Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Moments Lost

Every day is made up of moments some memorable, some transient, some left hanging, because no one has time to record them. 

That's the way things are with this blog at the moment right here right now. 

Around 5:30 a day or so back I happened to witness a gorgeous sunrise near Hythe none too remarkable however memorable, a brilliant red fiery sky, maybe something not out of the ordinary but as I shot down the slip road onto the M20  instantly I felt regret for not having pulled over and taken a shot on the old smartphone camera. 

Similar regret on some of those items I've not had time to comment, KCC yet again neglecting a child in their care, slippery Kent council covering things up while snooping on the public, Dreamland a marvellous breakthrough for Margate, a group of treacherous Tory MP's, who've probably never done a proper days work in their life, trashing the British worker, no doubt while they screw British workers as they dip their hands in our pockets. (Still just as we have a few honest politicians there are also a small number of work shy Brits)

As a typical British worker I get up before dawn, do a days work and come home, just so that low life cretinous Conservative MP's can stab the likes of me and you in the back! Shame on them!

Anyhow maybe next week I shall have more time, perhaps for a cogent, well considered argument why people who talk down we British, should be made to do community service for at least a month, and in the case of anti-Brit deadbeat parasites, living off British taxpayers, they should be expelled from the UK for good so that they can live in a country peopled by those they approve.

Phew it's warm still. Sorry for the above photo, it's wild flowers instead, the sunrise was so much better.


  1. long as Brit deadbeat parasites get to go too.

  2. Most people believe that income tax is paying for the running of the country when most of it goes on paying interest on the national debt to the Banksters, it is a fraud of global proportions.

    Anyone who supports our current political system is anti-British; if they all fecked off we would be in clover, look at Iceland.

    A large proportion of 'hard working' Brits are actually involved in the destruction of our sovereignty and way of life, and many of them are being way overpaid for the dubious services they provide.

    I'm looking forward to your next piece, Tony, but I hope you do your research.

  3. "Small number of work shy Brits". Tony catch up. We are all Thatcherites now. Low pay no play.

    yer Mrs Thatcher saw that there is an inverse proportionality between inflation and unemployment. Hence if low inflation is good then high unemployment must be good.

    But running parallel to that was her belief that Britain needed the entrepreneurial spirit.

    She also wanted to reduce the tax burden.

    As born again Thatcherites we quickly saw that the best way to help Mrs T's policies was to embrace all three strategies simultaneously.

    IE Work cash in hand (pay no tax) keep signing on dole (to keep inflation busting inflation in check) and ensure this arrangement shew a healthy year on year profit (over and above say working for a living and paying PAYE).

    Strangely enough in the early days of my Thatcherite conversion I was on a gang recovering yellow stock bricks. This activity involved a transfer of ownership ... to us. This involved a buncerooney to the site foreman. We got a reasonable price for the bricks from ahem a tory politician. And in fact he asked us to attend the tory conference as examples of Brit workers who graft impressively hard. We declined (No money in it). Plus it was a long way to travel back to Thanet to sign on mid-conference.

    Good old Maggie.

    1. Way to stop all this, is to make them sign on every day, that will stop thewm working on the side and not declaring their added ill gains, mind you i believe the best way to deal with them is to stand them at the wall and shoot the b****y lot of them

  4. So anyway Tony. I did so well as a born again entrepreneurial benefits recipient. What illuminated the path ahead was my lad.

    "Dad", he said, "When I am rowing in the illegal immigrants down Pegwell I dream of one day rowing at Henley"

    "But", he sobbed, "Henley does not allow any man who has had to work for a living"

    "No probs son", I enthused, "Flash yer dad's long term UB 40. We don't work for a living we graft for a profit"

    Clearly the path to his dream was to send him to Eton.

    I could well stand the cost by then as we always saved our giro money.

    Cut a long story short he did well. He learned the jargon. And he became a tory MP. Of course he don't sign on in his own constituency gotta cover his backside. And he has a good line running in expenses hey diddle diddles.

