Sunday, October 04, 2009

Oi Emin leave the light on when you go

I’m sure Tracy Emin is not the first and will certainly not be the last “artist” to threaten to leave Britain due to some perceived iniquitous tax regime. As reported in the Sunday Times and Thanet Waves.

I’m sure talented artists have come and gone in the past and will in the future. In some cases who could fail to sympathise such true greats like Kent born artists Mick Jagger & Keith Richard who were forced into exile during the seventies due to draconian tax demands which fell just short of 100%.

Still not knowing Tracy’s age the chances are that she was growing up during the seventies and those of working age were contributing large chunks of their incomes to health provision, education, law and order and that sort of stuff which helped maintain and safeguard this countries civilised life style.

Apparently our Tracy is much enamoured by the French cultural environment, where apparently politicians are more appreciative of art. Big deal.

I’d be interested to know whether Tracy Emin has ever been in receipt of Arts Council money or any other publically funded source, if so I wonder is there a chance she might hand it back.

For millions of us we have no choice, in whether we pay our tax, clearly Emin does, but we can influence where our money’s spent and lets hope if Tracy does up sticks, that we don’t have, as has been planned have one of her “art works” plonked on Droit House in Margate although the pink neon sign with the legend “I never stopped loving you.” is due to be stuck over the door of Droit House anytime soon approve by TDC planning wallahs which says about as much as you need to know.

Its probable that the Sunday Times story is one of those Murdoch specials, to underline their new allegiance to the Conservatives with some hack delegated to get someone famous to say how bad the country is under Labour, if it hadn’t of been Emin it would have been someone else.

Finally I suggest that our Tracy doesn’t slam the door on the way out and leaves the lights on for the rest of us, who either prefer this country or have no choice, god knows surely there can’t be many countries with an Arts Council with such peculiar tastes.

Anyhow I think this country has looked after fringe artists with lunatic funding for too long, myself I reckon the arts council could do worst than bung me a few quid, I’m sure I’m as talented in my own way.


  1. Apart from the very last bit I find myself in near total agreement with you.

  2. Readers can be just so cruel, that's it I'm off to er

    Well I can't afford to go anywhere but if money was no object it would have to be Majorca or NYC but never France, just look at Calais it makes Margate look classy

  3. After you remove attitude and presentation what is most modern art anyway? If we're lucky it's telling stories with stuff. If she's earning enough cash to be facing that much tax just telling stories then (a) she should be telling the tax office some stories about costs or (b) doesn't need grant money maybe?

    If you set up an "installation" Tony I'd come and take a look.

  4. think its fantastic news to have Tracey Emin's neon sign above Droit House-whatever you think Tony she draws crowds and stays locally(Walpole Bay Hotel)when she is down here and so spends money in Margate-has to be good news heh Tony...