Thursday, January 01, 2009


Yes that will be the last jolly greetings message for at least 50 weeks, not to say that its anything but sincere.

Whilst I'm in the last stages of that jolly hysteria experienced by most at Christmas, I would like to say how much I appreciate, the comments and email contributions that I receive throughout the year, also worth a mention are those readers whom I occasionally meet more often than not, in either big or little Tescos and for the benefit of fellow blogger ECR I have to inform you that most also claim to be readers of some blog based in Ramsgate.

This years likely to be tough for many, particularly hard hit if things don't improve are those in construction (who've already born the brunt of cheap foreign labour) , retail and service industries, of course those in the public sector will continue to syphon off a disproportionate share of the countries wealth. Incidentally when I criticise the public sector I refer to the many fat cats, not those in front line service like bin men, police, or front line council staff but the fact is those in the private sector earn less and certainly don't get fat pensions or sick pay or even any employment rights due to the proliferation of agency working.

Still despite the likely grim times ahead, at least we live in a civilised part of the world for the time being, spare a thought for those in the middle east, one side cannot apparently understand the hostility of their illegal occupation by those they've oppressed for last 40 years and the other cannot understand why Western governments don't do more to support them.

Anyway have a better year than last, again I'd write this stuff whether you read it or not but its better with your input, and for those whom are offended by what I say, you have a right of reply in as much as comments are only ever removed if they appear libelous or too offensive in a personal sort of way.

For me personally last year didn't go entirely to plan, since I spent a couple of months er resting but I did get my chops on telly a couple of times, and in the local papers, Northdown House has got a reprieve of sorts.

PS I've not read this through so their may well be more than the usual amount of errors CHEERS!


  1. If there are errors I missed em .Thanks for the new year wishes and may I return them to you ........not like returning something in Tesco but return as I wish you the same etc etc. I am ex building trade and know about downturns in that industry. I hope that people draw there horns in and holiday in Thanet this year but then the airport wont do so well. so I hope that those who use it stay over and spend a bit here. In reality I just want things to improve for Thanet and all who sail in her . Don