    Recently he was in all the papers. Calling Brit workers idle. So proud of him I am. A true master of hypocrisy.

    And at Henley he had more front than Sainsburys. "Of course Mark Thatcher would never have been allowed to row here. Grocer's grandson"

    And his joke about putting Boris Johnson and Mark Thatcher together as a crew. They end up capsizing in a canal at Stoke on Trent (Hanley geddit ?)

  5. Deepest sympathies, Tony, as the disillusionment of advancing years is catching up with you. It comes to us all as we realise that all we ever campaigned for fell on deaf ears, our so called leaders are totally devoid of any inspirational leadership quality and some even of any moral worth. Then stop, and look around your blog at the frequently cretinous comments, with Yogi taking the biscuit for a mix of left wing hysteria and inane cackle, the conspiracy nutters and those that seek to justify the general poor quality of our political class.

    It's a sad, sad world, a mere apology of the once Great Britain and you might just as well put your feet up when you can, read of better days and enjoy your favourite beverage. No point trying to change it because it's bust beyond repair.

    Have a relative who got so depressed with the state of the nation that he sold up, moved to Spain and now never reads a UK paper. Says it does not matter how the Spanish screw up their country as it is not his. He just enjoys the sun and the sangria.

  6. UK Column Live

    Next event: Thursday, 23rd August 14:00 BST

    Subject: Louise Collins and Brian Gerrish with a news update, plus an interview with Yvonne Stewart-Taylor on child trafficking and Lianne Smith.

    Best listen into this Tony the recording should be on-line shortly and KCC or better known as "kidnapping child criminals" are mentioned once again can't wait for the follow up !


    2. Better known to who apart from you, 16:10? You are great on theories, even find dubious quality articles to back them up, but real facts are a bit on the light side.

    3. So there we have it, no longer just another former councillor from Kent telling it like it is about "KCC yet again neglecting a child in their care, slippery Kent council covering things ups".

      We now have another former councillor from Cumbria saying exactly the same thing about the corporate criminals who are stealing children unlawfully in secret star chamber civil NOT criminal courts for forced adoptions and exposing little children being buggered in corporate care.

      Absolutely agree that we have 'kidnapping child criminals' operating for profit who should be imprisoned not racking in the money off the backs of children and destroying families.

      All those elected corporate 'parents' must be so proud.

    4. Failings in child care, yes, but corporate exploitation? What a load of garbage1 Like 13:18 said, these blogs do attract some right nutters.

    5. dear dear anon 15.03 you sound like you might be benefiting from this corporate exploitation? The nutters and garbage sprouters are well imbedded within the criminal money making child protection racket passing itself off as a failing care system.

    6. What a ridiculous assumption 16:02 that just because I think you spout rubbish I must be benefitting from the exploitation of children. I am but a humble member of the public, married with three daughters living at home and an enforcer of law rather than a breaker. I hate all forms of child abuse, but you are exaggerating and levelling accusations against people without justification. It is people like you who are as much part of society's problems as those you profess to despise.

    7. The video speaks for itself to anyone who pertains to really care about children, who should be extremely concerned at what is happening in secret, funded by the tax payer.

      No one in their right mind would want their money spent on corrupt services and corrupt secret family courts.

      The law breakers are within the secret societies hiding behind Chatham house rules. There is no place for secrets in public office within a decent society.

    8. We have had De facto courts since 1933 when they abandoned Grand Juries and brought in the Magistrates, note abandoned , NOT abolished, we need to take it back a step in the right direction


    For those for whatever reason don’t have the time to research the law, watch this from an hour in, most people have no idea what’s really going on in these corrupt administrative tribunals posing as courts. Find out where your council tax is really going - straight into the council officers pension fund and the tribunal coffers.

    It really is an eye opener.

    Inside parliament we have MP's actively planning a world governance whilst whistle blowers are targeted for telling the truth.

