Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What a surprise - Tory Police candidate prefers party political advantage

Shock horror Craig Mackinley, who? well this is the Tory Candidate, for the Police Crime Commissioner post for Kent.

Perhaps like many who initially welcomed the idea of an independent boss of police forces across the country, given rather unchallenging poor undemocratic rubber stamping police authorities, the reality is that party politics will dominate the elections in November.

So it's really no surprise that the  Kent Tory candidate is not keen on a level playing field in which independent candidates are assisted as in other elections by free postage to electors.

Political parties, shouldn't in my view have anything to do with local police forces.

Any how for the story from Kent on Sunday click here


  1. Don't worry Tony, like other locally elected bods we can expect a lot of hot air as they say what they're going to do and then do nothing at all. These new posts will surely add nothing but cost and confusion. How many front line officers would be funded from the costs associated with these wannabe snouts in the trough?
    Disillusioned Thanet Resident

  2. Maybe Tony you can tell us where the LibDems stand on fielding candidates for this election. It looks like they dont have one in Kent. Does that mean they are not supporting the coalition on the need to have these elected posts?
    But wait, the Kent press is saying that independent Anne Barnes is the unoffical LibDem candidate with a leading Kent Libdem - Peter Caroll as her campaign manager. It would be interesting to know how her campaign is being funded?

    1. Peter Caroll is this the same fellow who was told about a well dodgy Councillor in a different borough by a fellow LIBDEM councillor who was reassured that he wouldn't get back in on their watch ?

    2. oh no not the one who belongs to the lions club and was a magistrate and governor of a school was it ?

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  4. Best if the people educate themselves to what their rights really are before hand increasing numbers already are.Prevention is far better than cure when it comes to Kent Policy Force