Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Year and nothing has changed

Fortress Margate

Except perhaps for this once, I’m back from the dead, although the chances are it’s likely that I will be back again.

What has prompted this, you ask, well, my reader sent an impassioned plea a few weeks ago, desperate for shoddy grammar and the bitterness which comes with middle age.

Anyhoo, a couple many things have bitten my not inconsiderable backside just recently, and these are just the more offensive, the continued embarrassment of poorly motivated local councillors, more interested in personal vendetta’s, the introduction of sexual orientation as something to be discussed endlessly, quite what it has to do with local governance has lost me, councillors resigning and then disappointing the community by backtracking.

Still I have to say crime is my number one irritant, right now, firstly the most contemptible aspect is local politicians inappropriate use and abuse of “Hate Crime” accusations, next for me has to be the assertion that Anne Barnes, Kent’s Police and Crime Commissioner was the candidate of Liberals in Kent, well as a party member that passed me by, and I for one thought, that since the former Police Authority had been like a poodle in its uncritical relationship with Kent Police, Anne Barnes had ruled herself out as a serious contender for the job, still its amazing what a good PR campaign can do, same old same old.

The real issue for me, as crime goes, is, without a doubt given the state of the economy and the changed social structure, is how Labour are in denial, happy having sown the seeds of todays misery, to stand on the side lines and blame the government.

Focussing on Margate Crime how depressing to see that despite having a Margate Police Task Force, crime is on the up,  still you will be reassured that in this article, heroin addicts are referred to as “clients” I’d like to think that is not how Kent police see users of class a drugs but wouldn’t count on it, and finally coming back to Anne Barnes the new Kent Crime Commissioner, how lucky she must have been to find two capable police experts to help her in the post, who also coincidently happened to have been part of her election campaign.

Lastly thanks to my reader R for encouraging me to blog again.

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  1. You maybe be right that nothing changes like the new ferry service from Ramsgate that was due to start next month with the ship arriving this month, no sign of it yet in port or any announcement of a delay on the companie's web site. And over at Manston the owner cant even give the airport away at £7 millions having bought it at over £21 millions. There dont seem to be many takers yet on the KLM web site for visits to Amsterdam even though the tickets are now £80 return rather than the £99 announced in the October press release. Why are the 9,000 that responded positively to the survey not booking?
    Another tory councillor censored today by the standard committee - nothing changes.
    And your favorite county council KCC is about to spend/waste £480,000 on trade missions to the USA to promode business in Kent. The business parks in Kent like the Discovey are owned by big profitable companys that should pay for their own overseas promotions. How many KCC staff and councillors will be flying off from Gatwick/Heathrow to enjoy themselves?

    1. Perhaps Alex King or Paul Carter, could explain why they Conservatives councilors have wasted so many thousands on wasted pointless ego boosting trips to the USA.

      Could Alex King who I believe has been on several similar trips point to so much as a small starbucks latte being invested in Kent? tax paid of course

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    1. Welcome back Tony, I am thinking about trying setting my comments on “Registered User - includes OpenID” instead of anyone, any thoughts on that.

    2. Again Thanks for pointing out my error Michael, I think it reasonable to allow totally free access, clearly it is only right and proper remove offensive comments, which is something I've done and I'm sure you along with any other responsible blogger would do the same.

      Still we live in a world, where corrupt people and organisations seek to restrict free speech or abuse it, I like to promote a free flowing conversation and take the default position unless otherwise indicated those making comments are by and large honest people.

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