    1. Nonsense and it is stuff like this that actually detracts from the real truth, bores the pants of people and leads to public apathy. It becomes yet another conspiracy theory alongside all the others and clouds the real issues in the process.

    2. Do you drink much tea, 14.14?

      The reason I ask, is that the black tea (or brick tea) we Brits are so fond of is laced with sodium fluoride, a neuro-toxin that lowers the I.Q. and renders it's victims docile and feeble. (Hitler and Stalin both administered fluoride to the inmates of their camps.)

      Now some may argue that a statement like this stamps me as anti-British. I think it does the opposite.

    3. Sodium Fluoride - The Obedience Drug:

    4. anon 14.14

      Conspiracy Theorist ? Nothing more than a derogatory term to dismiss a critical thinker more should try it sometime.

    5. A critical thinker! Where? Joker perhaps would be more fitting.

  8. International child trafficking - sure is a lot of money to be made out of our core assets via dubious political agenda's

    'Around the world, public service markets are changing rapidly. Market forces are shaping opportunities across the social care, education and health services. Universal budgetary pressures within the countries we operate, combined with varying political agendas, are creating ongoing opportunities for competitive and diverse service providers to be successful.'

    1. How anti-British of you to be concerned about corporate child trafficking, you should be ashamed of yourself 14:56.

      Sarcasm aside, I fear this lot will never wake up in a month of sundays, keep posting though, there must be some readers out there who are taking it in.

    2. Yeh, the really thick and gullible ones.

    3. Don't put yourself down 22.02 there is hope for you yet, at least you took the trouble to read enough to bother to comment.

  9. What ever next! Justice forget it !

    Children being removed from their parents without criminal proceedings and in secret courts without a jury trial all based on hearsay and opinion.

    Horrific trauma caused to children by children's protective services through stealing them that is blamed on the parents.Of course the children require 'services' and drugs as a result that weren't needed before and much more money is to be made by everyone who touches a child.

    Parents/grandparents are traumatized by the same then required by the council NOT LAW to have psychological testing which is then used against them and if you dare to refuse that is used against you also. Paid children's protective services & foster workers/adoptive guardians including the many foreign ones, are not required to have the same testing, although it is very obvious to most who come across these individuals that they are the ones who need it most.

    Kent Adoption / Fostering - psychological or psychiatric testing

    Children are then simply transferred by rubber stamping justices paid out of the same purse as the council to a new owner, just like you would transfer ownership of a car but in this case by creating a brand new birth certificate as if the new owners were the original mother/father or parents for same sex couple who are adopting in increasing numbers approved by the councils and their at arms length adoptive services .

    And if you dare to complain the council will block it or label you mad and the boys in blue will help them.

  10. KCC yet again neglecting a child in their care, slippery Kent council covering things up is an understatement.

    More like an epidemic failure of children in the care of the council, is this why an MP conveniently stood down the year before this came out in the press?

    Could this be why nothing was done when a councillor tried to raise this with what turned out to be a Freemason working in the community policing sector who has since left the council?

    Why wasn't the common purpose graduate children,s youth leader interested in this pervert not being police checked ?

    Is this really the best we can expect of a failing and deeply disturbing system ?

  11. Perhaps the greatest cowardice is the one that goes on deep within us all when we are confronted with the disturbing images of state child abuse. It's simply too offensive. Turns the milk sour on our cornflakes. We don't want to know. We give it a name - state child neglect - forced adoption - child trafficking - paedophilia - that sounds like a medical complaint and makes it so much easier to block out the bloody realities.

  12. I hear alot about the "forced adoption" but this is actually blinding people to the truth..... only a small percent of children are actually adopted....... the majority stay within the system to be abused, keep ss in jobs and to make millions for the agencies.....but forced adoption is a crime against humanity and disgusts me and is being carried out is it any wonder we have so many foreign SS workers working in Kent including many in the legal teams ?

    State child trafficking is worldwide listen to these people it may save your child or grandchild someday

  13. Anonymous Family Army 2012 Social Services Expect Us!

    coming to an SS near you soon..