Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Southern Water - Drought No Worries

This is just a random thought, I have like many of you, just been sent a begging letter from my water supplier, these blighter's seem to think I'm going to hand over the best part of 500 quid.

Now I don't worry too much about a hose pipe ban, but I do get a bit hacked off, when year after year, they charge for draining surface water, despite the fact I had a soakaway drain dug so that rain water goes directly into the ground which they were informed about years ago.

Frankly like everyone else I'm angry, companies like southern water run monopolies without any effective consumer protection. for 40 pound a month I reckon southern water could afford to supply perrier water should supplies of the natural stuff run out.


  1. If you dont have one already then get yourself a water meter and only pay for what you use. Water meters are being rolled out for all of the Southern Water region befor 2015. And if you do have one already you must be using a lot of water if there are only 2 in the household.

  2. It is a scary thought that the world's water suppliers, too, have been concentrated into the same few private portfolios, mainly with the assistance of the IMF.

    Many of those suppliers are adding fluoride to the mains water, which is actually toxic waste from mineral fertiliser processing plants.

    The BMA reckons it is good for the teeth(!), when it actually causes brittle bone disease/fluorosis and bone cancer, not to mention organ failure, thyroid problems, hair loss, etc, etc.

    Thankfully Southern Water don't fluoridate, but the Brummies, the Geordies and I believe those in Southampton are not so lucky.

  3. Don't talk to me about Southern water. I pay £460 a year set rate for a two bedroom flat all because the rate was set when the site of the flats had one big house. The other 28 flats all pay the same. Nice little earner.Despite asking them repeatedly to re assess the rate, they refuse. They are greedy pigs.

  4. Anon 11.55 take a look at this Money saving Expert water charges advice and you may be able to tacke S Water again.

  5. watch this from about 20.30

    'media push to convince the public that the UK is about to suffer a drought nation wide which could be used to introduce modified wheat'


  6. That is a red alert 12:24, because within three generations of being fed a genetically modified diet, lab mammals become sickly and totally infertile.

    On the subject of price rises; when the IMF grabs the water supply from a bankrupt nation (engineered by Goldman Sucks), initially they jack up the water rates, which then leads to the so-called 'IMF riots', then they add the fluoride and lithium to make the peasants docile, weak and dumbed down.

    As fantastic as this stuff sounds, I am afraid it is a lot worse than that. We need to drag ourselves away from the TV and find out about this stuff if we are to have a future.