Monday, August 27, 2012

Last weeks cabinet meeting some rough notes as Clive Hart ignores the issues

Last week I approached the thought of attending the Thanet council cabinet meeting with some trepidation, and then thought stuff it,who are these people, as I considered the poor response to my complaint to the council over harassment at the last one I attended from overzealous staff inadequately trained to deal with the public, no surprising given the attitude of senior council officers to the public.

Anyway ignoring the preceding sour grapes, the meeting itself started with a lengthy, lecture from Cllr Clive Hart, about the use of mobile phones, unnecessary in my opinion, a request not to disrupt the meeting should suffice.

Good to see the Margate Mayor arrive as the meeting kicked off, sporting casual attire a t-shirt and jeans I think.

Shortly after the start, Cllr Iris Johnson had some rather convoluted, and tortuous argument about declaring an interest regarding one of the agenda items, despite as I gather, having exhausted the subject with one of the council officers (assuming I correctly picked up the exasperation in the officer's voice). In summary I'd guess some oblique point was being made about political bias, not a bad warm up to the shoddy (in my view) behavior of her colleagues to follow.

As those who follow these things will already know, the big ticket item for the evenings proceedings, was "that the council has no confidence in the Diversity Champion, Councillor Worrow " and yes Thanet labour does embrace such politically correct bonkers (in my opinion) jobs.

Cllr Fenner was able to talk the talk, on the old diversity subject, unlike others, so much about equality and good practice blah blah anyhoo Clive Hart made it abundantly clear this was a subject he didn't want debated, having made it clear that he didn't want any personal nastiness (an odd point given the way in which labour stalwart Mark Nottingham was treated not so long ago) which I assume he meant, mention of Cllr Worrow.

The question of Cllr  Worrows suitability, was not allowed to go ahead, in any meaningful way, Cllr King who'd raised the issue in the first place was so exasperated that he had to leave, our wonderful leader throw his toys out of the pram, making a rather presumptuous comment about personal vendetta.

At the end of the day, I'm afraid the competence of Cllr Worrow to do his job is a matter for public debate, end of story, indeed I recall receiving a call from the man in question wishing to know what my take was on the nights discussion,unfortunately at the time I was building a railway, but when I later caught up with him driving home, hands free, the conversation had shifted to something else, I said I'd call back later but got the impression that it would have been pointless.

I have to say, Clive Harts attitude can be summed up as I think he did "it's my cabinet", so sad.

In other business we learnt from Iris Johnson that up to a couple of hundred grand was to be squandered on skate parks, this is the council that stuffed Margate's Big Event out of spite.  Still even this wasn't enough for Cllr Fenner who was worried if I heard right that deprived children should not be excluded.

Cllr Green spoke on something, his delivery was suitably "laboured" and reminded me I had a long day.

Finally I feel that Cllr Worrow is out of his depth despite Cllr Fenner's explanations, I don't recall any achievements being mentioned concerning Thanets Diversity Champion, perhaps Cllr Worrow should have better publicity, maybe higher profile, perhaps he could be given some suitable superhero type uniform to wear when on duty. PS Worrow has some explaining to do about offensive posting on certain websites locally, as highlighted by Cllr Simon Moores who took the trouble to bring his tablet to the meeting, just as a graphic reminder of the partiality of and ignorance displayed by the leadership.

Perhaps the question a bigger question might be is Clive Hart fit for the leadership?  I say clearly not.


  1. You are right it is cllr Hart's cabinet, just like it was cllr Ezekiel's cabinet, you remember him. And over at KCC we have another one man cabinet run by cllr Carter, no other KCC cabinet members have any policy say. Thats the way it is in local politics but at least Labour in Thanet have to listen to the independents, unlike the last administration.
    Maybe you should support the need for an elected mayor in Thanet rather than the ones Thanet have that are a throw back to times long ago. Oh yes the Tory Thanet council did not let the public have a say on this but again thats the one man led cabinet for you.

    As for you not liking money being spent on the youth of Thanet you should look at the raw deal they are getting with KCC closing youth clubs and reigning in the scope of the Connextions service. They need somewhere to go without roaming the streets.

    1. maybe we should scrap this Council altogether and start afresh, maybe a non political council would work better, especially as all who were chosen would be there for the goodness of Thanet, not for their own gain or for the gain of their many friends, which unfortunately has happened too often in the past and still happening now. You only have to look at the position Ezekiel has found himself in and the condition of the coach house also the goings on when China Gateway was prominent in the news.
      Don't trust any of them except for a marginal few, who never seem to get involved with anything that is against the law.

