Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Of course some of us have been under misunderstanding that last years riots were caused by work shy scum, what a relief to hear the news tonight that we have forgotten families to blame if that were the right word, which of course its not.

Call me a cynic, but the kids I witnessed on the streets on my way to work didn't look as if they wished to make any contribution that particular summer night last year.

You might consider my view a bit glib but not entirely since I do come across plenty of young people prepared to work in my job, they come from the same forgotten families of course, its just unlike the light fingered scum involve in the riots there are still those who would rather earn a living doing heavy manual, grafting long hours in the wind and rain late at night or long shifts at the weekend, than be thieving "victims".

My view on these rioters remains unchanged since last year and on this I'm arrogant enough to think my view last year is more accurate than some report by some clueless panel.


  1. As per usual an out of touch panel of government funded pen pushers look for excuses and irrelevant answers for a night of basic opportunistic thieving and rioting.

    At least the courts got the sentencing right this time which will certainly make these people think twice about repeating their crimes.

  2. My view hasn't changed either, I still maintain that the riots were sparked by a squeeze on the illegal drugs supply, which is the lifeblood of the economy of the inner city housing estates.

    It is easy to sit back and pontificate, when we enjoy the fresh air and often gorgeous weather in Thanet. But to many of those born and raised in the ghetto, the drug biz is the only life they know; it is forced on them.

    More than a few learned types are of the opinion that new mood-altering technology in GSM cell-phone towers was used to actually trigger the pent-up tension.

  3. Along with a decent helping of state-sponsored agitators and anarchists, I might add.

    And the old bill were instructed to stand down and allow things to get out of hand.

    Come on people, they must think we are stupid or summink. We're not are we?

  4. The aim, of course, was to get the public clamouring for the government to do something, so they roll out the beefed up police state measures, enacted by Bliar in the wake of the Tube attacks, to acclimatise us to more security, more surveillance. tougher sentencing, more prisoners.

    Then, when state prisons can no longer cope, they will just have to contract out to Crony Corp's prisons 'r us franchise and get the prisoners earning their keep in return for 20p per hour, as they do in the states, while feeding them 'terminator' food, as they pay back their 'debt to society' in the shape of a prisoner bond.

    Slave labour camps anyone?

  5. I strongly suspect that you too are on mind altering drugs anon.

  6. Is that a sarcastic way of asking for the links, 7:04? OK... back in a jif.

  7. Once again, Tony gets it spot on. By just looking at the rioters on the street he can tell they are workshy scum, a trick he picked up from the University of Life. I bet they also taught him that these people are born that way: there's a workshy scum gene and it normally belongs to immigrants and the chavs!

    So next time they have a panel to find out the causes of this sort of behaviour they should have our Tony sitting alongside the government funded pen pushers, who know nothing about these things:


    Of course, the left wing press believe some of those rioting actually had jobs:


    But we all know that's nonsense as these people are probably born with the workshy gene. The trendy liberal university types will suggest that it's something to do with upbringing, consumerism, aggressive advertising to the young and other ridiculous notions but how come I was brought up on a council estate and didn't riot? yes that's right: I wasn't born with the workshy gene!

  8. Once again, its not often I agree with Tony, but again I do!!

  9. He's obviously got it wrong this time then, Bluenote(?)

  10. Oh my God, it's much worse than I thought!

    Everyone needs to read this

    Here is an excerpt:


    In this country, when somebody asks about whether a certain level of electromagnetic radiation is safe they are usually quoted a safety limit. This safety limit is laid down by the NRPB (National Radiological Protection Board). Usually when you ask about a dose of radiation you find that the amount that you were asking about is thousands of times below the safety limit and thereby reportedly safe. A safety limit is really a personal opinion. This personal opinion may be based on many factors by an individual or individuals from whatever data they have in their possession. To give you an example of some safety limits around the world, for one particular type of microwave transmitter, these read as follows:

    Toronto Health Board: 6 units
    Italy: 10 units
    Russia: 10 units
    Poland: 100 units
    US Research Base: 100 units
    International Commission: 450 units
    The NRPB for Britain: 3,300 units"

  11. Not to mention the well place agent provocateurs... of course it was a set up to demonize the youth , they are targeting the young big time as usual.

    Look up award winning film producer Bill Maloney


    For those that are really interested in the truth, find out from a man who lives amongst it.

  12. Demonize the youth? Next time there is a riot and looting anywhere from Brixton to LA,New Orleans to Kingston, Tottenham to Harare take a good hard look at the looters. You will see the same villainous faces devoid of any normal compassion for others lives, limbs or property.

    Until we stop making excuses for them and start incarcerating them long term, it will just carry on.

  13. It'll be the parents and grandparents rioting if things don't change soon, they'll be no looting or muggings, just burning down all the courts of injustice.

  14. Snooper's charter to be revived, similar legislation was thrown out when Labour proposed it in 2006.

    Before you know it, we shall have foreign UN troops dragging us from our homes.

    Don't you just loooove your government?

  15. Since when did UN troops ever act in a positive interventionist way. Usually they just stand around in blue helmets, totally confused as to why they are there, whilst mayhem ensues.

    Thus no need to worry on that score, 8:07, for there is much more to fear from our local diversity champion and his blogging wardens. Probably already got you and I marked down as sexist, homophobic, racist, anarchist suspects.

  16. You are right 10:05, it will more likely be NATO or EU troops kicking our doors down.

    The UN mob will be looking after the little ones

  17. As for our diversity champion, perhaps he could take a look at the plight of heterosexual families and the relentless attack against them by government and social services.