Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dane Valley Matters - Labour continues to campaign in the phony by-election

I get the impression that it takes a lot to stop Cllr. Clive Hart (Labours supreme commander in Thanet) once he embarks on a mission.

Its clear to me that it takes more than a botched resignation from Tory boy Cllr Stephen Broadhurst and a non-existent by-election to stop local Labour activists lead by Clive Hart to call a halt to mass leafleting.

Right now in Dane Valley, nobodies safe from Labours election bumf, yesterday’s deliver is typical, clearly Sandra Hart’s been reading Bignews Margate as a big mention is made of rubbish building up on the burnt out development site at the bottom of Millmead Road.

Were told that Sandra Hart reported this issue on the 23rd of September, some time after ward Cllr Martin Jarvis one to the Conservatives more active councillors had, still its nice to see that with an election likely that Dane Valley is getting some much needed attention and about time really as we’ve seen gazillions spent on Cliftonville and Central Margate.

One interesting item in Labours latest “Dane Valley Matters” is the chronology or timeline given to the Broadhurst er non resignation, I’m probably overstating the my role but I just wonder had it not been for the vigilance of Bignews Margate in spotting Thanet Councils flawed attendance records its possible that Cllr Broadhurst would never have been put in a position of putting in his resignation. A fact revealed exclusively on this site on August 18th See “Cllr Broadhurst almost the invisible man”

Anyway this “by-election” is not over till the fat lady sings, since there’s an outside chance that our man in Panama might still turn up at the council as I understand he has until October 23rd before being automatically disqualified from office.

Any way time will tell so far the groundswell of support for me as an independent has yet to occur, so its most likely I’ll be backing Liberal man Bill Furness since the Liberal party don’t discriminate against working people as do Clive Harts bosses like Peter (What a Chump) Mandelson, Brown etc.

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