    2. Whoever you vote for, you're gonna get banksterism

  2. I'm quite keen on the idea of an elected mayor for thanet particularly given Clive Harts "Its my cabinet" attitude Its worth reminding him it's our council our money and our community, still if he was any good and I don't think he is we could pass on a bit of arrogance.

    As for teenagers in a perfect world we could through all sorts of money at them for youth clubs and the like, but in my day I think we managed to roam around town and district without getting into trouble what's changed apart from poorer parenting.

    1. You only have to look at what a deprived and depressed town Mrgate has become with very limited job oppotunities for the young. In your day Margate had a thriving hotel and B&B trade. Now its just a HMO dumping ground.

    2. At the moment I haven't seen any reason to doubt Will Scobie ability to be a good Mayor. He is young, very enthusiastic, always seems to attend as many functions as humanly possible, even though he has been accused of arriving a mite late at a council meeting last week.
      All i say is give him a chance, can't be as bad as some, at least he hasn't killed any animals or asconded with the years funding as another had done and still has not been brought to justice for his greed. will doesn't seem to have a drink problem as some mayors has proved to have.

    3. I believe the skate park would be a great addition for the kids.
      I shall not agree that they are deprived, except for being deprived from family life. So many parents don't ever socialise with their children, never eat together, never hold conversations, never take them to park, swimming, football etc etc, as we were once taken.
      Children are growing up unable read or write because of bad parenting, or to secure jobs because they haven't received parential guidance from birth.
      I also believe the Last Government made this problem, by taking away the discipline normally given in schools and taking away the option for parents to smack their children,a small smack never did any harm but helped to control a naughty child. All of these factors have helped to cause this failure in the past two generations.
      Generations have skipped employment with no punishment in fact they were given so much money and took away , why should they want to work for less money. The Labour Government has a lot to answer to. This has put so much responsability on to the workers or should I say tax payers.

      The tax payers are also supporting all our immigrants who are still not taught to speak our language, or educate them of our health and hygeine in this country, how can they get a job if they can not speak our language?
      A lack of education is our main problem in this country, people who do not work, who are able to work, should not get benefits for additional children when unemployed.
      People have to become more responsible for their actions they already have free birth control, what more do they want! What is happening to this country?

  3. I used to read your blog with a smile Tony, however, you seem to have fallen into the trap of now writing with a giant chip on your shoulder. If you are to report on council meetings at least try to to do so with an open mind and leave you personal issues aside.

    1. Unfortunately, Anon, TDC is all about personal issues these days so it must be difficult to report on a meeting without mentioning them. One might finish up with nothing to say.

      That apart, I am inclined to agree with the earlier comment that it is all 'my cabinet' or 'my decision' as the attitude of council leaders. Then, when one has a PM who proclaims he is going to push something through despite public opinion, is it any surprise the minnows follow suit.

      At all levels power seems to go to their heads regardless of political persuassion. Mind you, the smaller and more insignificant they were before, like Hart, the more inflated they become.

    2. I agree you! Tony has become totallly Tory
      orinated, never has a good word for any in other party, they do deserve better comments than they receive.
      The Tories have behaved in a disgusting way for the past 6 months and has made me ashamed to be a Tory, can not understand why no discipline has been administered to the guilty ones, the way they have acted at some meetings one would feel no education had ever been given from birth.

    3. Oh you are a card, Anon, ashamed to be a Tory indeed. When was that, for half an hour on the 28th when you were writing your comment. I used to be Labour but never again after the antics of those expenses convicts or seeing Clive Hart's hairdo. Please keep writing for you really cheer me up with your amusingly persuasive style.

  4. 14:42 Difficult as it is to smile don't blame the observer take a look at the depressing situation within the council, nothing has changed in my view other than the scenery.

    The big change is the back drop, crazy idealogical nonsense, intellectually challenged councillors, horse trading just to keep in power and some rather patchy standards of behaviour.

    Particularly strange is the relationship with Cllr Driver given that he got elected as a result of being selected with help of Clive Harts labour group backing him only to repay loyal labour supporters by leaving the party who got him elected in short order.

