets his hands on Ramsgate!


  7. A few hundred carefully placed sticks of dynamite and a match would see Fannit cast adrift to float serenely into the great blue yonder.

    I volunteer to light the match.

  8. Steve, thanks for the info, I can now put a perspective on the number of lives that would be affected. And I presume that against the extra 7,500 jobs at the airport there would be a reduction of jobs in Ramsgate when tourists like me go elsewhere for peace and quiet.

  9. if 7,500 jobs actually materialise. Its all theory, aspirational.

    If i wanted going to open guantanamo bay in Thanet, TDC wouldn't give a feck as long as I employed a few people.

    F-wit, maybe you could be one of the 7,500. You could taste-test the fuel, fool

  10. and not just tourists. Residents as well would leave in droves - if they could sell their houses, of course.

    Cue a rash of conversions back to flats and renting to dss etc etc.