Sunday, March 11, 2012

Are we there yet - Three booms and that's it

Photograph taken during trackside fag break
Yes we've lost an iconic landmark, a reminder that men once grafted, not too long ago, underground in East Kent, to provide fuel for Richborough,  tossed aside and dumped by a conservative goverment along with thousands in the coal industry.

The towers a loss for most of us, the knowledge, that once sighted, we're a few minutes from a cuppa, meal and relaxing in our favourite chair bathed in the glow of a warm telly.

I've got this weekend off and frankly couldn't motivate myself to see the towers come down, still, thankfully thanks to twitter the blogosphere we are able to experience the event second hand, still I did hear three rumble booming type noises from the breakfast  room of Flaig Mansions.

The United Kindom has embarked on a long journey into decline, this week I heard that Brazil has replaced us as the 6th largest economy, much of the British economy is dependent on well dressed spivs and crooks in the banking and financial sector, the cooling towers now gone, were a monument to time, when we British, got our hands dirty with proper graft, China now I believe the worlds second biggest economy, has got there, by people creating wealth in manufacturing and productive industry, a lesson worth learning before India (who we give money to) overtakes us.

As I mentioned these days we all contribute to news looking around I found these two excellent video s  from Edd Withers and Kent Online Video News of this event.


  1. I don't visit Thanet often nowadays but how am I going to know when I've got there in future - sad!

  2. I'll only miss them as a navigation aid during my cycle rides & rambles, otherwise good riddance! Now, how about the same for Arlington House?

  3. Never mind. There'll soon be some more chimneys to line up on.

  4. We can have our industry back if we are prepared to work 14 hours a day for pennies per hour, sleep in dormitories with suicide nets and sacrifice the refuseniks to the organ traffickers.

  5. What a load of round objects!

  6. What we should be worried about now is where in the southeast is the 110,000 tons of woodchip needed to fuel the "biomass" plant going to come from.