Friday, May 04, 2012

Welcome to the World

Time moves on, there was I time when, the concept of grandchildren was somewhat distant, as was the possibility that one day everyone would have a mobile phone, even the idea of home computing, the internet or I'd that I'd find myself routinely working around London on the railway.

Anyway I'm much pleased to announce that while on the drive to a job, last week I heard the news that my grandson had arrived, courtesy of my mobile, (hands free) and was able to share the moment with a much excited Mrs Flaig.

What a marvellous moment, the following day, when we met our grandson for the first time, and he met his big sister for the first time.

Grandchildren are the most precious thing in the world, and I cannot help but think what an pivotal moment it must be for our granddaughter not yet two, as she assimilates the accommodations, which naturally will be required for her baby brother, still I'm sure she will take it in her stride with the help of mum and dad.

I wish I could offer some profound advice to match the moment but I cannot, all I can say is I hope both grandchildren achieve what the want to and do things they want to and have some luck, on a selfish level I'd like to see how they make out in life, and maybe this is why I find grandchildren are so precious, by the time they have their own families I'll likely be in my eighties, still there was I time when fifty was distant.

You cannot predict the future and in checking out today's local to see the announcement posted under instruction from Mrs Flaig, it is perhaps something that may not be possible for the next generation if we are to believe the bleak predictions for the local press.

Anyhoo welcome to the world Grandson, you've got marvelous parents and a great sister, a family that loves you and a world that is constantly changing and full of opportunity, enjoy! 


  1. Congratulations Tony on your beautiful grandson x

  2. Grandchildren are a real benefit -you can give them back!!! - but congratulations Tony - John Kirby

  3. Spitting image of his Grandad and, one hopes, just as feisty.