    As for the chip on shoulder jibe, guilty as charged, but then I always have a chip which always plays up when hypocrisy is exposed

    1. I can't understand how, when a councillors is elected to be a councillors for a specific party, then they decide to go to another party, BUT DON'T HAVE TO BE ELECTED INTO THE NEW PARTY.
      Who the hell ever agreed for this to be allowed?

      Worrow was elected as a Tory councillor, then became a Independant, how come? Can anyone explain why this is allowed to happen? As it seems to be the done thing and no one has challenged this.
      At one time the Independants formed because they didn't like what was going on in the other parties, now it seems a haven for people awaiting disciplinary actions, pending court cases or they have tried all the others.
      What the bloody hell is happening in Thanet, it is deplorable.

    2. May be he is an 'independent' Independent there is no requirement to join an Independent party.

      Former Maidstone Borough Councillor Sheena Williams also refused to join the so-called Independent party when she stood down from the Conservative party (who had 'forgotten' to ask her to join their party till 6 months after she was elected, coincidentally at the same time they removed her four grand-daughters into care)

      Did she come to realise just how corrupt they all were and that they all sing from the same hymn sheet no matter what 'party' they belong to, is this why she refused to join any of the parties?

  5. Who would be your choice for Council Leader, Tony - from whichever Party?

    1. Anon 18.38, I will be supprised if Tony gives you an answer. He is very good at knocking others but lacks giving positive advice on who should be running the show, what they should be doing and how it can be achieved with an ever shrinking council budget. Maybe he would like to give youth a chance with their tee shirts and jeans, a dress mode favoured by bosses at leading companies like Apple, Microsoft and Virgin.

    2. If I had my choice it would be Cllr Tom King, he is straight as a dye, hard working, very fair , listens to everyone and wants so much more for Thanet. Can't think of anything more except he is just a great guy.

    3. Clive has acheived pulling the wool over thousands of people in Thanet by supporting the No night flights. This is the only reason Labour was voted in. Haven't we seen enough damage in Parliament by the Labour lot, all they seem to do is want the workers to support more and more layabout and encourage them to have more and off springs at our expence.
      As for SOME of the disabled they should be working to help support themselves they can't all be incapable of sitting and doing some packing work, sealing envelopes, filing etc as I have done until 71 years old, couldn't stand b eing unemployed they shouldn't have the choice.

  6. Good question 18:38 and a dismal selection.

    Clive's had 8 months and achieved nothing even rubberstamping Manston as it's then sold off: maybe Poole?

    Bayford and Wise are incompetent: hard to choose anyone else from the blue ranks. Lucky dip for 6 months?

    Harrison and Gregory need the sack. With Moores and Ezekiel for approving 0% salary fraud. Same end for Worrow.

    Driver: TIGs?

    King: Ind?

    Libdems (Tony?) and Greens invisible?

    McGonigal is running rings round the duffers in encouraging coverup of failure, 90k hirelings and payoffs.

    Maybe 3 town councils and no District would be effective and cheaper ie pre1974 and one of the 3 Mayors elected for Thanet-wide issues?

    The same councillors for Town, District and County is pointless and wasteful as the derelict towns show - while the civil servants can bounce responsibility around too. County and Towns would be simpler. And the bouncing of funds between towns would end.

    Elected Police but not an elected KCC Leader seems strange now.

    Gale and Sandys have proved incompetent and irrelevant at best.

    Perhaps we have the politicians we deserve.

    1. I agree with you, one Mayor for all sides of Thanet, just think of how much money we could put into future tourism, I even think our young mayor of thanet could cope with the responsibility.
      I don't even think we deserve to have one of the bad politicians, we the public have done nothing wrong.

      We have only just started objecting to the failure of the councillors and the officers at TDC, if more people complained when things were not dealt with properly, Thanet would be a better place, but until then we shall have the sam problems.

    2. Only just started objecting to the failure of councilors and TDC officers??
      Speak for yourself.

  7. Perhaps it's all down to being on the tip of the south east with sea on 3 sides?

    1. Yes, the sea air makes everyone nuts!

  8. thought the batman & robin picture was already taken by another masonic leader of the council and his cover upper; oh what a dead !

  9. Great thread Tony, Have been away for a while and am only now trying to catch up.
    There appears to be a reasonable ground swell towards the complete removal of all concerned at Cecil sq, something i for one would very much welcome.

    The time has surely come, step forward the man.

  10. I think they should invite back Eastcliff Richard.